Chip tuning peugeot 308 do it yourself

The Peugeot 308, recently released for public viewing, was already equipped with a stylish appearance, spacious interior and good dynamics. It has a solid body, stiff suspension and excellent sound insulation, and the central deflector is equipped with shock absorbers.

Внешний tuning Peugeot 308

An interesting feature of the Peugeot 308 is the installation of a glass roof, such a detail looks very impressive and is used to send the sun's rays into the salon. At night, the roof creates a romantic atmosphere. This brand of car is now highly popular with the Russian audience, but it always happens that the model does not fully satisfy the motorist with their appearance or technical characteristics, so drivers come to the idea to spend tuning Peugeot 308.

How to start tuning Peugeot?

They begin, as a rule, to change the appearance of the car, since it is this improvement that will be put up first of all on public display.

By installing the Irmsher model door sills, the car will look more sporty, and the front bumper cover will reduce the car and add some aggressiveness in appearance. Pads serve as protection against damage and scratches, with such a detail Peugeot 308 looks gorgeous.

Installed flexible cilia LED type. By making tuning Peugeot 308 lights, eyelashes will serve as a kind of compaction in the gap between the hood, this in turn will reduce the extraneous noise of air flow and eliminate the ingress of dirt under the hood. This is not unimportant detail will add the dimensions of daytime running lights, preventing possible emergencies, because the car becomes more noticeable on the road. Such a kit can be used as a source of additional light on the air collector of the bumper or as a lining of fog lights. Lights with cilia will add more effect to the car and unusual in the exterior design.

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Tuned Peugeot 308 Photo

In addition to headlights tuning Peugeot 308 It does not do without the installation of light tubes. They can be installed inside the headlights, which creates a unique effect. They can be used as daytime running lights. Fiberglass diffuser is installed on the rear bumper. On the bumper, grille and air collector, you can install a plastic mesh to protect against heat in the exhaust system. Grille radiator will create the look of an unusual and unique appearance of Peugeot.

We start the modernization of the cabin

Salon Peugeot 308 is spacious, this feature of the car was due to the bending of the roof and an interesting arrangement of seats. There is a climate control system and a stereo with excellent sound. Additionally installed original color handles windows, with their help, the interior looks more versatile and bright. Built-in pads on 2 pedals with black silver will improve foot contact with the device, and a securely fixed mat is important for safety. Improved armrest on the chair will make a comfortable passenger seat. In addition, an additional pad is installed on the brake, which will create a certain style of car, a sports chair for tight fixation of the body at high-speed corners, sun shades and much more. Below posted Peugeot 308 tuning photo.

Tuning Peugeot 308

Interior photos Peugeot 308

Brake pads replacement in Peugeot 308

Even if professional tuning is a guarantee of future efficiency and quality of Peugeot cars, all the same, not all tuning needs to be done in car dealerships, for example, you can replace brake pads yourself. Such tuning Peugeot 308 своими руками do no problem and it only takes a few hours. First you need to lift the car on a jack, remove the front wheels and twist them for better access to them. After that, proceed to unscrew the caliper bolts using the 13 key, hold the 19-key key.

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The caliper is removed and suspended from the spring, only the caliper bracket remains from the disc. Remove the bolts holding the bracket with the torx55 attachment and remove the bracket. Next, unscrew the 2 screws that secure the brake disc to the hub, and remove the disc by tapping it with a hammer. The surface of the hub must be cleaned of dirt and lubricated with grease, new brake discs must be clean. Insert the disc into the hub and screw. It is necessary to remove 2 guides from the dismantled bracket, freeing them from the anthers. Grease this part as well and re-insert the guides. Snap the system down to the anthers and lubricate the parts again. It remains to wear a caliper.

Tuning Peugeot 308 photo

Remember, high-quality tuning with a guarantee of its work will be done only by a car dealership specialist. All you need is to save some money and go to a trusted representative.

Work with the power unit

As for the technical characteristics, the Peugeot 308 already has an electric power steering system installed to improve the quality of control.

Suspension shows excellent performance comfort and maneuverability cars. Turbocharged engine of German production of 1.6 liters, 140 horsepower. Installed automatic gearbox on 4 levels with a torque gain of up to 240 Nm. The chassis works smoothly, without swinging.

Косметический tuning Peugeot 308

Often drivers are not satisfied with the power characteristics of their car, especially when driving involves frequent overtaking. Conducting чип tuning Peugeot 308 You can improve the motor machine. Modernization of the engine takes place on modern equipment of foreign production. This upgrade will increase the performance of torque and power unit. Standard equipment Peugeot 308 is equipped with a 1.6-liter VTI engine and 120 horsepower. By improving this indicator, you can achieve the following results:

  1. Engine power will increase to 132 horsepower (10% increase);
  2. The torque will increase from 160 to 176 Nm, that is also by 10%.
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Doing the modernization of the engine, regardless of whether it is gasoline or diesel, you can get an increase in power by 30% and torque by 25%.

Peugeot car chip tuning

A special RaceChip device for chip tuning will be an additional block in engine management. Settings can be changed at any time. By installing the device in the propulsion system, the device will speed up the data processing operation several thousand times and create an increased power condition, while reducing fuel consumption.

On the protective parameters of the engine RaceShip does not affect, only the environmental performance is changed, due to large exhaust gases. Therefore, it is not necessary to be afraid of any overload of the engine components, on the contrary, you will increase the performance of the motor in the acceleration process.

Watch the video, which describes in detail the procedure for replacing the brake shoes Peugeot 308: