Rating of the best minibuses from japan


The Japanese market is replete with all kinds of automotive innovations. But there is a certain category of buyers who are interested in minibuses. This machine is not only for commerce, but also for personal use, transportation of a large family.

best minibus rating

Review of the best minibuses

Японские автомобили привлекают своим качеством, комфортом и относительной доступностью. В России официально продаётся не так много микроавтобусов, но достойные варианты можно найти на вторичном рынке или пригнать непосредственно из страны производства.Читать далее о рейтинге лучших японских микроавтобусов-->

We tried to collect the best Japanese minibuses that can be the best choice for domestic consumers. Our rating was based on the main criteria for choosing cars, such as comfort, build quality, capacity, reliability and technical characteristics.

Lead Candidates

In the presented top entered 9 best Japanese minibuses, according to experts and ordinary consumers.

The manufacturers of these cars are the following Japanese companies:

  • Nissan;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Toyota;

These are automakers who do not need to be introduced, since they are widespread in Russia. At the same time there are a number of minibuses, which you know not so much. But they are worthy representatives of their segment, and therefore are included in the list of the best Japanese minibuses and constitute worthy competition to European and American brands.

Now, in order to choose and purchase a good minibus straight from Japan, we offer to meet each candidate separately.


minivan nissan primastar

Right-hand drive minibus from Nissan

This is a Japanese minibus from the company Nissan. The car is right-hand drive, and its co-platform is a French minibus, known to the Russian public, the second generation Renault Trafic.

Primaster began its existence in 2001, and the latest generation dates back to 2010. Since then, Nissan has conducted a series of upgrades to meet the modern requirements of the car. In a short time, a generation change is possible.

The car is designed for 9 seats and offers an impressive amount of luggage, even with the full load of the passenger cabin.

In terms of equipment, the minibus is not exemplary and is not replete with current multimedia systems or newfangled multiple electronic assistants. But for its segment Primastar looks decent and attractive.

The engines are quite economical, but not very powerful. The choice offered turbo diesel two-liter engine with 90 and 115 horsepower, as well as the two-liter gasoline engine with 118 horsepower. The maximum speed of such a minibus is 170 kilometers per hour.

Delica D5

minivan delica d5

The minibus Delica D5 with 9 seats

An interesting car from Japan from the company Mitsubishi. Initially, the model was produced as a truck, but it was in 1968. When the car received recognition, the company immediately released a minibus with 9 seats.

The car is positioned as a reliable, strong, durable and roomy minibus that allows you to overcome the roads of even the lowest quality. If you think that Japan has exemplary roads, then you are mistaken. So the Japanese know under what quality of coating you need to make cars.

Now a new generation offers modern equipment, a number of interesting options and all the same comfortable and roomy interior. Particularly pleased with the technical equipment. They put an engine close to those on the Outlander on a minibus. This is 2.4 liters volume with 170 horsepower. With a minibus weight of 1.8 tons, the engine provides excellent dynamics and efficiency.

Many people who know this sense, authoritatively declare that this is the best Japanese minibus.


minibus nissan caravan

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru Minibus from Nissan, with 8 seats, not counting the driver

The model from the company Nissan, which offers 8 seats, not counting the driver. During its history, the minibus went through 5 generations, the last of which has a body length of almost 4.7 meters.

The car is equipped with rear-wheel drive, and under the hood can be diesel and turbo diesel power units. Power options from 105 to 147 horsepower, which is enough for the transport of passengers and luggage with them.

Caravan has a wide range of analogs, including Como from Isuzu, Fuso Canter Van manufactured by Mitsubishi. These are the full-fledged analogues of a minibus, having the same technical characteristics, but a modified appearance.

Caravan is very common in Asia, but also found in Russia. On the secondary market, there is a fairly large selection that allows you to purchase this Japanese car.

Fuso Canter Van

Fuso Canter Tourista

Micro Bus from Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Tourista

Great car with good performance and attractive appearance.

Although the beads are positioned as an analogue of the Caravan model, its attitude towards the Mitsubishi company, its great demand and decent parameters make it a deserved individual representative of our top.

Caravan Elgrand

nissan elgrand сaravan

Minibus Nissan Elgrand

Another minibus from the company Nissan. But if you think that Elgrand is just a modification of the usual Caravan, then you are greatly mistaken.

The similarity between the two cars is only in the name. In reality, the difference is big. This is a completely different appearance, causing even more delight from consumers than just Caravan. Although the exterior is always a controversial moment, and every car has its own critic or admirer.

Elgrand offers more powerful and volumetric engines. The range of power plants includes engines from 2.5 to 3.5 liters with a capacity of 170 to 280 horsepower. With them you will feel much more confident in the conditions of the route, although the flow through the city will be higher.

The drive can be rear and full, which allows you to choose the optimal modification option.

The car was created with an eye to the United States, Canada and Europe, because there are more powerful engines, a spacious interior, European design. In Russia, the car can be bought with the left and right wheels. The range on the secondary market is very rich, but there are also new minibuses, because production has not stopped until now.

Bongo Friendee

mazda bongo friendee

Minibus about Mazda Bongo

Minibus from the company Mazda. It has a very attractive appearance, although the majority of consumers (not counting Japan) praised the American variation of the machine. She created the company Ford and called Freda. In fact, this is a Mazda Bongo in a restyled performance, but is focused directly on the American audience.

Japanese minibus is designed for travel and long-distance travel, it is ideally designed for outdoor recreation, camping. All the inner space is transformed, allowing you to make a solid place to sleep, for example.

There is even a special equipment, which includes everything you need for a full stay in the car. These are components such as tiles, washstand, a tent on the roof, hood, etc.

Alas, the car is no longer produced, but in the secondary market of the USA and the UK, you can find many well-preserved used minibuses.


Minibus Toyota Hiace

Reliable, durable, durable Toyota Hiace minibus

Legendary machine not killed. The most interesting minibus from Toyota, which deserves not only entering our rating, but also leading it in many respects.

Reliable, durable, durable and perfectly adapted for frequent trips over long distances, the minibus is considered one of the best commercial vehicles in its segment.

The car has a high capacity, has a classic restrained design, well equipped in terms of technical characteristics. Also, the car is safe and quite economical. It is actively used for commercial purposes, but it can be a wonderful choice as a large family minibus.

Under the hood of the car is a 2.7-liter engine at 151 horsepower.


toyota regius microbus

Toyota Montreal существует с 1998 года

Модель от компании Toyota под названием Montreal существует с 1998 года. Автомобиль позволяет с комфортом разместить 8 человек и водителя, что делает его достаточно интересным и компактным микроавтобусом для семьи или коммерческих целей.

The machine is offered on the secondary market in a rich assortment, although it is better to take the versions of recent years. This spacious interior, a good level of active and passive safety, a great emphasis on driver comfort. They did not ignore the passengers in the company, providing them with excellent conditions for long journeys.

NV200 Combi

nissan NV200 сombi

Japanese minibus Nissan NV200 combi

The Japanese minibus manufactured by Nissan, which is notable for its restrained technical characteristics, but is pleased with its low fuel consumption.

A good choice for family and commercial purposes, as the car offers a spacious interior, excellent appearance, comfortable interior and high level of security.

The car produced in 2009, and now at its base have created a fully electric minibus.

In fact, there are a lot of Japanese minibuses, but few models enter the Russian market. If you have to make a choice in favor of the Japanese car of this class, you already have top worthy options.

Write in the comments your options for the best minibuses, discuss them together. Subscribe and stay with us. A lot of new, useful and interesting information is waiting for you.