If doctors are banned, be ready to give up right on the road

Если врачи запретили, будь готов отдать права прямо на дороге A new fiscal measure will soon, however, be in pilot mode and so far only in the Moscow region, will be applied to drivers of vehicles. The thing is, too many drivers today have medical contraindications to driving, however, despite this, they continue to turn the wheel, exposing both themselves and others to risk to life and health. It is not difficult to imagine the possible consequences if an epileptic seizure or a heart attack occurs at the speed with the driver. Determine yourself can be driven by a person for medical reasons or not, the traffic police inspector cannot access the database of the Ministry of Health. But already this year, inspectors will get interactive access to it remotely. Punch the driver through the base will not be difficult and will not take much time. If the doctor has forbidden the driver to drive, this information will become available to the police literally in a few minutes after sending the request.

The authorities are going to implement this pilot project in the framework of interaction between the two departments - the Ministry of Health and the traffic police. Moreover, only drivers registered in the pilot region, and specifically in the Moscow region, will be checked. Motorists from other regions, crossing the capital and the Moscow region on their vehicles, be exposed medical check-ups will not.

It is not yet known exactly on which side and in what form it will be processed. confidential information about motorists diseases: they will transfer it unchanged directly to the traffic cops, or simply report that, yes, to the driver being checked it is prohibited to drive a car, or not, can drive. Still as an option, the coding of diseases with which it is impossible to drive the vehicle into numerical codes and transfer them only to the police. That the inspector did not know what kind of disease, but the code could determine whether it is allowed or not. These subtleties have yet to be determined.

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If during the inspection, the inspector suspected the driver of ill health, he punched him in the database and found out that his suspicions were right, the rights would be withdrawn on the spot, and the car was sent to the penalty area. If such a driver is stopped behind the wheel again, the existing penalty for driving without permits will be applied to him. The experiment will begin presumably in the second half of 2015. If it turns out to be successful, it, as is customary in our country, will be distributed to the whole country.