Lada x rei: description, specifications, modifications

Back in 2012, visitors to the Moscow Motor Show and experts were pleasantly surprised by the presented conceptual crossover Lada X Ray Concept. The premiere meant a radically new approach of the Togliatti automobile plant to the future production of cars. Since then, various publications have published rare pictures in which one could see the novelty.

Description Lada X Rey and specifications of the car aroused the widest interest, which does not stop today. 2014 confirmed the desire of domestic automakers to produce modern attractive cars, - Lada X Ray Concept 2 was introduced, which was already very close to the serial copy.


Where is the crossover assembled? In December 2015, in Tolyatti, the beginning of the serial production of the “high hatchback” B-class was launched. X Ray Lada (photo above) has an original interior and exterior design, is, according to manufacturers, the flagship of the new series of VAZ cars. Line B0, which began production of the crossover, has been significantly upgraded. In the future, it is planned to use the automotive industry in Kazakhstan.


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Lada XRay: technical specifications

The platform for the car was taken from Renault Sandero, which already means power consumption, excellent handling and high ground clearance Lada X Rey. The bottom and the power component have changed little. The body received increased stiffness thanks to a subframe, which also performs other important functions. The suspension, the body and some components underwent refinement. Changed line of engines.

  • acceptable price.
  • All this makes the car popular and in demand. It’s too early to talk about shortcomings, you need to wait for the feedback from the owners. However, something can be noted now. Technical characteristics of the car is already so close to the SUV, that before this segment is not enough only all-wheel drive.