Which engine is better: gasoline or diesel

WITHпоры о том, what's better gasoline or diesel, ведутся уже не один десяток лет. В этом вопросе истину пытаются обнаружить и автовладельцы, и инженеры, занимающиеся разработкой двигателей внутреннего сгорания. Убедительных аргументов хватает в пользу обеих конструкций мотора примерно такое же количество существует и недостатков.

Few people move from one camp to another, but progress moves forward and minimizes operational difference and differences in service. There are also certain trends that automakers rely on. This may be environmental factors, and legislation, and the emergence of more advanced materials and technologies.


  • 1 Differences in operation
    • 1.1 Gasoline
    • 1.2 Diesel
  • 2 Difference in operation
  • 3 Engine efficiency
  • 4 Maintainability of power plants
  • 5 Daily operation
  • 6 Conclusion

Work Differences

Before buying a car, you have to decide the dilemma of choosing gasoline or diesel. Indeed, many modern car companies offer several different power plant options for one model of car.


You need to know that the main difference for internal combustion engines is how the fuel mixture ignites.

This operation is fundamental in identifying the pros and cons of the entire engine design.

what is better for the ecology of gasoline or diesel

In engines that consume gasoline, the formation of an air-fuel mixture occurs at the end of the compression stroke. This forms a homogeneous mixture, which occupies the entire space of the cylinder. The temperature at this time reaches 400-500C. Compression ratio is limited to 9-10 units. This is not enough for self-ignition. The spark is formed by the spark plug, the working head of which is located inside the cylinder.

An increase in compression is hampered by detonation processes. To get rid of them helps increase the octane fuel. But, not yet able to exceed the compression ratio of more than 11 units. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure a proportional ratio of fuel and air in a narrow range. Excess or lack of fuel form a lean or re-enriched mixture, which clearly reduces the performance of the engine.

To form the right proportions of the components of the fuel mixture, manufacturers resort to additional devices that are installed as gas or air dosing units.


Power plants for diesel fuel operate on a different principle. They are able to provide a compression ratio in the range of 15-25 units. An elevated temperature of 700-900 is formed in the cylinders.C. When diesel fuel is injected into a cylinder, a gas mixture is formed from it, which immediately ignites when compressed.

diesel or gasoline which is better for a crossover

Такие высокие параметры, как температура и давление нуждаются в особых требованиях к элементам кривошипно-шатунного механизма и газораспределения. Более массивные детали имеют инертные свойства. Для некоторых водителей данный аргумент перевешивает остальные качества в споре, which engine is better: gasoline or diesel. Ведь при большей массе снижается приемистость, слегка запаздывает реакция на нажатие педали.

In compensation for these "minuses", diesel engine due to high pressure provides greater torque on the crankshaft at almost all speeds. This gives the installation the best traction.

Difference in operation

Any properly tuned and well-adjusted mechanism will ensure the high-quality performance of the duties assigned to it. This is no exception for all types of car engines. In this case, even on perfectly balanced engines, you can reveal your operational features.

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Due to the high temperatures that are characteristic of diesel engines, and sufficient massiveness in the design, cooling system should be more voluminous. Regular operation of the engine does not have a significant impact on this system in any conditions. Problems do not even arise during a long standing in urban traffic when some gasoline engines do not stand up. It is necessary to be afraid of emergency situations.

which engine is better: gasoline or diesel

The operation of a gasoline engine depends on a larger number of vulnerable nodes. The injection setting in modern cars should be perfectly adjusted. Also, adjustments need an ignition system, which includes wires, plugs, distributors, etc. If you refuse to start, it is not always possible to quickly identify the cause of the fault.

For diesel engines do not use binding to electronic circuits. Their “problem point” is the fuel pump and filter. Another challenge when starting a diesel engine is to overcome the great initial effort of the starter. This is partially solved by installing a more powerful battery, which is recharged by a more powerful and larger generator than that of gasoline counterparts.

