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Thanks to cabin filters, both the driver and the passengers, while driving in a car, do not breathe with exhausts, soot and dust emitted from other vehicles. The filter limits the ingress of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances into the car's interior, thereby preserving the health of everyone in the car.

Best Cabin Filter

Choosing the best cabin filter.

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Where is the cabin filter located

In most cases, these components are located in the inner wall of the glove box. Consequently, you can replace them yourself, without turning to professionals. To do this, simply unscrew all connections and remove the glove box. The second location option - under the dashboard or hood - to get to them is already more difficult and without professional help in this case is rather difficult to do. Note that when you replace it after a long period of operation, you can find on the “old” filter the remnants of branches, leaves, soot, insects, dirt and everything else that it protects you from.

Important! Do not buy too expensive filters. Not always the price affects the quality. Purchase of non-original products can cost much less and at the same time does not differ in quality from original spare parts.

Types of cabin filters and their advantages

There are two types of filters:

  • coal;
  • ordinary (dust).

Ordinary, that is, dust filters, retain the largest particles, can not cope with small ones. Hold soot, down, dust, and also pollen of plants. Coal, thanks to activated carbon (from which the name originated), does not allow large particles to penetrate into the car's interior, and also absorb all harmful substances (including unpleasant odors, which significantly distinguishes them from "ordinary").

For example, being in a traffic jam at rush hour in front of an old bus, smoking smoke, an unpleasant smell will not disturb you, and a filter will also protect your lungs from harmful substances. So, take a closer look at each of them.

Normal Cabin Filter

Unlike its coal "brother", conventional filters do not allow extremely large particles. Perform only mechanical air cleaning. An excellent choice for those who often move on the highway, or whose cars are operated exclusively in a clean and unpolluted environment.

Normal Cabin Filter

Carbon filter

The coal contained in the filter is treated with special chemicals that prevent unpleasant odors, smoke and bacteria from getting inside the vehicle. By adsorption, all gases remain on the surface of this component. The filter structure is porous, which also helps not to let harmful gases into the cabin. The cost is slightly higher than normal. However, they are worth buying for those people who often move around the city or in an environment with strong unpleasant odors. For those who often move on the highway, it is quite suitable ordinary dust filter.

Carbon filter

Which filter is better

The most famous manufacturers are Bosch and Corteco. Now we will describe several brands that you should pay attention to when choosing.

  1. Bosch. Undoubtedly, a modern company that keeps up with the times. Constantly improving and trying to create the best products, focusing on the modern market. The cost of its filters (both conventional and coal) is quite low. Despite the budget, the filters do not have a particularly high level of quality; however, the task of cleaning the air is relatively good.Bosch
  2. Corteco. The next most popular brand. Enjoys such great popularity because of the rather low price and high level of quality interior cleaning Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% from pollution. Coal options are worth special attention because they do their job one hundred percent. The cost of ordinary paper options is average - and they do not differ at all from other filters (they also retain large particles and allow unpleasant smells into the car).Corteco
  3. Raf Filter or Mann Filter. Raf Filter is produced in the Czech Republic, and Mann Filter in China or Russia. Both options are equally good. Wonderfully cope with pollution, not allowing harmful substances into the vehicle interior. The Czech company offers antifungal as well as antibacterial options (their quality level has been tested in practice, so they deserved to be on the list of the best).Raf Filter
  4. Oak. Один из самых старых производителей фильтров, который хорошо поработал над качеством своих «детищ». Наиболее часто ими комплектуются авто японского производства. При изготовлении применяется специальное полотно, которое позволяет фильтрам не терять своих характеристик на протяжении всего срока эксплуатации. Довольно бюджетный вариант.Oak
  5. Valeo. Expensive, but at the same time high quality and reliable. The company keeps its brand and produces the best materials for vehicle filtration systems. By purchasing a cabin filter from this company, you can be sure of its quality, as well as forget about foreign odors that regularly enter the salon from the street.Valeo
  6. VIC. 99% protect the interior from getting into it not only large particles, but also various bacteria, including not quite pleasant smells. Made from special materials that have a high level of dirt-holding capacity. Electret coating, catching the smallest particles, up to one hundred microns in size (smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, etc.). One of the best options in terms of quality. But in terms of cost will not please.VIC
  7. Goodwill, Fram, Mahle. All these three companies are located in the same position, because their devices have the same cleaning characteristics. The price is excellent, and the filtering ability is quite high. Goodwill, Fram, Mahle
  8. Denso. It is in last place. Denso is a Japanese manufacturer. Filter companies do a pretty good job, remove odors and filter the air. However, the VIC is still far away. Do not be pleased overpriced, which is clearly not consistent with the capabilities of this element. Denso

Not worth buying

Фильтрующие элементы компании AMDотличаются не только низкой стоимостью (обольщаться которой не стоит), но и низким уровнем качества. Говоря простыми словами, данный фильтр совсем не справляется со своей основной задачей: он пропускает внутрь транспортного средства неприятные запахи, пыль и иные мелкие частицы. Единственное его преимущество – это цена.


Well, hopefully, this article was useful for you and will allow you to acquire exactly the cabin filter that will meet all your wishes regarding price and quality.