About the characteristics and appearance of the 2015 toyota

From the very appearance in Russia, the Japanese car Toyota Camry has been given the great honor to become an authoritative representative of business-level sedans, which are discussed, selected and more and more often bought.

Photo of Toyota Camry 2015 model year

The popularity of the model is not kept up with the trend, and it is not required for motorists who have managed to acquire a copy of the Camry for a long time, and the manufacturer does not particularly try to keep the “firm's secret”.

Is it even possible to conceal what a great value for money this car has? The optimal balance of the characteristics of the machine and its value on the market is what helps the Japanese to keep the leadership in their class and in the total mass of new products launched to the market. It is impossible to doubt the objectivity of this judgment, because automotive experts are of the same opinion as the critics of the respective journals, assessing the state of affairs in the same way.

Walk on any of the existing parking lots near business centers or state. institutions gives a clear understanding of the fact that Toyota Camry was not in vain awarded the title of a business class car, which in turn is an exhaustive confirmation of the high reliability and maximum comfort inherent in the entire list of Toyota cars. According to unofficial sources, the total number of cars of continental brands used by officials for business purposes only a small fraction exceeds the relevance for the same focus group of this model alone.

Presentation Toyota Camry 2015

But do not be mistaken, considering the Toyota Camry car, interesting only for people with great wealth. In fact, the sedan is no less popular among ordinary motorists. Whatever income a person possesses, he doesn’t need to once again explain that, in the range of up to 1 million rubles, to find a car that would be both beautiful and solid at the same time, and also had similar technical data, it may not be impossible, but it’s close to the impossible.

Another Japanese sedan has done well in Korea and the USA. Putting Russia on par with these powers, Toyota’s management considers their markets as the most promising for the subsequent strategic advancement of their flagship sedan model.

Toyota Camry 2015: external data

Officially, the latest update sedan happened in the spring of this year. Then we looked at the photos of the new Toyota Camry, not even realizing that, in fact, we are looking to the future, because the April presentation was a prerequisite for the serial production of the model only in some Western countries.

Updated version of the Toyota Camry 2015

In the reworked version, there were practically no parts united by affinity with the “European” version of the popular sedan. When compared with the previous model, the overseas fellow got a body of a different shape, which implies an excellent configuration of head optics and attachments.

The new Toyota Camry 2015, announced for Europeans, was shown for the first time at the Moscow Motor Show, which hit the joint between summer and autumn 2014. As we have already said, in the “western” version of the sedan, the main part of the changes fell on its body part, and the “European” version said goodbye to the old front. Those who are well acquainted with the Star Wars universe have already managed to call the novelty Darth Vader. Thanks, or, on the contrary, it is only the designers of Toyota who blame the Camry for giving them a harsh black mask in the form of a trapezoid-shaped air intake. It is this air intake and adds aggressiveness to the car, inciting a casual observer to a completely justified analogy with the face of the Dark Lord. At the edges of the foot of the trapezoid there are modest-sized fog lamps, and the trapeze itself is outlined by a chrome-plated contour.

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From the old version Toyota Camry 2015 model year outwardly distinguishes another type of grille, modified head optics and exterior mirrors. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that the changes also affected the thresholds and rear lights of the new product. Untouched, it seems, only the profile of the car remained, although an experienced car enthusiast could still recognize the latest model by the redesigned disks.

2015 Toyota Camry

По разоблачающим Toyota Camry 2015 photo пока рано судить о её точных размерных характеристиках, хотя, производители и опубликовали в своем пресс-релизе информацию об увеличении габаритов. Растянувшись в длину, новая Камри не ухудшила свои аэродинамические качества, напротив, прирост в длине на 25 мм положительно отразился на обтекаемости кузова.

Despite the fact that some experts criticize Toyota for its heaviness in the appearance of a modernized foreign car, in general, the image of the car does not sabotage the design concept and its corporate style. Moreover, it is not clear whether the reckless remarks about the loaded exterior of the car have any practical value, because the subject of the dispute was not a racing car, not even a sports car, but a car for business, which, anyway, for driving races bad fit.

Toyota Camry 2015: internal changes

Transformation salon new Camry passed without any global changes. Mainly, Toyota's developers have worked on the interior trim, namely on the materials used. This allowed the sedan to stand on one level with German competitors and even made them pretty nervous.

Toyota Camry 2015 interior photo

The original flagship model has new elements, including a unique dashboard. At the head of the panel is a TFT display with a diagonal of 4.2 inches under the guise of an onboard computer, surrounded by instruments on either side - a tachometer with one and a speedometer with the other.

Interesting logic, which guided the creators of the new sedan, who chose as the color for the backlight panel just blue. Perhaps this is all an attempt to bring the interior closer to the look of the Toyota RAV4. But, whether the case, a sweeping crossover, and quite another - a solid sedan. The question of the relevance of this innovation remains open.

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Next in the list of modified parts in the internal space of the car is the center console. Here, with its 7-inch screen, a multimedia system with control buttons of an uncountable set of auxiliary systems responsible for the functionality of the sedan and creating comfort for the driver and passengers flaunts.

The multifunction steering wheel also changed its design. By the way, in less than a month, the first positive reviews about this improvement appeared. Among other things, the front row of chairs began to look slightly different. As for the overall design concept of the interior decoration of the 2015 Toyota Camry, it successfully combines the smooth outlines of the glove box and the armrests of the doors with sharp angular edges of the front structures.

New Toyota Camry interior

According to the degree of convenience and comfort with the new Toyota Camry, few would venture. Places in the cabin even more than enough, and the most interesting thing is that the logic of its distribution is unlikely to contribute to situations when there is a desperate struggle for a place on the side of the driver's seat. Rear passengers and front row passengers will be equally comfortable.

The vehicle equipment level directly influences exactly which seat adjustments will be available to the owner. At the same time, the “memory” function of the exterior mirrors, front seats and steering column depends on the configuration. At the same time, the driver's seat does not fall under the general rule, due to which it is able to adapt to the size and growth of the owner, regardless of which package was purchased.

The quality of sound insulation remained at the same high level. Like the previous version of the Toyota Camry, the new modification is not overloaded inside the cabin by other sounds from the power unit, other road users and the environment. This means that it is not necessary every time to listen and ask the interlocutor, talking in a low voice.

Fashion show 2015 Toyota Camry Toyota Camry 2015 - photos from the premiere

The modernization of the braking system and the newly tuned electric power steering for Toyota engineers were justified steps, thanks to which the driving of the car became intuitive, fully predictable, and most importantly as accurate as possible. To these improvements new Toyota Camry 2015 The year she received a stiffer suspension, thereby covering the flaw in the previous version, when at high speed she began to scour a little. However, the Camry reacts almost imperceptibly to small and medium-sized potholes, bouncing only on really dangerous potholes.

The Japanese company did not miss the chance to achieve the universality of their future car, making the Toyota Camry 2015 model range a perfect means of transportation, both for a measured urban type of driving and the ornate nature of long journeys out of town on the highway. The comfort of passengers and the driver on a trip remains in both cases.

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Looking at it for a long time Toyota Camry 2015 photo which fly around the Internet at the speed of light, many were concerned with one question: is it safe to get a new one? When the long wait turned the news that the new Toyota Camry 2015 will be equipped with a huge variety of various electronic assistants who will take care of the safety of the owner and his fellow travelers, the model fans feel relieved. Of the entire range of electronic security systems, it is assumed that the system of searching for “blind” zones around the car and the function of automatic switching of the headlight mode, which is triggered by the approach of the oncoming car and switching the headlights from high beam to low beam, will be in special demand.

Engine Toyota Camry 2015

Toyota Camry 2015: Driving Force

For the European version of the sedan manufacturers had provided a gasoline unit with a capacity of 150 hp and a working volume of 2.0 liters. Having studied the capabilities of the new Camry engine, the manufacturers discovered that at the speed of rotation of the motor shaft 4600 rpm, the torque is 199 Nm.

They say that the new Toyota Camry 2015 will be equipped with such an engine already in the basic configuration. This is very good news, since the acceleration of the car to 100 km / h on a standard gasoline engine will be carried out in 10 seconds, and the maximum speed achieved is a figure of 210 km / h.

Minimized fuel consumption of the new Camry, which in the combined cycle does not exceed 7 liters per hundred kilometers, was also a great joy for everyone.

If we talk about more advanced versions of the novelty, then the best minds of Toyota have tried as best they could, completing it with two powerful units - a 249-strong V-shaped six-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters, and a 181-strong four-cylinder engine with a volume of 2, 5 liters. Note that the power of the V-engine was deliberately fixed at the corresponding value in order to reduce vehicle tax, the size of which directly depends on the number of “horses” under the hood.

В России new 2015 Toyota Camry будет собираться на заводе в Ленинградской области. Начало сборки обновленного седана запланировано уже на ноябрь 2014 года. В продаже новую модель стоит ожидать лишь в конце декабря этого же года, когда автомобиль будет передан официальным дилерам.

In anticipation of the appearance of the new Camry in the open spaces of our country, we offer to evaluate the promotional video models: