New subaru ascent - subaru askent 2018: the beginning of

The Japanese automaker Subaru once again surprised, delighted and at the same time puzzled lovers of overall cars, presenting the new Ascent (photo below) for their trial, the release date of which to the Russian market will fall on the beginning of 2019. You can buy a crossover in Japan and on the European market which is a priority for the concern itself; the domestic car enthusiast, endowed by the manufacturer with such a substantial amount of time, can, without haste, get better acquainted with the appearance of the crossover, the design features of its cabin and technical equipment.

Photo: new Subaru Ascent 2018

Photo: new Subaru Ascent 2018

Is the 2018 New Askent (photo below) a crossover (and, therefore, mostly a city car) or is it still a full-size SUV? It would seem that to answer this question, it is enough to know the opinion of the manufacturer. This is indeed the most logical way, but a short and unmotivated answer simply does not suit many experts, and does not give an elaborated Subaru. Therefore, it is necessary to understand independently.

So, the first thing to start with is the opinion of the auto concern. It is unequivocal: Subaru Ascent 2018 (photo below) - although SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), but still a crossover. Yes, overall and in the maximum version capable of accommodating eight people, including the driver, but still not an SUV.

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