The right choice of car shampoo for contactless washing


Experts recommend washing the car at least once a week. Otherwise, contamination can badly affect the condition of the paintwork and glass. Particularly dangerous in this regard, organic pollution, which eventually produce an acid that can form on the body of corrosion. Modern technologies make it possible to wash a car quickly and easily using a non-contact method.

Contactless car wash

Contactless car wash

Every day, contactless car washing is becoming an increasingly popular method of cleaning. The principle of this procedure is that the machine is cleaned under a high-pressure jet of water - the driver should only direct the mechanism. The advantages of contactless washing are as follows:

  1. The driver does not need to clean the car manually. Simply directing the flow of water - no need to get your hands dirty.
  2. A contactless procedure, as a rule, is much faster than the usual one and takes about ten minutes.
  3. This method is safer for a paint and varnish covering of the car as there is no strong mechanical influence. Even a strong flow of water does not provoke the appearance of cracks and chips.
  4. With proper selection of detergents (car shampoo), you can clean up any contamination, including soot.

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How to choose a car shampoo for contactless washing

The properties of the car wash affect the cleaning quality of the car. In this case, an incorrectly chosen agent can not only leave dirt on the body, but also damage its coating. This happens in cases where the driver chooses a tool that is too aggressive for his car. That is why the first rule of contactless washing is a ban on the use of conventional household chemicals - LCP “peel off” after two or three repetitions of the procedure.

Composition of auto shampoo

Each tool, in the first place, is composed of ordinary water. At the same time in order for it not to cause damage to chrome-plated parts, its acid-base level should have a figure of from 6 to 9 units. Various surface elements act as active substances - their name depends on the manufacturer. In this case, a content of not more than 30% of active substances of the total mass of the product is allowed. Complexing agents in the tool perform two roles at once:

  • Soften the water, allowing the tool and water to get into hard-to-reach places, and also have a more gentle effect
  • Enhance the effect of the surfactant, while not increasing the acidity of the product.

As a part of a car shampoo for contactless washing, various impurities and additives may be present. A foaming agent is considered to be obligatory, and among the optional substances that can increase corrosion protection, as well as wax can be found. The latter is purely cosmetic purpose and is needed to give a glossy look to the surface of the machine.

Types of Autoshampoos

Means for cleaning machines in a contactless way are divided into three types:

  1. Summer car shampoos. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they best reveal properties at a certain temperature — relatively high and possible in summer. In addition, they clean the characteristic of the warm season pollution, which include organic, as well as clay and soot.
  2. Classic (also known as "universal"). These car shampoos for contactless washing are suitable for use at any temperature, but their properties are slightly inferior to those of summer. However, they cope with all major types of pollution.
  3. Concentrated. They differ technically from other types. Before use, this tool must be diluted with water. In this case, the driver himself decides what proportion to make. If the machine has a stable coating, then the product can be diluted less - it will clean better.

Packing of auto shampoo

The following information should be indicated on the container or box of any quality product:

  • Date of production and shelf life. It is necessary to buy only those funds that can still be used, since the use of overdue does not bring results.
  • Quality certificates. It is not recommended to purchase car shampoos for contactless washing, which are made without taking into account market standards. They were not monitored, therefore, they may not work at full strength or even damage the machine.
  • Label. It must contain the name and logo of the manufacturer, their physical or email address. This allows you to find information about the company to learn more about it.
  • Manufacturer. The question of which means is better - import or domestic - does not have a definite answer. At the same time, statistics show that Russian car shampoos are often substandard or forged. However, the country of origin does not directly affect the properties of the product.

    Autoshampooes for car

    Autoshampooes for car

Testing 10 car shampoos for contactless washing

The test took place in the center of Roskhimtest. It consisted in comparing the washing ability, corrosive aggressiveness and the impact on the protective and cosmetic properties of car shampoos.

The test involved ten car shampoos for contactless washing:

  1. PROFI MAX FOAM 24/32;
  5. THE DLS-150;
  6. TO DECO;
  10. MA-FRA JEDY.

To study the detergency of each tool was diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 30. As a sample of the paintwork was applied ten identical parts from the body of one machine. The resulting solution was applied to the contaminated surface with the aid of a foaming device. After 5 minutes each sample was rinsed under a tap. The detergency was estimated at the rate of the remaining mass of pollution in grams per square meter.

To simulate pollution, two trains were prepared that were applied to the body samples. A yellow pigment was added to them - this is necessary in order to make the pollution more visible against the background of the black fragment.

Each sample was applied the same amount of mixture that simulates pollution. It is distributed evenly throughout the LCP. Further, the samples were kept in an oven for 1 hour at 60 degrees Celsius and for 18 hours at 20 degrees Celsius.

The test took place in accordance with GOST "Paint coatings. Test methods for resistance to static effects of liquids ". The prepared samples were immersed in a solution of car shampoos for contactless washing and kept for 5, 30 and 60 minutes. After that, the samples were washed and dried. The test results were summarized both visually and using a gloss meter.

A study was also made of the effect of car shampoos on aluminum coatings. The sample was a regular foil. Samples were contaminated and then dried. Then the foil was cleaned with auto shampoos. We checked both their aggressiveness (the criterion was the mass and appearance of the foil) and the visual condition. There were two tests: an hour and a week of soaking.


Thick pink liquid with a slight ammonia odor. When mixed with water, it quickly forms a voluminous foam. Restores the brilliance of the sample almost to its original state.

When applied to aluminum, foam was poorly formed in the solution. Plate lost in the mass of 0.04 grams. After a week, the aluminum went dark. After washing, the dusty sample had a contamination of 52 grams per square meter. Oiled - 14 g / m2.

The tool has strong alkaline performance - with long exposure, it leads to darkening and corrosion. With a short-term exposure does not cause harm. Car shampoo copes well with oiling, but poorly with dusting.

Autoshampoo PROFI - MAX-FOAM-24-32

Autoshampoo PROFI-MAX-FOAM-24-32


Car shampoo for contactless yellow washing. It also has an ammonia smell. Foams well, but unstable. Restores shine paintwork.

In contact with aluminum, foam was formed intensively. During the hour of exposure, the plate lost 0.08 grams in weight. After a week of testing, the aluminum sample darkened and found white scurf, and the solution dimmed. The paintwork samples were cleaned as follows: dust left pollution at 29 g / m2and oiling - 31 g / m2.

In case of short-term contact with aluminum and paintwork, the tool does not provoke damage. At the same time long contact is extremely undesirable. The car shampoo has an average potential in cleansing both contaminants.


Thick yellow liquid. It has a slight smell. Foam is well formed and stably held. Glitter sample paintwork restores completely.

When processing aluminum foam is poorly formed. The plate lost 0.03 grams per hour of the experiment. A week later, the aluminum darkened and in some places strongly dissolved. After oiling 23 g / m2, and after dusting - 19 g / m2.

Research shows that car shampoo has a caustic alkaline environment. It is not recommended to allow prolonged contact with aluminum. Acceptable laundering both types of pollution.


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Thick light green liquid. It has a slight smell. Foam is well formed, keeps steadily. Fully restores the gloss of the coating.

In contact with aluminum, weak foam formation is noted. The plate has lost 0.03 grams. For a week, aluminum has darkened greatly. After cleaning the paintwork, their contamination was: 15 g / m2 oiling and 5 g / m2 dusting.

In case of short-term contact of the solution with coatings, there is no negative impact. The contactless car shampoo copes well with both types of pollution.

Autoshampton COSMETIC-AUTO-DF-190

Autoshampton COSMETIC-AUTO-DF-190


Thick green liquid with a slight odor. Good, but unstable foams. Returns shine to contaminated paintwork.

Contact with the aluminum plate provoked abundant foaming. The sample lost 0.07 grams per hour. During the week of exposure, aluminum is very dark. From the oiling layer remained weighing 21 g / m2, and from dusting - 3 g / m2.

Short-term contact car shampoo does not have a negative impact on aluminum and paintwork. At the same time prolonged contact with aluminum leads to darkening. The tool perfectly removes the sand-cement layer, but mediocre oil.

Autoshampoo ATAS-DLS-150

Autoshampoo ATAS-DLS-150


Thick dark green liquid with a slight odor of flavoring. Well and stably foams when mixed with water. Excellent returns shine polluted paintwork.

In contact with aluminum, intense foam formation is observed. During the hour of testing, the sample lost 0.07 grams of weight. A week later, the aluminum plate significantly darkened. Cleaning from oiling leaves a 10 g / m contamination2. From dusting - 3g / m2.

Short-term contact with aluminum and paintwork does not cause deformation. The tool has coped well with both oily pollution and cement-sand.

Autoshampoo ATAS-DECO

Autoshampoo ATAS-DECO


Thick blue liquid with a pungent odor. Volume and stable foam. Cleans paintwork, returning them the original shine.

Contact with aluminum leads to poor foam formation. In an hour of the experiment, the plate lost 0.05 grams. After a week, the aluminum sample, immersed in the solution, significantly darkened. Residual contamination after cleaning with an agent was 9 g / m2 for oiling and 11 g / m2 для dusting.

The composition has a sharply alkaline environment. Short-term effects on aluminum do not have negative consequences, but with a long contact the metal plate is covered with corrosion. As for the paintwork, the car shampoo for contactless washing does not damage it. Very well copes with the task in both cases of pollution.


Tool for professional use. Thick yellow liquid with a strong odor. It foams well when mixed with water and forms a stable foam. Allows you to return shine paintwork after washing.

In contact with the aluminum plate has a weak foaming. Sample lost weight of 0.05 grams. During the week of the experiment, white bloom and darkening appeared. The car shampoo washes off oil, leaving 15 g / m of dirt2, and from sand-cement - 0.5 g / m2.

Short-term contact of the solution does not adversely affect aluminum and paint coatings. The contactless car shampoo did a great job with oily pollution, and got rid of sand-cement almost completely.




Thick, odorless, dark green liquid. It foams well when mixed with water. Provides a stable foam. Allows you to return the surface gloss.

In contact with aluminum provides intensive formation of foam. A metal sample lost 0.07 grams. A week later, the aluminum darkened, covered with white bloom. The solution dimmed. The residue from oily pollution was 10 g / m2, and from sand-cement - 8 g / m2.

Means very well copes with two types of pollution. With a short contact with aluminum does not cause damage.




Thick yellow liquid with a strong smell of ammonia. When mixed with water it forms a lot of unstable foam. Cleans paintwork to pristine shine.

Contact with aluminum results in poor foam formation. The sample lost 0.03 grams by weight. During the week of the experiment, aluminum slightly darkened, but was covered with a coating. A residue of 28 g / m was formed from oily contamination.2, and from dust - 5 g / m2.

The car shampoo coped well with sand-cement pollution, but rather mediocre with oily. Does not cause corrosion in case of short contact with surfaces.

Autoshampoo MA-FRA-JEDY

Autoshampoo MA-FRA-JEDY


The choice of car shampoo for contactless washing depends on the requirements and conditions. CHIMIGAL STARCAR is best suited for removing oily stains, and CHIMIGAL GEOS is best for removing dust. The most gentle for aluminum products is Cosmetic-Auto.