Real business: a comparison of the toyota camry and the


In our country, there is a perception that a successful businessman should drive a large car with monumental forms, since this best tells others about its financial capabilities. Therefore, such cars as the Toyota Camry became very popular in Russia - after a change of generations, the mid-size sedan began to look even more impressive, attracting the attention of others. However, there are people who are engaged in new business, for example, internet marketers, successful designers, and entrepreneurs working in the field of IT, who prefer dynamic cars like the Mazda 6. Their number is growing every day, and the question of which car choose a person with a stable financial position - Toyota Camry or Mazda 6, is becoming increasingly important.

Mazda 6 и Toyota Camry


Конечно, в новом поколении Toyota Camry выглядит крупной, однако её солидность и респектабельность остаются под вопросом. В погоне за повышением уровня продаж дизайнеры Toyota попытались объять необъятное и сделать Camry одновременно роскошной и динамичной. В результате сложная форма фар и бампер с крупными вырезами соседствуют в Toyota Camry с откровенно тяжеловесным профилем, который сводит на нет все попытки машины казаться быстрой. Сзади ситуация не лучше — узкие фонари Toyota теряются на фоне крупного выпуклого бампера и покатых стоек заднего стекла. В результате дизайн Toyota Camry выглядит неоднородным, поскольку вид спереди и сзади совершенно не сочетается с картинкой, полученной при взгляде сбоку.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Toyota Camry и Mazda 6-->The appearance of the car Toyota Camry

Against the background of the Camry, the updated Mazda 6 looks like a real sports car, because it looks not only fast, but also complete, complete. If we compare the front view, then almost 90% of people will choose the Mazda - thanks to the low overhanging hood, narrow headlights tilted to the center, and the complex shape of the grille, the car has a purposeful and serious appearance. Perhaps the "six" is even more solid than the Toyota Camry, whatever Japanese marketers think about this. However, the best view for the Mazda 6 is the rear and side view. The saloon shifted back, the smooth lines of the roof pillars and the wheel arches, as well as the direct trunk lid give rise to an association with Jaguar, which is more than flattering for a car in this price category.

The appearance of the car Mazda 6

Inner space

If you choose between the Mazda 6 or Camry, then Toyota may seem at first glance equipped much better, because the interior is clearly visible and leather upholstery, and large wooden panels. However, the first impression is deceptive - after all, instead of natural materials, cheap plastic is used in the interior trim of the Toyota Camry. In addition, this artificial luxury with long-term use of the machine quickly bothers, due to which many owners of Toyota Camry paste over the central tunnel and part of the front panel with a film that simulates the surface of carbon. The real advantage of the Camry is a modern multimedia system with a large, high-resolution display, which allows to get a very clear and detailed picture. In addition, Toyota’s handy devices with beautiful lighting, which do not distract the driver’s attention even in complete darkness, are admired.

Inside the car Toyota Camry

For cars of this class is more important back seat, which is usually placed high-ranking passenger, using the services of a hired driver. At Toyota Camry, it has a width sufficient to accommodate three adults, although only two will be really comfortable here. The distance to the front seats allows Camry passengers to work with laptops and large tablet PCs. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, experiencing absolutely no difficulty. But in front of the Toyota Camry is not so comfortable - most owners complain about the low back of the seat, reaching only the driver's blades, as well as a flat pillow, forcing the body to constantly change. Although there are certain advantages to the Toyota seats:

  • Soft, soft-touch leather upholstery;
  • Automatic adjustment in six directions;
  • Ability to install a drive with memory.

In the Mazda 6 plastic, imitating wood, very little - only in expensive versions on the front panel of the car there is a wide strip of the corresponding color. The high center console is trimmed with a black glossy plastic, inside of which lies a compact display showing the current settings of the Mazda climate system. But the Mazda 6 multimedia complex was surprisingly simple - its monitor has a small diagonal and is not distinguished by high detail. Mazda devices are located in three deep wells, which makes it easier to read information in extremely bright sunlight. However, their lights may seem excessively bright to the owner of the Mazda 6, which will cause discomfort when driving at night.

Inside the car Mazda 6

The front seats are trimmed with perforated leather that holds the driver and passenger securely, not allowing them to slide even in very sharp turns. If you choose the Mazda 6 or Toyota Camry, then it is the “six” that will appeal to a person who wants to get behind the wheel of a car, because the seat has an ideal profile and is adjustable in all directions. But in the back of the Mazda 6 is quite closely - a dynamic silhouette with a low roof and a relatively small width of the cabin. The three on the back of the Mazda can only accommodate children and teenagers - but adults will have to huddle and keep their heads from hitting the low overhanging ceiling. Therefore, the Mazda 6 is a real driver's car, which will appeal to lovers of fast driving and young entrepreneurs with a good financial position.

Car model:Toyota CamryMazda 6
Producing country:Japan (Сборка — Россия)Japan
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:24932488
Power, l. c./about min .:178/6000192/5700
Maximum speed, km / h:210223
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:9,07,8
Type of drive:FrontFront
CAT:6 automatic transmission6 automatic transmission
Fuel type:Gasoline A-95Gasoline A-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 11.0 / Outside the city of 7.8In the city of 8.7 / Out of town 6.5
Length, mm:48254870
Width, mm:18251840
Height, mm:14801450
Clearance, mm:160165
Tire size:215/60 R16225/45 R19
Curb weight, kg:15101410
Full weight, kg:21601978
Fuel tank capacity:7062

Behind the wheel

After a change of generations, the four-cylinder Toyota Camry engine received a volume increased by 0.1 liters and a small increase in power. However, it was not possible to radically change the situation, since the Camry still seems too smooth and unhurried. After pressing the gas, it takes some time before the car rushes forward - it seems that Toyota’s engineers have installed in it not an atmospheric but a pressurized unit with a lack of traction at low revs. The main culprit in the weak dynamics of the Toyota Camry is a six-speed “automatic”, which with minimal changes is set to a modification equipped with a 3.5 engine. At the same time, one cannot say that its long gears help the Camry to save fuel - with active driving, fuel consumption reaches 13–15 liters, and it is simply impossible to achieve a figure of less than 10 liters while driving in the city.

The unique advantage of the Toyota Camry is the exceptional smoothness. Even when driving fast on the Camry, small bumps and cracks on the road surface remain unnoticed. Off balance the chassis of a Toyota sedan can only bring open hatches, "speed bumps" and especially large pits. However, comfort has a downside, which is mediocre handling. The car with a delay reacts not only to the accelerator pedal, but also to the steering wheel, forcing the driver to be nervous when driving.

If you put the Mazda 6 against the Toyota Camry in competition in dynamics, then the “six” will come first to the finish line on any track, be it a circuit race or drag racing. Acceleration to "hundreds" takes only 7.8 seconds from the Mazda 6, which is an indicator characteristic of a sports coupe, and not a large sedan, surpassing the recognized leader of the class: the Toyota Camry. The six-speed “automatic” very quickly shifts gears, and the engine instantly reacts to an increase in fuel supply, forcing us to recall the era to mandatory environmental standards, when a special damper did not interfere with acceleration. The technology used by Mazda, SKYACTIV, makes the car the most economical in the class - even with active driving it shows no more than 10 liters / 100 km, and the norm for it is an indicator of 8–9 liters.

The image of a sports car is also supported by Mazda’s stiffer suspension, which practically avoids rolls in tight corners. This allows the Mazda 6 to outperform other cars even with a complex shape of the roadway, for example, with frequent bends or a constant change in height. On the other hand, excessive rigidity strikes at the comfort of the Mazda sedan - large enough pits respond with heavy blows to the body, which all the passengers of the car feel. In addition, despite a significant improvement in noise insulation compared to previous generations, the Mazda 6 is still perceived as a noisy car, in which a person can get tired after 300–500 kilometers of a track.

Businessman's dream

Due to its external solidity, the Toyota Camry attracts “old school” businessmen who love this model for its monumental look and luxury. However, the younger generation rejects ostentatious respectability - plastic panels imitating wood and hard material that exactly repeats the surface of the skin. For them, the harmony and integrity that the Mazda 6 gives its owners is more important than the young successful person will surely enjoy the excellent Mazda dynamics.