The japanese are thinking, and not to start selling russian

Японцы подумывают, а не начать ли продавать русским Toyota Land Cruiser 70? Yes, yes, you have no problems with your eyesight, you read it right: it is about such automobile “artifacts” as Toyota's Land Cruisers of the seventieth series that we are talking about. And they are really going to be delivered to the Russian car enthusiast, and not only by some single half-crazy old people suffering from nostalgia for the auto industry of the late eighties of the last century, but in large quantities. This was stated by Fumitak Kawashima, who is not some left-wing Japanese, but the vice-president of the Toyota Motor concern. “We are seriously studying the issue of supplying the seventieth series Off-road Land Cruiser to Russia,” this gentleman openly declared. The Russian office of Toyota also confirmed this information. Японцы подумывают, а не начать ли продавать русским Toyota Land Cruiser 70? In violation of all established stereotypes that SUVs on a square frame, equipped with a forcibly activated front axle, are good, but the distant past of the Japanese auto brand Toyota, this is actually far from being the case. Today, Toyota massively produces and sells a fairly decent amount of these SUVs. These cars are in demand in South American and South African countries, they are torn off with their hands on the Australian continent and in Asia.

And the demand for Seventies Land Cruisers even increased precisely recently, when Toyota refused to produce Defenderyand Nissan stopped selling to these countries, the most popular there Patrol Y61. Today, Toyota is producing not even one, but a whole series of models from the seventieth series: the Land Cruiser J76 and J77 station wagon, J79 pickup, three-wheel van, LC Troop carrier J77 and J78. Японцы подумывают, а не начать ли продавать русским Toyota Land Cruiser 70? Under the hood of these off-road models set petrol V6 1GR-FE, diesel six-cylinder 1HZ. And for Australians, they also install more powerful units - diesel 4.5-liter V8 1VD-FTV (the two-hundredth "Kruzak" is approximately equipped with the same).

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70th Land Cruiser in the entire history of its existence left only positive emotions to its owners. It can work in the most difficult road and weather conditions, hundreds of expeditions to the most inaccessible corners of Russia have been successfully carried out on such machines, so the Japanese are not mistaken, thinking that seventies cruzians will be in demand in our country. They will be in demand, but that's just hardly massive, since the prices of these models painfully bite. For our money, these price tags from three million and above.

Meanwhile TLC 200 even closer to Lexus LX. In its top-build Executive now is present hydropneumatic suspension.