Jeep will sell two “charged” versions of the grand cherokee

The American automaker Jeep intends to implement two “top” configurations of the Grand Cherokee crossover at the same time: the SRT and the variant called Trackhawk. This was announced by the head of Jeep Mike Manley.


According to him, he sees no reason to stop the production of the Grand Cherokee SRT due to the release of the Trackhawk, because it will be very different vehicles.

Manly also announced that the premiere of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which will receive a 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 compressor engine with a capacity of over 700 "horses", will be held in the middle of April next year at the New York Auto Show. Realizations of the model in the US market will begin in the fall, after which a new “charged” version of the crossover will appear in some other markets in Asia and the Middle East.

In turn, the head of the company did not provide any technical characteristics about the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Previously it was assumed that the acceleration of the novelty to 96 kilometers per hour will overcome in 3.5 seconds, and its maximum speed - 320 km / h.

Add that at the moment the most powerful version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee - SRT is equipped with a 6.4-liter power unit HEMI, with a capacity of 468 "horses." Up to one hundred kilometers per hour, an SUV accelerates in 5 seconds, and its maximum speed is 257 kilometers per hour. In the Russian Federation, the Grand Cherokee SRT is available at a price of 5.3 million rubles.

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