The best car alarms equipped with autorun


Literally every car has an alarm system. Now there are almost no cars on which there would be at least some security system. Alarms are available in various price categories, which allows you to choose relatively low-cost options for owners of low-cost cars, as well as modern systems filled with all sorts of functions, targeted at wealthy clients and expensive foreign cars. But the list of functions must be correctly selected. One of the useful additions to the warning and blocking system is autorun. It acts as a means to increase driver comfort, providing automatic start for the engine to warm up. Because motorists are interested in, what alarm with auto start is better to choose for the car. Especially for this, we prepared a rating based on the results of 2017 - the first quarter of 2018, where the most efficient, functional and reliable alarms of this type were identified. This will make your choice easier and help you make the final decision.

Best alarm with auto start

TOP 10 best alarm with auto start.

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Key features

Before we consider the top auto-signaling equipped with auto start, which hit the rating in 2017 and 2018, it is necessary to understand the features and essence of such a system. As you know, alarms call special electronic devices that are mounted on vehicles in order to prevent their hijacking, theft, theft of personal belongings from cars, etc. Modern devices have an increased sensitivity that can be customized. In order for the alarm to work and react, sensors are placed around the perimeter of the car. They are activated and deactivated by simply pressing a button on the control panel, which the driver always carries along with the keys to the car itself. Modern systems are often equipped with an additional feature of the automatic start of the power plant. This is an excellent solution for busy people, as well as those who live in a region with a fairly harsh climate.

It is pointless to argue about the benefits of warming up the engine, since this event is very important and necessary to ensure the normal operation of the engine. But if usually the driver had to open the car, get into the car, start the engine and wait until it warms up, then with the autorun system this is all not relevant. The motor can be started and brought to the working temperature remotely, without the participation of the motorist. This feature is designed to increase comfort and save time. Agree that to sit in a cold car and wait until the engine warms up and the stove starts to work, the pleasure is not the most pleasant. The essence of the autorun is to go to the window in the morning, point the alarm control panel to the side of the car, press the appropriate button and begin the process of warming up the engine while you have breakfast or finish your cup of coffee. When you have breakfast, gather and leave the house, the car will already be warmed up and ready for the trip. This gives important advantages to the car owner. Moreover, the machine does not open and does not allow outsiders to penetrate it unhindered. This has no effect on security, as the security system continues to work.

It is important to notethat when in public places with a large accumulation of different electronics and radio waves there may be obstacles to the signal from the console to the car. Radio waves between two objects sometimes interfere with the launch. Therefore, when buying, always look at the signal range of the alarm you choose. They sometimes write 1.5 - 2 kilometers. But usually such distances are conditional or deceptive.

If you have a good alarm system, and the start is carried out from 200 - 400 meters, there should be no problems with the signal. Plus, do not forget about the possibilities of setting up the system for triggering at a certain time. For example, you can program the device to turn on the motor every morning at the right time. This is true for those who go to work on a schedule. You do not have to press a button every day, because everything will work automatically. After examining all the features and benefits, you can consider the 2018 rating among car alarm systems with auto start. All candidates were selected for reliability, efficiency, safety and other characteristics.

The essence of the alarm with auto start

Automotive rating

The problem of car thefts and hijackings never ceases to be relevant. Therefore, many car owners are literally forced to purchase alarm systems and install expensive security systems on cars. But they do not forget about their own comfort. Therefore, they try to choose devices that have additional functionality and useful options. Their number includes automatic start of the power unit. In the current ranking of the best alarm with auto start in 2018 were representatives of the following companies:

  • Starline;
  • Pantera;
  • Alligator;
  • Pandora;
  • Tomahawk;
  • Jaguar;
  • Shear-Khan.

What car alarm with auto start among the presented models is the best, objectively difficult to say. Someone more suitable budget system with automatic start, others will not spare funds for expensive equipment. In order for the protection to be really good, but not strongly beat according to your budget, they included auto-alarm systems with auto start in the top, which were selected according to the following characteristics:

  • reliability;
  • security;
  • signal range;
  • value for money;
  • command transfer rate;
  • demand among motorists.

For each vehicle owner, the best alarm with auto start in 2018 will be the one that will be able to perfectly match its requirements and capabilities. Therefore, we recommend that you study the entire top, consider the main characteristics of security systems and draw your own personal conclusions.

