The germans talked about the assemblies of the new

Немцы рассказали о доступных для россиян сборках новопоколенного Volkswagen Tiguan

If the Germans have achieved something really worthwhile, then they know how to talk about it. We are not lazy and look: the developers have published on the pages of the official Volkswagen account in social networks the concise video narration of the chief designer of Tiguan Marco Pavone. In addition to the video, a brochure in Russian about the complete sets of the new crossover, designed specifically for the Russian car market, has also become available. Unfortunately, the Germans have not yet voiced information about the start of sales of new items in our country. Top grade новопоколенного Tiguana, referred to as “Highline”, received a suede-trimmed, albeit faux, interior. For temperature comfort in the car will now monitor the three-zone climate control. All seats, both driver and passenger, are equipped with electric heating elements. The car has a fully digital main console, with five blocks of displayed information. The multimedia processor with an eight-inch diagonal touchscreen can broadcast through eight stereo speakers, he understands the Blue Tooth, has audio outputs and USB ports for connecting media. The "optical" assistant will manage switching from near to far and vice versa. The luggage door is equipped with an electric drive. All optics, both frontal and rear became LED. On the roof there are painted in silver rails. The crossover stands on an eighteen-inch cast. Fully list of equipment can be read by opening a brochure. So far, only two engines have been offered for Russian equipment: one gasoline turbo engine for one hundred eighty horsepower and one 1.5-hour diesel. Collect new generation Tiguan will be on the same Kaluga production line as the old one Tiguan. Появиться в продаже новинка должна уже к марту 2017 года. Про цены пока никто не распространяется. Старую версию Tiguanа будут продолжать штамповать до тех пор, пока на нее есть стойкий спрос. Как только old generation of Tiguana will cease to interest buyers, it will quietly cover its assembly.

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Немцы рассказали о доступных для россиян сборках новопоколенного Volkswagen Tiguan

Recently, Volkswagen announced the reduction of price tags for all sold комплектации Tiguana. SUV fell by one hundred and fifty thousand rubles. Under the hood of a crossover, gasoline turbo engines are installed at 1.4 and two liters. The declared power is 122 and 211 horses, respectively. As the transmission is used manual transmission, robot and automatic.