Published photos of the new generation serial shniva

Опубликованы фото новопоколенной серийной Шнивы On the Internet, images of scanned patents on the appearance and body structure of the second generation Chevrolet Niva appeared. These pictures excited fans of Shnivy, who regarded the fact of the publication of these photos, as proof of the imminent launch of the long-awaited model for their production. However, it is not. About mass production second generation shnivy no one can officially say anything. The topic is very vague. Images published on the Internet portal It turns out that applications for participation in the competition of projects design of new generation shnivy filed last summer, and approved them in December of the same year. In the text of the documents themselves that ever in the foreseeable future the serial production of the car is planned, not a single word is said. Of course, you can dream. But from these locations second generation Chevrolet Niva will not get any closer. Опубликованы фото новопоколенной серийной Шнивы Chevrolet Levels It was officially presented at last year's Moscow Motor Show, more precisely, its prototype. The concept car received a huge amount of positive evaluations, then they planned to start assembly in 2015, and under this production they even began to build a new Togliatti automobile plant. But the construction was not completed, the work was stopped, and the investor in the person of the automaker General Motors left the car market in general. In short, the car project codenamed "Level 2", froze. Then it became known that GM-Avtovaz is not going to abandon the project and will still try to launch  serial production shniv. That is why he began an active search for investors and lenders. After all, the Americans from GM who left our market refused to invest at least a cent in the further development of the project. Опубликованы фото новопоколенной серийной Шнивы At a meeting with the Samara leadership this summer, confidence was expressed in the early start of production. But then there were room shifters and the person from whose mouth this confidence was expressed left his chair. And with the advent of the new head Fate Shnivy became even more foggy than before. As people close to the topic say, the project is still in the freezing stage.

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Old-generation Shniva is available for purchase, and its price tag starts at half a million rubles. Under the hood, she has a 1.7-liter gasoline engine for eighty horsepower, which is paired with a manual gearbox. Is there some more special version of shnivyreferred to as the winter edition.