CL 550

Opens our ranking of the best car alarms with auto start in 2018, the products of the company Pantera. CL 550 - a fairly budget model, since it costs from 1,500 rubles. Despite the low cost, the system has a high level of protection and rich equipment. The device copes with its main tasks perfectly, which is confirmed by numerous customer reviews. Here, a high-quality anti-theft system has worked. It uses a dynamic code that does not allow the interception of signals and the possibility of hacking the vehicle. Anti-scanning system is also functioning perfectly. At the signaling, which opened the rating of car alarms with auto start, the signal range for starting the engine is 200 meters. This largely caused the last place in the top 10. But given all the advantages and opportunities, the range of the signal does not look like an obvious drawback. Therefore, such a system can be counted on when installing it on a car.

Panther CL 550

اص 1

Компания Starline входит в число лучших производителей автосигнализаций. Потому её попадание в рейтинг ни для кого сюрпризом не стало. Причём в наш топ вошло сразу несколько представителей бренда. Первой будет сигнализацией اص 1, у которой присутствует система автоматического пуска двигателя. Она относится к средней ценовой категории, поскольку стоит в максимальной комплектации около 8 тысяч рублей. Устройство принимает сигналы с расстояния до 1,5 км. Имеется встроенная защита от радиопомех. Работает качественно, надёжно, не вызывает каких-то нареканий. Прекрасно справляется с попытками угона, эффективно реагирует на несанкционированные попытки проникновения в транспортное средство. Добавив ко всему этому ещё и хороший автозапуск, работающий на приличном расстоянии, понимаешь справедливость попадания اص 1 в этот рейтинг.

Starline اص 1 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%

DXL 3910

The company Pandora is in good demand in the Russian market of car security systems. Our rating includes the DXL 3910 model, which costs about 13 thousand rubles. The alarm is equipped with a rich list of options and functions, among which there is an automatic engine start system. Here, a non-standard security mode is used, to activate which two buttons are used on the control panel. If you want to use the startup key, you will not need it. Management is carried out using a smartphone, on which the user simply installs a special application developed by Pandora. Intuitive menus, affordable controls and quick activation benefit the car owner. Customize the alarm itself can be customized for individual needs of the driver. But the setting itself is considered difficult for many. In fact, you just need to study the menu and read the instructions. After that, no problems should arise. Despite the presence of relatively complex control, the alarm system takes a worthy high place in the rating.

Pandora DXL 3910

B64 Dialog Can

The next representative of the top 10 best alarms for cars equipped with an engine start system is a Starline product. Model B64 is able to provide control of car lighting, maintain the temperature of the cabin. The alarm system instantly reacts to attempts to open the doors, hood and luggage compartment. All functions operate at a high quality level, as evidenced by the many positive reviews about the alarm. The autorun system works through two trinkets that complete the security alarm. You can also take the system in the maximum configuration, where you can control the automatic launch of the power plant using a smartphone. A fairly simple and intuitive menu provides the user with great benefits. According to the manufacturer, a steady signal for starting the motor is received from a distance of up to 2 thousand meters. In the absence of extraneous signals between the machine and the remote, or a smartphone, this is true. But for the most reliable and efficient autorun operation, it is better to perform remote activation from a distance of no more than 1 - 1.5 km. The estimated cost of the security system kit is 9 thousand rubles. Not a bad price with a wide range of options.

Starline B64 Dialog Can


Security car system from the company Alligator. Alarm will cost the buyer about 7 - 8 thousand rubles. This makes the device relatively inexpensive, but it provides excellent functionality. The stated signal range for remote engine start is 2500 meters. But some users note that in large parking areas, the signal does not always work at such a distance. It is better to reduce the distance to a maximum of 2 kilometers. The system is controlled using special additional channels. Users note the efficient operation of the intelligent remote engine start system. It also uses two-way notification, which gives significant advantages to the car owner. The high position in the rating is due to the fact that in the conditions of the launched power unit the alarm system provides a high level of vehicle protection against burglary and theft. In this component, the security complex C500 from Alligator is considered one of the best. To protect the vehicle from unauthorized entry, the alarm system is equipped with 7 protected zones and auxiliary sensors.

Alligator C500 


Another representative of Pantera, which is among the best developers of security systems for cars in Russia. The cost of such a complex is about 7 thousand rubles. Motorists themselves say that this alarm works well in conditions of severe frost. This is true for individual regions of the country, where the temperature can drop to extreme values. But even this temperature does not interfere with the auto-start security system to properly perform the functions assigned to it. The activation range of the automatic start of the power unit is 1000 meters. This is a real figure that corresponds to reality. At this distance, the signal passes quickly and efficiently, there is no malfunction. By clicking on the remote control, you will know for sure that the engine has started and has already begun to warm up.

Moreover, during the tests it was confirmed that the signal quality does not change, despite the presence of cars in underground parking lots. Radio signals pass without problems, allowing in different conditions from an impressive distance to force the car to warm up in advance. In parallel with the launch of the engine, the security complex from Pantera continues to monitor the windows, doors and hoods, preventing theft and attempted theft of property from a vehicle. Users and experts recognize that, in its price segment, the SLK 868RS model has the highest quality, reliable and easy to use key chain. All vehicle condition data is displayed on the console screen. The menu is intuitive and functional.

Pantera SLK 868RS

EZ Ultra

One of the leaders of the rating is represented by Jaguar. This is a great alarm with good functionality and high level of protection. In this case, before you budget car alarm, where the manufacturer added the function of automatic remote engine start. The complex is estimated at about 3 thousand rubles. This allowed the alarm to enter the list of the best solutions of 2017 - 2018. The high position of the device is explained by the presence of several channels at once, with the help of which the door and luggage locks are controlled, as well as additional options in the vehicle cabin. Using the remote from the alarm system, you can start heating the passenger compartment and start the engine. In parallel, the system reliably protects the machine from penetrations during the period when the engine is at idle. The combination of a pleasant price, a high degree of reliability and excellent functionality deserves the development of Jaguar on the high 4th place in our ranking.

Jaguar EZ Ultra

Tomahawk 7,1

Alarm with auto start, which ranked third in the ranking for 2018. This is the best representative of the budget segment of security systems for cars. The estimated cost of the complex is 3.5 - 4 thousand rubles. Users appreciated the combination of cost and quality, as well as wide functionality and safety for the protected vehicle. Activation of the security mode is carried out without signals and additional sounds. This makes the alarm silent and convenient to use. Intellectual system of automatic engine start is considered one of the best in the rating. A good range of work, the prevention of the disturbance of the radio signal by the surrounding electronics and the clarity of switching on delight motorists.

If you enter individual settings, they are not collected, even in case of loss of power supply. This is ensured by the fact that the security system has a non-volatile memory. Very convenient and practical. The alarm system uses a dual code, which prevents the fraudsters from intercepting the signal. The device demonstrates a high level of protection at a very low cost. Additional functionality for remote engine start only adds credits to the development of Tomahawk. A decent choice for little money. Therefore, deserved 3rd place in the ranking.

Tomahawk 7,1

D94 2CAN

This is the second place ranking in 2018 among the car alarm systems equipped with an automatic engine start. And again a representative of Starline, which confidently wins the domestic market. The system has won its high position due to the wide functionality, high-quality work and harmonious operation of all the options. Special GSM-GPS units allow you to control the car alarm through a keychain and your own smartphone. The phone allows you to track the current position of the vehicle. For the quality and functionality you have to pay. Such a security complex will cost the buyer more than 20 thousand rubles. But it is reliable protection for your movable four-wheeled property from any external encroachments. This is one of the best solutions on the market. The device is equipped with a huge list of options and a variety of sensors located around the perimeter of the car. Each of them runs on individually configured parameters. The convenience and ability to customize the automatic start of the motor is admired. While the engine warms up, the car continues to remain under reliable protection.

Starline D94 2CAN

Media One

Still, experts and ordinary car owners in the years 2017 - 2018 preferred this alarm, the manufacturer of which is Scher Khan. This is the best alarm with auto start for the reporting period. When writing a modern security code, a special algorithm is used here, the breaking and decoding of which is currently almost impossible. The alarm system is equipped with an intelligent engine start system, a turbo timer and remotely controlled lighting. Yes, the cost is not the lowest, but the price fully justifies the investment. Alarm costs more than 20 thousand rubles. But this security complex with additional capabilities is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Scher Khan Media One

We have presented to you the current rating of car alarms with auto start. Each model has its advantages and reasons to be in the top. Therefore, the choice must be approached individually, taking into account their requirements and financial capabilities. What auto-alarm with auto start is better to put on your car, decide on your own. As you can see, a good security system, combined with the function of autorun of the motor, can cost pretty cheap, or cost more than 20 thousand rubles. High costs do not always justify themselves. If you have an expensive and good car, it is better to put a corresponding expensive alarm system on it. If you choose a device for a budget car or an old foreign car, then the system for 2-5 thousand rubles will be enough for you. The main thing is to satisfy the functional and security abilities of car alarms.