The american office of mitsubishi has published data on the

Американский офис Mitsubishi опубликовал данные о новой версии компакт-кросса ASX In fact, the American representation of the Japanese auto brand Mitsubishi announced data on a new modification of a non-compact crossover  Mitsubishi ASX, but Mitsubishi Outlander Sport - it is under this name that this model is sold on the state car market. And under the name  ASX This car is sold in the markets of other countries. Including until recently it was possible to buy it on our, Russian. Now this car for purchase through official dealers Mitsubishi not available here, because after the jump in the dollar and a corresponding fall in the Russian national currency, the Japanese suffered losses and temporarily increased the popular compact crossover из зоны доступности россиян. Насколько временно, никто не знает. Ходят слухи, что японцы подумывают о возвращении модели обратно в салоны российских автодилеров, ведь вроде бы рубль остановил свое падение, but после выборов Трампа ходят слухи о скором снятии антироссийских санкций. Но это все еще бабушка надвое сказала. Дождемся ли мы возвращения Mitsubishi ASXtime will tell. Американский офис Mitsubishi опубликовал данные о новой версии компакт-кросса ASX But back to the American novelty. The model is completely called Mitsubishi Outlander Sport LE, и это совсем не самая крутая модификация в линейке этого компактного кроссовера. Напротив, если расположить ее в ряду имеющихся комплектаций японского "паркетника" по, что называется, старшинству, то она займет следующую за базовой сборкой позицию. Внешних отличий от базовой комплектации не так много: У Mitsubishi Аутлендер Спорт LE появились оригинальные легкосплавные диски черного цвета и восемнадцатидюймового диаметра. Наружные зеркала, точнее, их корпуса окрашены в тон этим колесным дискам.

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The interior of the novelty is also made in moderate dark colors. The accelerator pedal and brakes have aluminum lining, as, in fact, most sports versions of cars. The steering wheel trim, the variable speed gearbox and the handbrake handle are stitched with red thread. Steering wheel Outlander Sport LE equipped with a heating system, the same applies to the front row of seats, there is a rear-view camera, the multimedia harvester can be synchronized with any smartphone running Android or IOS and supports all special automotive applications for these systems. It's about Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. Diagonal touchscreen multimedia system is seven inches. Американский офис Mitsubishi опубликовал данные о новой версии компакт-кросса ASX Under the hood, the new configuration is equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine, issuing at the peak of its capabilities almost 150 horsepower (to be exact - 148 hp). Transmission - CVT. Americans can buy this equipment starting at 22,890 greens, which is about the same after converting the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at a fresh rate to one million three hundred and sixty thousand Russian rubles. This applies to the front-wheel version of the assembly. The all-wheel drive version is also available, but it will be more expensive by eighty with a penny thousand rubles. Американский офис Mitsubishi опубликовал данные о новой версии компакт-кросса ASX Officially present the new equipment Japanese compact crossover Outlander Sport two days later, February 9, 2017, at the Chicago Automobile Salon. By the way, closer to the spring of this year, the Japanese company Mitsubishi threatens to please its fans with another crossover model, and this will be a fundamentally new all-terrain vehicle, which Japanese engineers developed from the prototype of the XR-PHEV II concept car, first demonstrated to the public a couple of years ago. Most likely, the novelty will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held in March.

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