The best driving schools of minsk


Among the many metropolitan driving schools it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, everyone is attracted by promising advertising, discounts and all sorts of promotions, they guarantee a confident passing of exams and obtaining rights. Very often, ratings are formed precisely by the percentage of successful delivery on the right from the first time. But it would be too formal to evaluate the quality of education by only one parameter.

How to choose a driving school

The choice of the best educational institutions should also be determined by the following criteria:

  • cost and schedule of training;
  • the location of the driving school, how convenient it is to get to it;
  • the material base, the presence of its own autodrome;
  • teaching staff, the ability to present theoretical material and teach wisely to behave in real road conditions.

Количество успешных выпускников так же имеет значение, как и опыт школы, насколько долго она занимается данным видом обучения. Положительная репутация формируется годами, поэтому время является одним из лучших экзаменов для учебного заведения. Рассмотрим рейтинг лучших автошкол Минска, составленный с учётом всех параметров, а также отзывов выпускников и обучающихся.Читать далее о рейтинге автошкол Минска-->


This school has repeatedly been called the best in various ratings, including official ones. According to the results of the competition of the Ministry of Transport, she received the title of the best driving school in Minsk and ranked third throughout the country.

The school has its own educational building for 9 classes, equipped with the most modern equipment. The territory has its own autodrome on 3500 square meters. m., plus for students on motorcycles there is an additional motodrom. The experience of the teaching staff is within 15 years and above, the highest and first category are assigned to all.

Motodrom Moscow ROS DOSAAF

Motodrom Moscow ROS DOSAAF

Training is made on modern cars 2014 - 2016 year of release of foreign brands. All installed DVRs with GPS, the school has its own maintenance station. You can take exams at the traffic police on the same cars on which you studied. At the same time practical classes are held on the exam routes of the traffic police. The building where the examinations are taken is located not far from the academic building.

The driving school has a good location near public transport, it offers a flexible training schedule, including in the evening and on weekends. Pre-registration is required for training.

The DOSAAF driving school of the Moskovsky district of Minsk conducts training for drivers of categories A and B, retraining for C and A. Also offers advanced training services for drivers, additional driving lessons and motorized hire.

Steep Turn

In the second place in the ranking of driving schools in Minsk in 2017, the organization “Sharp Turn”, which was also awarded the second place in passing traffic police exams The training takes place in the equipped premises, for passing the internal exam a modern computer class is provided.

Of the advantages of driving schools can be called a convenient location, there are two training classes near metro stations. You can choose to study during the day or evening, as well as on weekends. At the same time, the cost for occupancy during off-hours does not increase.

Driving school Sharp turn Minsk

Also used modern foreign cars of 2015 release, they can also take the exam in the traffic police. Study routes are also used exam. The school offers its own teaching method, presenting it as highly effective and guaranteeing understanding, and not just learning the rules. The driving school has a convenient site where you can sign up for classes by choosing the location of the class and the appropriate time for training.


Замыкает тройку лидеров также давно хорошо зарекомендовавшая себя автошкола AvtoOrientPlyus. Её конкурентным преимуществом являются опытные преподаватели и мастера практического обучения, являющиеся профессионалами своего дела. К обучающимся относятся с пониманием, готовностью решить любую сложность в процессе освоения вождения.

In this case, emphasis is placed on the rigor of training, compliance with all the requirements of teachers, because on the roads also should not be allowed to neglect the rules. The form of presenting the material is interesting, easy to understand. Graduates note the ease with which material development took place, the memorability of important points, their practical application on the roads. During practical classes in a driving school, they learn to overcome the fear of driving, to monitor the situation on the road as a whole, the instructors are patient and competent. This school is especially suitable for young people, and this is facilitated by its location in an area where there are many students.

Graduates driving school Avto Orient Plus

Graduates driving school Avto Orient Plus

Driving school trains only category B drivers, offers a flexible schedule of classes, including weekends. There is a flexible payment schedule, discounts, the opportunity to attend one theory lesson for free to get acquainted with the technology of training. Practical lessons are held in foreign cars Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, training goes on similar to the exam routes. You can sign up for a driving school by phone or by sending a request from the site.

This is how the rating of the best three driving schools in Minsk looks like. They offer high-quality vocational training and guarantee results. The final choice should be made taking into account the territorial location so that it is convenient to combine courses with work or study. In the above schools offer a flexible schedule with the ability to choose the time of classes, as well as various payment options.