"sports hybrid" honda shuttle went on sale

Updated Shuttle minivan, representing the quintessence of sports and family styles, entered the dealer network and is already for sale. This elegant with its dimensions, five-seater "sports hybrid" with one of the most voluminous salons for its class has an amazing fuel consumption - just three liters per hundred kilometers tracks (in a hybrid configuration) - and only for this characteristic it deserves the popularity and love of motorists, which it uses in its homeland.

Gasoline Shuttles are equipped with a 1.5-liter engine, which has a popular i-VTEC gas distribution phase change system, long familiar to Honda fans, while the hybrid version uses powerplant Sport Hybrid, thanks to which both fuel economy and energy-intensive “sports” driving are ensured. The hybrid version of the Shuttle is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. Atelier tuning company Honda has done a good job on the design of the car, forming its unique individual style. Modified grille, increased aerodynamicity of both bumpers, shine chrome lining, the original performance protivotumanok. More sporty look is given by an inch larger wheels (they used to be fifteen inches). The cabin is equipped with LED lights, the pedals are more “sporting” in size and shape, and in the luggage compartment on a strictly horizontal floor there is a leather mat, which adds to the exposition shades of family comfort. Cost of gasoline front wheel drive version Honda Shuttle will be about seven hundred thousand rubles. All-wheel drive modification will cost the buyer seventy thousand more.