How to choose a used suv up to 700 thousand rubles


If you like jeeps, and the usual sedans or station wagons are absolutely not suitable, the current range of this type of car is encouraging. With a budget of seven hundred thousand rubles, a lot of interesting models are available to you. There are among them old, but brand cars, the state of which causes some doubts. Therefore, be extremely careful in the selection process.

700 thousand cars

The best SUVs with mileage of 700 thousand rubles

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Rating Representatives

We will help you choose SUVs up to 700,000 rubles, which will be able to satisfy you with several basic criteria:

  • relatively fresh year of release;
  • good cross;
  • build quality;
  • equipment;
  • comfort and spaciousness of the cabin;
  • practicality;
  • affordable operating cost.

Yes, you can even choose among cars such as the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Land Cruiser, Infiniti FX 35 or Volkswagen Touareg. But for 700 thousand you get a car quite old. Plus, these cars are expensive to repair and operate.

We offer a rating of cars that can serve without problems, do not require high maintenance costs and offer all the main advantages that are typical for SUVs.

Among the best automakers who have excellent SUVs up to seven hundred thousand rubles with mileage, include:

  • Nissan;
  • Hyundai;
  • That;
  • Suzuki;
  • Skoda;
  • Ford;
  • SsangYong;
  • Toyota;

Some brands can offer one SUV up to 700 thousand, and in the assortment of others there are several options at once.

We will get acquainted with each candidate separately.


nissan quashqai for 700

Worthy candidate for the purchase of an SUV with mileage

With a budget of up to 700 thousand rubles you should pay your attention to the car from the company Nissan. This SUV is produced since 2007, that is, the oldest option in the secondary market will be a car of 10 years of age.

The probability of buying the second generation Qashqai is not so high, but you can try to find it. The optimal range for selection will be from 2010 to 2013. The choice of SUVs from Nissan in the secondary market is quite large, many of them are presented in trim levels from average and above.

The machine is reliable, high-quality, has modern equipment, a comfortable lounge and a solid appearance. In combination with relatively economical engines, the choice of cars with all-wheel drive makes this jeep a worthy candidate for purchase.

Santa Fe


Представительский внедорожник Huh-id

Executive SUV from Hyundai, which is in demand in the secondary market.

The Santa Fe model has been produced since 2000. But with a budget of 700 thousand rubles, you can count on a car produced in 2008-2012.

Even the five-year-old versions remain relevant due to the good equipment, a comfortable cabin, successful ergonomics and attractive appearance of respectable people. The car has a fairly good maneuverability, which is largely due to all-wheel drive.

In terms of efficiency, Santa Fe is not the most profitable car, but its other advantages make it not so critical to treat fuel consumption indicators. In addition, this expense is explained by the impressive power of installed power units.


kia sorento lx

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Buy Sorento c run better than 2010-2012 year of release

A fairly large executive SUV that Kia has been producing since 2002.

The car is large, roomy, has a solid appearance, good internal equipment and good technical characteristics.

When choosing Sorento in the secondary market, it is better to focus on models of 2010-2012 model year. They are relatively fresh, in good condition and with the current bundle.

The car got into our rating due to the build quality, external and internal correspondences to the concept of an SUV, permanent all-wheel drive and excellent cross-country ability.


Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V legendary SUV

Already legendary SUV from Honda, which is in high demand in the secondary market. This is precisely what gives reason to include the car in our rating.

Although CR-V is quite common on the roads, it simplifies their search, repair and maintenance. Honda is considered to be a fairly expensive brand to maintain, but the situation is good with the CR-V jeep.

The car is produced since 1997. With a budget of 700 thousand rubles, you can buy a model not younger than 2010. Yes, the SUV is quite expensive, but this can be explained by its quality, reliability, excellent assembly, ergonomic and comfortable interior, along with excellent technical characteristics and a spacious trunk.


toyota rav4 hybrid

Popular model SUV Toyota RAV4

A worthy competitor for the CR-V and an excellent representative of the compact SUV segment.

Toyota RAV4 has always been popular. Alas, you will not buy a model of a new generation for 700 thousand. But it is not difficult to find a decent version of 2008-2012.

