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In order to facilitate and make safe maneuvers when parking a vehicle, mankind invented parking radar. This is an auxiliary system, equipped with sensors that signal the approach of obstacles. The history of the evolution of this system begins with mechanical sensors. Previously used pins located at the level of the border on the side of the car, which at the time of contact with a hindrance made a grinding sound, preventing possible damage to the body. In fact, parking sensors are a contactless device that determines the distance to an obstacle with the help of sound waves. The common name for such devices is parking radar. The name Parktronic became a household name thanks to the first representatives of this system, who entered the Russian market - parking radars on Mercedes company Parktronic.

Best Parktronic

Choosing the best parking sensors.

Читать далее про лучшие парктроники -->Парковочный радар состоит из датчиков, блока индикации, блока управления. Система начинает издавать сигналы при приближении к препятствию на 1 – 2 метра и меньше. В зависимости от расстояния меняются интенсивность и громкость звуковых сигналов. Включается система обычно вместе с задней передачей, так как именно сзади оценить габариты труднее. Парктроники – очень полезная штука, чтобы обезопасить кузов от повреждений при поездках по узким дорогам, ограниченным бордюрами, или при парковке, где место — это всегда дефицит. Когда водитель принимает решение приобрести парковочный радар, оценивать нужно количество датчиков, радиус зоны обнаружения, способы оповещения, объём информации, которую он способен считывать. Исходя из этих критериев, можно создать небольшой рейтинг парктроников, которые работают эффективнее других.

Types of PDCs

First you need to figure out what are PDCs and how they differ. The principle of operation of any parking radar is the same: the sensors emit sound waves, when the wave reaches an obstacle, the sound is reflected, and the driver receives a beep about danger. As you approach the frequency of the sound increases, or displays the distance that remains before the collision.

Because parking systems can be divided into types on the basis of the features of their device. There are wireless, without embedded sensors, display, voice, capacitive, tape, electromagnetic, with multi-segment indicators, with a camera, graphic display, rear and front. The efficiency of the parking system does not greatly depend on its type, if we bear in mind the response speed of the sensors, the radius of the display, the reliability of the system parts. It should be noted that all these types of PDCs perform their intended purpose well, but not all are universal and suitable for any type of car.

Types of PDCs

Best Parktronic без проводов

Devices of this type eliminate the need for overtightening and wiring, which greatly exceeds other types of devices. The functioning of the wireless parking sensors is controlled by the control unit, in which the radio signal is processed and transmitted to the display in the passenger compartment. The device is equally well suited for small or overall machines. The best representatives of a good wireless system are:

  1. ParkCity Kiev 818 / 302L is a very effective system, it has several types of alerts - voice, the volume of which can be changed according to personal preferences, and the visualization of information on the LCD screen. It turns on automatically, ultrasonic sensors provide fast exchange of information. ParkCity Kiev 818/302L
  2. ParkCity Sydney 420/104 - users have noted that parking is safer with it. Sensors are highly sensitive, and therefore prevent the occurrence of even the smallest damage, the system also reacts to the approach of foreign objects.ParkCity Sydney 420/104 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  3. ParkMaster 4DJ-34 - provides a quick response to any interference - the action takes less than a second. Despite the fact that the system has only 4 sensors, the range is 2.5 meters. There is a function for diagnosing sensors and memorizing remote elements.

Wireless devices operate at temperatures from -35 to +70 degrees, operate at a minimum distance of 30 centimeters, have an attractive appearance, modern displays and are protected from false triggering.

Best Parktronic без врезных датчиков

The most common systems have mortise sensors. But there are suggestions with sensors without having to drill holes in the bumper. Such Parktronic can be overhead (on clothespins or ribbons) or suspended. The best representatives for the beginning of 2018:

