In the line of the lada grants model will appear in the back

In the line of Lada Grants will appear a model in the back

The Lada Grants lineup will soon be replenished with a universal, while in the Lada Kalina series, cars with a similar body will not be produced anymore. In this context, we can safely say that station wagon grants will replace the Kalina wagon.

This change will occur in the autumn and winter of 2016, i.e. it was at this time that AVTOVAZ would remove one model from the conveyor lines and instead of it immediately begin to produce another. Kalina and Grant are created on the same platform, so there will be no particular difficulties in reorienting production.

In the line of Lada Grants will appear a model in the back

Experts see the reason for such a castling in that marketers of AVTOVAZ want to differentiate between these two essentially identical machines in the mind of the buyer, which differ mainly only in design. And, of course, significantly differing in their price lists. After all, many are worried about the question: why do two cars, which are brothers and which differ from each other mostly only externally, have such different price tags? After all, if, for example, sedan Lada Granta in the basic configuration - with a 87-powerful eight-valve "heart" and a five-speed manual transmission - will cost the buyer from 349 kilorubles, and the liftback is twenty more expensive, then the Kalina sedan with the same engine - from 422 thousand rubles, and the wagon - from 433 thousand. For what, citizens, we pay? In the line of Lada Grants will appear a model in the back After discontinuing wagon Kalina, will only be released Kalina in the back of a hatchback, and not at all for long - only until 2017. Further the model range of Kalina AVTOVAZ will not be produced at all. On the Kalinov platform, after a corresponding upgrade, the developers are planning to assemble a SUV, which will have a different brand name, which has not yet been officially approved or even announced. According to experts, the new crossover on the basis of Kalina, which has gone down in history, will be a class lower than the Lada Xray, the start of sales of which is scheduled for February 15. By the way Grant in the back of a station wagon will have a modified design, sustained in the tradition of the X-style.

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