This is a car that can serve for more than 10 years without any problems, malfunctions or serious damage. Jeep assembled high quality, well equipped with modern equipment, has a comfortable lounge. So you have a decent option to buy.


low-x-trail for 700

Large SUV X-Trail from the company Nissan

Large enough roomy SUV with excellent driving characteristics, reliable and responsive engines, as well as well-organized interior space.

For all its merits, the car also looks attractive. For this money you can get yourself X-Trail from the company Nissan approximately 2010-2013 year of release. The car is quite fresh, well-equipped and in decent condition.


Hyundai tucson for 700

Roomy car from Hyundai tucson

Practical, roomy car from the company Hyundai, which is actively bought and sold in the secondary market.

The machine has a wide range of advantages, including affordable operating costs and attractive technical specifications.

Tucson is offered with full and front wheel drive. All-wheel drive versions are characterized by better throughput, however, consume more fuel. Therefore be guided when choosing on what conditions you are going to operate the car. For the city of front-wheel drive will be enough, and if the car for country trips, field trips, give preference to the all-wheel drive version.

The car is well assembled, has a good rich interior, excellent equipment. In the secondary market, we advise you to choose among models of 2010-2012 model year.


nissan quashqai for 700

SUV with attractive appearance

An interesting all-wheel drive SUV bu up to 700,000 rubles. from Kia. It has been produced since 1994, but you can afford for 700 thousand rubles a much more recent version, approximately 2010-2014.

Jeep attracts with its appearance. But under the beautiful exterior there is also a high-quality and thoughtful interior, current technical equipment, solid technical characteristics. Relatively economical engines provide good dynamics.

The possibility of choosing between the front and all-wheel drive allows you to find yourself an SUV, which is easy to drive in difficult conditions and around the city.


ford plague for 700

Perfect urban SUV

Интересный компактный внедорожник Plague, который идеально подходит для городских условий. Одновременно с этим машина неплохо себя чувствует в условиях бездорожья, чем и заслужила место в нашем рейтинге.

The car at least deserves attention due to its appearance. In addition to visual appeal, the SUV offers modern stuffing, a lot of electronic assistants, frisky but economical engines with good dynamics.

The car has been produced since 2008, that is, you can purchase a car for a maximum of 9 years of age for 700 thousand. With such a budget, it is worth looking at the 2010-2014 version.

Grand Vitara

suzuki grand vitara

Grand Vitara model with excellent comfort

Suzuki is not a leading brand. But he clearly proves that a quality, practical car does not have to have a big name and cost a lot of money.

Model Grand Vitara is suitable for those who appreciate the content, and not focused solely on the brand. For its relatively small money, the Suzuki SUV offers an excellent level of comfort, good technical equipment, and a rich set of options.

Buying a car in the secondary market, you have the opportunity to buy a compact jeep in the maximum configuration of 2010-2014, while fitting into the budget of 700 thousand rubles.


sorry yeti for 700

Skoda Yeti - practical compact SUV

The car, though not a full-fledged large SUV, but fits well into the niche of compact jeeps.

The Skoda model has a wide range of advantages, including a comfortable spacious interior, a large luggage compartment, dynamic but very economical engines, as well as an attractive appearance for most motorists.

The machine is practical and convenient, allows you to operate it in a city, but also feel confident on the roads. This is especially true for complete sets with all-wheel drive.

The Czech SUV has been produced only since 2010, because the cars on the secondary market are fresh, well-equipped and in excellent condition. You can choose the maximum configuration, but take a model of the model 2010-2011, or take an updated car, but with a slightly smaller list of options for the 2012-2016 year.


ssangyong actyon sa 700

Compact SUV from SsangYong

Another great car without a big name. If you choose a car in terms of its practicality, reliability, comfort and terrain, you should pay attention to SsangYong.

Compact SUV exists since 2006, that is, in the secondary market, all models are relatively new. For Actyon, even the age of 10 years is not considered critical, since the body is made in good faith, the car has high-quality and efficient engines, and also offers a decent level of comfort and equipment.

Even a new car costs from 950 thousand rubles. Therefore, with a budget of 700 thousand, you can easily find a decent model with a rich complete set of the sample of 2012-2015 release.

The choice of SUVs to 700 thousand rubles with extensive mileage. We have tried to gather the best representatives of this segment, among which it will be much easier for you to choose a worthy candidate.

Be sure to write in the comments what kind of jeep you would call the best in the price range up to 700 thousand and why. Subscribe and invite your friends.