  1. Parktronic AVSPS-164 - good protection against collisions. They can remember the remote elements, and therefore well control the terrain behind the machine. Attached to the body with clothespins, cleaned of dust and other contaminants can be water. Situation data around the vehicle is transmitted to the LED display.AVSPS-164 Parrotron
  2. ParkCity Tokyo 418 / 501T - a good overview. Included is a camera that broadcasts the image in the rearview mirror. The device is effective in all weather conditions and temperatures. Sensors are included with switching to reverse gear.ParkCity Tokyo 418/501T
  3. Show-girl-265-EN4 – хорошая цена. По качеству выше среднего уровня подобных моделей. Система очень точна в измерениях. Голосовая сигнализация устройства с помощью ультразвука находит препятствия. Установить датчики можно по-разному: наложить на бампер с помощью двустороннего скотча, присосок или защёлок.Show-girl-265-EN4

Such models PDC equipped with long cables, practical display, they can be used at any time of the year. At the same time, the number of sensors is insufficient, and besides, most of the packages contain no cameras.

The best parktronics without display

Manufacturers of parking radar have found a way to cheapen their prices by eliminating displays from the package bundle. In such models, notification occurs through voice or sound. According to reviews, you can easily understand which parking sensors are better to buy:

  1. Phantom FT-411 - has many functions. Warns the possibility of false positives. The size of the sensors is quite compact - 18.8 mm.Phantom FT-411
  2. Burn EASY-400 PS-4FA is a universal system. Sensors are mounted on the front and rear bumpers. To turn on the front devices, you need to press the button, they turn off on their own after 30 seconds. Rear indicators are included in reverse gear.Burn EASY-400 PS-4FA
  3. ParkMaster Plus BS-2264 is designed to protect the driver on the road. No front and rear sensors, only side. They detect threats while driving. The system reports sound obstacles. The closer it is, the stronger the sound. If you do not keep a distance of 30 centimeters, you will hear a very unpleasant squeak.

Such systems are characterized by good performance in all weathers and critical temperatures. There are no blind spots, protection is provided when moving backwards.

The best voice Parktronic

Parking systems of this type together with the sound give voice signals about the distance to the obstacle. In the top of the best brands you can enter the following models:

  1. Steel Mate PTS 400 G1 - has the longest list of functions. The control unit is located in the rearview mirror. Enables secure parking options.Steel Mate PTS 400 G1
  2. Spal EVO-50 PS-4F - has a huge efficiency. Equipped with sensors that are not afraid of water. The product is equipped with waterproof sensors. The alert speaker is built into the case, has 5 levels of alarms.Spal EVO-50 PS-4F
  3. FalconBPS-4S is very simple. The size of the sensors does not exceed 21.5 mm., The alert occurs starting from 1.5 meters.FalconBPS-4S

You can connect the screen to some models, the volume of the voice signal, the presence of a large range are also regulated.

Best capacitive parktronics

Unlike the devices described above, the capacitive parking system has a different principle of operation. The sensor is the antenna tape. It is connected to a unit that measures the filling capacity depending on the distance to the object. The best capacitive devices are:

  1. BHSS-300 - very wide area. Thanks to the long tape area of ​​coverage extends to the objects behind and side. Well recognizes small posts and pins.BHSS-300
  2. Challenger PS - the most convenient. The antenna is mounted on the inside of the bumper, and therefore well protected from dirt and damage.Challenger PS
  3. U-302 is the most accurate. Suitable for all types of bumpers. The distance to the obstacle is calculated very accurately.U-302

Such Parktronic exclude dead zones and invisible from the outside. They work only during the course of the car, sometimes they do not recognize low objects, functions may be impaired by the effects of the metal.

Best tape Parktronic

The principle of operation of this system is very similar to the metal detector. Installed in the same way as capacitive. Therefore, it provides reliability during its operation. It is worth highlighting the following models:

  1. Park-Lines with a beeper - creates electromagnetic waves that recognize even very small obstacles. Inside the cabin are installed speaker and control unit, which provide a signal.
  2. TigerTG-U302 - reacts very quickly. Inclusion occurs together with switching to the reverse gear. Very stable in operation, provided with a copper interconnect cable.
  3. X-TremeEPS-DUAL - provides a good overview. For him, interference of any kind is not terrible, be it a curb, a pole or a bush.

Such systems remember remote elements, provide easy maneuverability, protect from dead zones, are well hidden from prying eyes. In this case, there are often false signals, no interference is detected, which stand side by side during ignition operation.

