10 ways to open a frozen lock on the car

 It often happens that when you go out in the morning on the street, you discover that your car does not open. The reason for everything is the ingress of moisture into the keyhole with its further freezing at sub-zero temperatures. There are many ways to open a frozen castle. Let's look at the 10 easiest ways.

10 способов открыть замерзший замок на автомобиле  1. Open fire Take the car key and heat it with matches or a cigarette lighter. Insert the key into the lock while it is still hot and pull it back and forth. Perform the heating procedure several times. Be careful not to burn or break the key. 2 Liquid key. It can be purchased at auto chemical stores. Excellent defrost locks. 3 Alcohol или жидкости, которые содержат спирт (одеколон). Alcohol с легкостью растопит лед, ведь он активно выделяет тепло.

10 способов открыть замерзший замок на автомобиле 4. Bottle warmer with hot water or a small bag of hot salt or sand. five. Glass Washing Liquid (nezamerzayka), also easily break the ice in the keyhole. Put some liquid in the syringe and press it into the keyhole. 3-4 minutes and you can open the door. 6 Plain Cocktail Tube. Lean one end against the keyhole, and in the second blow warm air. Of course, with severe icing it will help the hard-faced, but with a slight freezing it helps a lot.

 If the car door is frozen (ice is formed on the rubber seal), and in order not to tear the seal, do not pull the door hard on yourself, but rather push it to break the ice.

7. WD – 40. This tool not only perfectly removes rust and helps with loosening the nuts, but also comes down when defrosting locks. But it must be remembered that WD - 40, a substance is hygroscopic, so it will certainly help, but it can begin to absorb moisture, and the next time you open the door, it can aggravate the situation.

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10 способов открыть замерзший замок на автомобиле8. Silicone Grease. It helps only in cases when opening a door is not hampered by a frozen lock, but by a frozen sealing gum. Traffic fumes, also a great way to defrost the castle. But there is one "BUT", you must have on hand a hose of the desired length and diameter. The effect is the same as the cocktail tube.

10 способов открыть замерзший замок на автомобиле10. Warm garage. If none of the above helps, then only one thing remains, tow the car into the warm garage and let the doors unlock.

 Remember, do not pour boiling water into the keyhole. In this way, you can fill the wiring of the car or exacerbate the situation more. When boiling water overheats, you open the car, but after 15 - 20 minutes in the cold, the lock will freeze even more.