You need to know that starting a car with a gasoline engine on a dead battery is easier than doing this operation with a diesel engine that needs high compression for its cylinders.

The problem in this case may occur with the timing belt. Often there are situations in which the belt broke during towing, after artificial acceleration and switching on the transmission to the manual transmission.

When choosing a diesel or gasoline, which is better for a crossover, you need to consider the seasonal factor of operation. To a greater extent this applies to diesel fuel, which is capable of crystallizing at negative temperatures. Problems can already begin with -15WITH, когда топливо без специальных добавок (присадок) переходит в вязкое состояние.

At the gas station often begin to offer winter solarium capable of carrying and -35WITH, but there may be residual “summer” fuel in the tank with a lower freezing threshold. Such factors must be taken into account, because problems can begin with a fuel pump designed to operate with a certain degree of fluid viscosity.

what to choose gasoline or diesel

The installed preheaters, which provide the necessary operating parameters for diesel fuel, help solve the problem. This equipment can be mounted independently.

The gasoline engine starts up in a frost easier, but can bring unpleasant surprises when the humidity rises. Microcracks formed in high-voltage wiring, allow breakdown of the current, which is not enough to form a high-quality spark. Due to this, the candles are filled with gasoline.

Engine efficiency

At modes close to the maximum, the efficiency advantages of a diesel engine are hardly noticeable. However, cars are not always used in such conditions. More than 90% of the total time the average driver is in city mode, which is less demanding on the enrichment of fuel mixtures.

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what's better gasoline or diesel

Gasolineовый мотор вынужден использовать все время смесь с одинаковой обогощенностью, which leads to a significant overrun at low or idle. For diesel engines, the amount of air consumed is at a constant level, and power adjustment is carried out by increasing the amount of fuel.

You need to know that the optimal proportion of gasoline and air for the engine is in the range of 1 to 0.8-1.2, and for a diesel engine, a sufficient proportion for fuel consumption at idle is 1 to 15-20, which is much more economical.

Due to this ratio Diesel efficiency is 10-15% higher motor with the appropriate input parameters. In some cases, automotive engineers can achieve on the same car models with different engines fuel economy up to 30% compared to a gasoline unit.

However, the power of a diesel engine may be lower without additional devices. Loss varies depending on the car and comes to 20%. It is possible to compensate for this by installing turbines and other equipment.

Maintainability of power plants

Theoretical indicators suggest that diesel engines have a large resource, and their main maintenance should consist mainly of timely replacement of oil and filters. The practice of operation makes its own adjustments.

Trouble car owners expect with the work of the fuel pump. This item has a high cost, therefore, requires careful treatment.

diesel or gasoline which is better for a European crossover

Qualitative diesel repair is possible in most cases at specialized branded stationshaving high quality diagnostic and repair equipment. We also need competent specialists who can bring the car into working condition.

For gasoline engines, repair kits and individual parts are more often cheaper when compared with diesel classmates. Sometimes the price difference in the repair of similar faults reaches 80%.

Daily operation

Most cars are operated on a daily basis, so the driver needs comfort, provided even in small things. Therefore, the operation of the engine must meet this criterion.

Diesel units are considered to be more noisy, but this statement can be attributed to outdated car models. These machines have a reduced level of sound insulation. New models of cars have a distinctive sound for their type of engines, but it is not so obvious and does not cause discomfort.

WITHовременные diesel engines with the correct adjustments and the use of high-quality fuel are more environmentally friendly, unlike gasoline. When choosing between these two types of motors, this criterion can be taken into account.

Refueling at unknown gas stations, you can get to low-quality fuel. Although it will adversely affect both engines, but gasoline will take it less painfully, this is influenced by the design features of the fuel system.


An unambiguous solution in favor of a diesel or gasoline engine does not yet exist. Most motorists conclude on the basis of serviceability and the necessary characteristics for their cars. The choice of choice also influences the individual driving style, thanks to which the driver obtains the desired response from the car.