Tuning volkswagen passat b3 looks attractive

In the case of each of the cars tuning is to improve the individual properties of the unit with the help of full or partial replacement or addition of elements of the basic configuration. We will understand how you can make a more attractive, modern and comfortable Volkswagen Passat B3.

External tuning Volkswagen Passat B3

tuning Volkswagen Passat B3

The main stage of the external tuning of the Volkswagen Passat B3 is to install an aerodynamic body kit in the form of spoilers, grids, linings, cilia, and more. All of them must be made of lightweight and durable materials: fiberglass, plastic, polyurethane.

The elements of tuning, which you can use for this car, can be attributed to the grille and stainless steel bumper with nickel plating, optics headlights "Angel Eyes", which is so loved by many motorists. Fog lights, window deflector from thermoformed plastic and plastic hood deflector, fender and much more. The set of items depends on what you want to see as a result and on the size of the budget.

And here it is worth finding out what those or other tuning elements are for.

Assignment of elements of external tuning

The front bumper of a Volkswagen Passat B3 is a frequent reason for contacting the tuning salon. Because of the low landing, it often breaks down on imperfect Russian roads, and this, in turn, causes overheating of the power unit and its breakdown. Repair in this case, you can completely replace the car tuning skirt, which will cost less to replace the broken bumper and provide ground clearance above ten centimeters.

The skirt will allow you to organically place the fog lamps of a large size and the original trim of the front grille on the hood.

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tuning Volkswagen Passat B3 photo

Alternative front and rear optics, you can install in regular places Volkswagen Passat B3. By the way, tuning optics is supplied now in a set of SS with load ballasts, which are needed in order to prevent malfunctions in the operation of a computer on board the machine.

The hood deflector is necessary in order to protect the front edge of the hood from mechanical damage with small stones, moisture and aggressive biochemical solutions. Plus, it can create an aerodynamic flow, which will reduce the level of pollution of the windshield.

tuning salon Volkswagen Passat B3

With the help of window deflectors, you can give the car a finished look. They create natural ventilation, protect passengers from rain or direct sunlight, prevent the ingress of small solid particles from the road into the cabin.

Aerodynamic thresholds can give the car more maneuverability. The rear wing will increase the pressing force of the car to the roadway, thanks to it you can safely accelerate the car without the risk of flying into a ditch. Naturally, this tuning Volkswagen Passat B3 (photo in confirmation) can be called justified and even necessary.

tuning salon Volkswagen Passat B3

Sports suspension modification will allow you to increase the indicator of stability, as well as reduce body roll at the moment when you make maneuvers. A screw suspension will give you the opportunity to change the ground clearance of the car, taking into account certain road conditions.

Tuning of salon Volkswagen Passat B3

tuning Volkswagen Passat B3 photo

Everything is simple here. Since the Volkswagen Passat B3 is almost perfect car. It is worth changing something in it in the event that everything is already very tired. Then you can change the dashboard, for example, make it more sporty, change the skin, install new seats, steering wheel, put other rugs. Naturally, you can install a new audio system, DVR, displays, and much more, which depends only on your imagination. In more detail, you can read about tuning VAZ 2109, there is a lot that had to be changed.

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Finishing touches

tuning Volkswagen Passat B3

And do not forget that the new color is also able to change the appearance of the car beyond recognition. You can choose a different color, make the car matte, airbrush it to your liking. Finally, to give your imagination food, you can watch the videos that we have selected for you and which clearly demonstrate the stages of tuning the Volkswagen Passat B3.