The best electromagnetic Parktronic

Sensors such PDCs are attached to the inside of the bumper, create an electromagnetic field that responds to obstacles. The best representatives of such models:

  1. AIRLINEAPS-ML-03 - does not stand out from the background of the car body. Detecting an obstacle, gives a signal of the approximation.AIRLINEAPS-ML-03
  2. U-301 - does not miss any obstacles, there is no dead zone. Has a range of up to 90 cm.U-301
  3. ParkCity Center 418/102 LWBlack - does not harm the ear of a person. Notification occurs with the help of sound signals and indicator light. ParkCity Center 418/102 LWBlack

The systems are compact enough, there are no dead zones, measurements are accurate, noise is well recognized. But the distance of operation is limited by a relatively small number; the location of the obstacle relative to the body is not determined.

The best parktronics with multi-segment linear indicators

The choice of systems with such devices is rather poor. Therefore, you can select only two of the brightest representatives:

  1. SPARK 4R BIZON - a convenient domestic version. It is installed in 4 different ways, the modes of sensor readings change, dead zones are monitored, a good choice of color. He even has a training mode, he will help to customize the system for themselves.
  2. BlackView PS-4.1 - the most common. In the presence of sensitive sensors, the operating distance of up to 2.5 meters, an interesting display design, can be equipped with sensors of two sizes.

If you install one of these systems, you definitely will not have to regret. They are very functional, display different types of information on the display.

The best parking sensors with a graphic display

Parking systems are now able to read a lot of information about the environment of the car body. The most popular of the available offers is ParkCity Kiev 818 / 302L. On the screen, the PDCs draw the obstacles around the car graphically. You can only select the visual mode, with voice signals or audio messages. It has the function of auto-testing, it is possible to select a color to the taste of the driver. The obstacle detection distance starts from 30 centimeters.

The best parking sensors with rear view camera

Any car owner wants to install parking sensors with a rearview camera on his car. The best representative of this caste is ParkMaster 4-DJ-92. The set of this system includes a monitor with video output, 4 sensors, a sensitive rear-view camera, and a beeper. During operation, a picture from the camera is displayed on the monitor, indicating the distances to obstacles on opposite sides of the vehicle. Thus, the driver completely controls the car while parking, paying a small price for it. Periodic cleaning of the camera lens is necessary.

ParkMaster 4-DJ-92

The best rear parking sensors

As is clear from the name of the category, this system is installed in the back of the machine. You can install from 2 to 8 sensors. Such systems sometimes have not only rear, but also front and side indicators. On the approach to the obstacle notifies the sound or voice. The device operates at very high (+80) and very low (-30) temperatures.

According to reviews, there are several of the most reliable and popular models:

  1. RolsenRPS-100 - the most budget option. It is inexpensive, but has good characteristics and a lot of advantages. Alerts sound.RolsenRPS-100
  2. ParkMaster 8 DJ 29 - has the widest list of functions. Detects objects from behind and in front, recognizes poles, low curbs, memorizes external elements.ParkMaster 8 DJ 29
  3. ParkCity Tallin 818 / 305L Park - provides comfort thanks to the liquid crystal display. It displays information about the situation in front and behind.

Such Parktronic quickly detect obstacles, diagnose a malfunction, they can adjust the volume, but have a limited overview.

Best front parking sensors

Front parking radar is installed on the front bumper. The best representatives of this category:

  1. PHANTOMBS-400FF is a very thoughtful model. Equipped with 4 detectors that can be painted, but because they fit perfectly into the appearance of the car. The color indicator on the inside displays the distance to the noise.
  2. ParkMaster 4-DJ-32F is a fairly effective specimen. Works great in the dark, sees low noise, small obstacles, has a nice design. Provides diagnostics of sensors, remembers remote elements, reduces the volume of the radio.
  3. SteelMate PTS 410M10FWhite is very small, the total weight is less than 1 kilogram. If only 2 sensors are installed, there will be no interruptions.

Typically, these devices are connected to the first gear, turn on automatically when igniting, and when the speed exceeds 20 km / h. Parking systems are very popular. Their range is so wide that to make at least some rating is almost unreal. There is always something better or more innovative. Ultimately, the choice is always the owner.