Nissan patrol under the curtain of a career "drove" into the

Nissan Patrol career curtain Heroic Power japanese suv lifted him to a hundred-meter and very nepologiy sand dune in less than five seconds. Struck by this "heracle" feat, representatives of the Guinness "encyclopedia" unanimously voted to perpetuate a new automobile record on their pages. High-speed assault on a dune by a driver japanese suv occurred the other day in one of the Jordanian deserts. Nissan Patrol I easily climbed the inclined sandy path to the 100-meter mark for 4.9 seconds. Naturally, everything did not happen spontaneously, and representatives of the Book of Records were invited to the event in advance. They are eager to profit to fix a new record, especially since this is already the second Guinness diploma for this model. A little earlier, Patrol managed to drag a 171-ton passenger plane on a trailer, fueled at a distance of fifty meters. The action took place in the United Arab Emirates, in one of the international airports.

Nissan Patrol career curtain The previous record for the movement of weights on the cable was broken Nissan Patrol by fifteen tons. Nissan Patrol truly legendary "Japanese". However, despite all its regalia and crazy popularity, the new generation of this model will not be developed. Exactly one and a half years later, this car will go to a well-deserved rest, driven out of its pedestal by a seven-seater passenger pickup Nissan NP300 Navara.

Российские почитатели japanese suv могут еще buy Nissan Patrol current generation. Under the hood of this car sits a serious V8 engine with 405 horsepower. Three modifications are installed on the cars. Prices, of course, not small. They range from 3,900 to 4,250 kilorubles. SUVs of release of 2014 can be taken so far at the promotional prices. Nissan Patrol career curtain Nissanovtsy finally see their immediate prospects in the development of off-road and universal lines. Japanese SUV The future at the Frankfurt Motor Show was demonstrated in the image of a hybrid Gripz.

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