Top three best small cars


These little cars just have to find their place in life. The one who becomes the owner of one of them, the soul will not be in it. Of course, the big advantage of the presented models is the size, they will not fit "except in a matchbox". In addition, this machine is very maneuverable and mobile. And despite the fact that we represent an exclusive, the tip of the iceberg, the "top three" of the best small cars, is small and their price - already 15 thousand dollars is considered expensive for them.

best small cars

The best small cars

Но главное – самого высокого рейтинга заслуживают маленькие машины по показателю их обслуживания. Они очень неприхотливы и предельно мало потребляют. Более того, именно маленький автомобиль пробивает миру дорогу к широкому использованию электродвижка.Читать далее о рейтинге лучших небольших машин-->

Actually, the world produces such cars dozens of modifications. But the real interest is only those that are mass-produced, and on which the auto industry "with the name" stakes. The only problem is that in Russia the entire top presented is not issued, and everyone should take care of the delivery and the relationship with customs.

In the first roles, as always, the Japanese.


toyota iq

Представитель японского автопрома – Toyota

Открывает рейтинг представитель Страны Восходящего Солнца – Toyota. Машина была представлена в 2007 году во Франкфурте, и уже через год начался её серийный выпуск. Вы можете как угодно комбинировать расшифровку аббревиатуры её названия – подойдёт и будет хороша любая комбинация.

"I" is:

  • “Individuality” - and, indeed, motorists still did not know the cars of this class better, the design was beyond praise;
  • “Innovation” - with a length of less than 3 meters (including bumpers), 3 people fit inside without problems;
  • “Intellect” - all the lines of the car say about it, it is clear that everything was fitted to the millimeter accuracy.

For the "Q" we add:

  • "Quality" - which is a property of any Japanese model, and,
  • “Signal” means the signal to competitors to keep up and act in the same direction.

На российском рынке Toyota с бензиновым двигателем в 1,3 литра при мощности в 98 лс продавалась по цене 777 тысяч 777 рублей.

The third passenger seat behind was behind the front, when his seat moved forward as much as possible. For the driver already only have where to throw things.

With such dimensions, the manufacturer paid special attention to an increased level of safety - in the event of an accident, 9 airbags, including knee and side curtains, would “immediately” come to the defense.

In a less powerful version (with a one-liter engine), a 3-speed gearbox was mounted on the model, in a more powerful one - a continuously variable variator. Despite such dimensions and a modest engine, the owner of the car, without major problems, squeezes 170 km / h from the leader of the top kids.

Suzuki Twin В

Sulfur Sulfin Sulfin

The car consumes only 3.3 liters of gasoline per 100 km in the city

The second line of the rating is also taken by the representative of Japan - Suzuki Twin B, which is shorter by another 25 cm. There is, of course, the third place has nowhere to fit, but there is always a place behind where to drop your school backpack.

The developers of Twin B decided to take not only the design, which, according to many, the best in the proposed top. This is one of the first models of its class with a hybrid transmission - a 0.66 l petrol engine is supported by an auxiliary electric motor.

Of course, to look for flaws in the cars being presented is not a very gratifying business, they are by and large enough. So, it’s not for the sake of these claims that they are acquired. For example, the Twin B is already losing its brisk performance at speeds of under 80 km. It is not by chance that the manufacturer recommends limiting it to only 60 km / h, which is more than enough for anyone who decided to buy. With all that, the price is also very small - it is set at 12 thousand dollars. Thrifty consumers should be pleased with the fact that, on average, a car consumes only 3.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers when driving in city mode.

Smart for Two

smart for two

This is "Good for Two" - Smart for Two

The length of the next model is even less, just 2.5 meters. This is "Good for Two" - Smart for Two. Smart Company has attracted as many Mercedes-Benz to create this smallest car in our top. And such cooperation has brought excellent results. Firstly, 3 modifications of the hull were released at once, inside which 7 different engines with a volume from 0.599 to 0.799 liters (power from 30 to 55 hp) could be placed. Moreover, the diesel engine at 0.799 was the smallest in its class at the time of production. By the way, one of the modifications Smart for Two had the name “Passion” - “Passion”.

Secondly, a robotic 6-speed gearbox was installed on all models. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% with variable gear ratio. Offered options for both manual and automatic control.

Thirdly, Mercedes “presented” to the baby a unique and complete security system - 4 airbags on all sides, a folding steering column, seat belts with tensioning and fixing systems, and an adjustment system for braking forces. In this list, one can not fail to mention the original location under the bottom of the fuel tank.

Consumption Smart for Two - 5 liters of gasoline and 3.5 - diesel.

Understanding that such a model should take “something else”, the manufacturer provides the folding design of the passenger seat, increasing the internal volume for things up to 363 liters (nominally - two times smaller, only 150).

Already in the standard version, the model contains power windows, car stereo and tire repair kit. After restyling, the model had a glass roof, a socket for recharging from a source of 12 V, even an air conditioner, heaters for mirrors and seats, fog lights.

Well, and finally, we include in the rating simply out of respect for the genre a model, calling it simply also a vehicle worthy of attention.

Mitsuoka MC-1

mitsuoka mc-1

Mitsuoka MC-1 with 1 place for the driver, in Japan is equal to mopeds

This is the Mitsuoka MC-1. There is only one place for the driver. At home, in Japan, thanks to a single-cylinder engine of 49 cubes, the MC-1 is equal to mopeds and frees the owner from the transport fee. The length of the car is less than the average male height - just 75.5 cm in meter, but the width is completely “invisible” - meter plus 8 centimeters. Its speed of 50 km is enough to comfortably move around the city - 3-4 hours with a tank of 7 liters and consumption of about 2.5 provided. We draw attention, the car has no roof or sides, or rather, they are made of fabric. But the most important thing: MC-1 - for those who can drive very carefully, the level of passive safety of the car is very small. On the other hand, with a weight of 160 kg, it is recommended for use on the lawns of golf clubs.

Presented in the ranking of the best small cars on Russian roads can be very rare. Many say that they just ahead of their time, you need to wait a bit. Perhaps this is so. In any case, we advise you to look at them. At some point, they can really be irreplaceable, both due to their size and price.