Lexus nx - premium compact crossover

The new model of the compact Japanese crossover Lexus NX already started to produce mass. Interest in this model was fueled long before the official presentation with the help of spy photos and preliminary information. The official presentation took place in April 2014 at the exhibition in Beijing.

photo lexus nx

As you know, according to the manufacturer, the new Lexus NC should become the younger brother of the very popular Lexus RX crossover. Before the presentation of the NX model, Lexus brand fans already knew what this car would be, because, a year earlier, the concept version of the LF-NX was presented at the Frankfurt motor show.

Assertiveness and solid character in the exterior design

The new crossover was built on the basis of the latest generation Toyota RAV4, for the most part - the suspension and chassis. Therefore, the new car looks quite aggressive. But do not forget that, unlike the Toyota RAV4, the new Lexus HX crossover is a premium car, so its dimensions are slightly larger than the RAV4.

lexus nx test

As expected, the appearance of the serial version of the NX looks simpler than the exterior design of the conceptual version presented a year earlier, but despite this, the main elements of the exterior design remained unchanged and successfully settled into the production car. For example, the LED running lights of the original shape, reminiscent of a boomerang, which are located under the main headlights, were saved. In addition, the grille and large wheel arches completely passed from the concept car.

The car looks very sporty, the sporty appearance of the Lexus NX was emphasized by the exterior mirrors, and the uprights on which these mirrors are mounted.

Particularly stylish is the front bumper, which has an uneasy shape and also has fog lights on the edges of the bumper. The rear view of the Lexus NC is not as original and beautiful as the front view, the back looks like something in common between the backs of the Toyota RAV4 and Lexus PX.

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lexus nx 2014

The dimensions of the new Lexus crossover correspond to this class:

  • length - 4630 mm .;
  • wheelbase - 2660 mm .;
  • body width NX - 1,845 mm;
  • height - 1 645 mm .;
  • clearance - 190 mm .;
  • the volume of the trunk with the rear seats folded - 510 liters.

Interior design and its functions

As experts say, the interior of the new NX crossover is visually very similar to the Lexus IS. The very architecture of the cabin got it from the model IS. But in general, the interior of the new crossover looks very original and modern. Developers of the car, making out an interior, introduced in this car the best details of design which were used in models of the Lexus brand.

lexus nx 300h

The cabin has a powerful center console with silver trim, the shape of which is very similar to that in the conceptual version.

The instrument panel Lexus NX comfortable, practical, readable, fully complies with Lexus cars. The watches, which are located above the central air ducts, look very stylish. For convenience, there is a place for glasses and bottles between the front seats. The multimedia system display is located separately from the center console; this is the first time this solution has been used, since this is not the case on other Lexus models.

The new Lexus NX has the maximum amount of high-tech devices and modern features. For potential buyers of the new crossover will be available a projection screen on the windshield, a wireless gadget charger, a modern cruise control with the ability to track the dead zones of the car. For an extra charge, a start-stop system can be installed in the car. In general, the car belongs to the premium class, so the car has a high-quality trim from the most modern materials.

lexus nx salon

Specifications and equipment

На сегодняшний день Лексус НХ предлагается в 2-х вариантах исполнения: Lexus NX 200t и Lexus NX 200tt. Базовой версией является Lexus NX 200t, as an option, you can put the sport package "F-Sport", which includes bumpers of another shape, sporting alloy wheels and another grille.

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Под капотом нового кроссовера могут быть установлены 3 варианта моторов. Базовая комплектация Lexus NX 200t ездит с 2-х литровым 4-х цилиндровым мотором, такой же двигатель стоит и на Toyota RAV4, это бензиновый атмосферник с мощностью в 146 л. с. Лексус НХ с таким мотором способен набрать 100 км/ч за 11,3 секунды. Что касается максимальной скорости, то она не превышает 180 км/ч.

lexus nx 200tt

A completely new continuously variable S-CVT / Multi-drive transmission works in the basic configuration; this is the latest development by Japanese engineers. This gearbox includes a special electronic unit, thanks to which the driver can switch virtual gears manually.

But there is a more interesting option - Lexus NX 200tt, под капотом которого установлен турбодвигатель, который был создан специально для этого автомобиля, его мощность равна 238 л. с. при 4800-5600 об/мин. Номинальный крутящий момент двигателя равен 350 Нм. Lexus NX 200tt разгоняется с нуля до 100 км/ч за 8,5 секунд. Вместе с этим мотором работает 6-ти ступенчатый автомат, который управляется электроникой, учитывающей текущий крутящий момент.

In order to avoid turbo lag during intensive acceleration (when you press the gas pedal, the car starts to accelerate not immediately, but after a while), the electronics calculates the optimum torque of the motor and, if necessary, increases it.

Lexus NX Hybrid Modification

There is another traditional option for the Lexus brand - Lexus NX 300h with a hybrid-type motor, the volume of which is 2.5 liters, it was about the same as on the Lexus ES 300h, only slightly modified.

lexus nx 300h f sport

Hybrid equipment is more suitable for those who are strongly obsessed with fuel efficiency. What is good hybrid, so it is the fact that fuel consumption is minimal, thanks to the work of the electric motor.

Modifications 200t and 300h can be both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. For the hybrid version, the all-wheel drive system is called "E-Four", which drives the rear wheels only with an electric motor.

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Road performance

lexus nx

When you go behind the wheel of a Lexus NX, you feel lightness and tranquility, only the noise of rubber and the engine is heard. The steering wheel is responsive and harmonious, even on sharp turns it takes a minimum of effort to turn. The suspension of the car is thoughtful, balanced and easily swallows small bumps and holes on the road. If you drive fast, the suspension becomes moderately stiff, to better keep the road.

The least encouraging is the activation of the stability control system, which turned out to be quite sensitive, if you gently press the gas pedal, the engine's reaction will slow down until the system decides how to distribute torque to the wheels.

lexus nx 200t

Positive and negative points of the car

Lexus NX developers hope that this crossover will be a serious competitor to compact crossovers such as the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque. The main advantages of Lexus crossover are new electronic systems and high-quality equipment of the car, a bright and original appearance.

But among the shortcomings can be noted that in the line of power units there is no powerful engine that could accelerate the car as fast as top competitors can do. Noise isolation can also be attributed to the disadvantage, since it is significantly inferior to its competitors in the class.