How to find out the owner by car number

All kinds of databases allow almost anyone who wants to punch a car by car number at any time. This operation is often necessary both for solving private issues, including pre-sale monitoring of a car, and for investigating an accident if one of the participants or a witness left the scene. In such cases, it is important to act as carefully and quickly as possible.


  • 1 Often implemented methods
  • 2 What is the state number
  • 3 Visual perception
  • 4 Appeal to law enforcement agencies
  • 5 Remote Search

Often implemented methods

When it is possible to check the car by state number, the applicant can get a lot of useful additional information regarding the owner. Most of the methods are legal types of inspections, so law-abiding citizens can use them without fear. In this case, it is not necessary to go on violations of the law for data retrieval by workarounds.

how to break a car by car number

The choice of an acceptable method remains with the applicant. You can use the following sources:

  • legal appeal to law enforcement agencies with the rationale for finding a car owner;
  • the purchase of disks on which there are lists of vehicle owners, as well as additional data are indicated;
  • enabling virtual services that legally provide information based on open sources;
  • Word of mouth also in some cases turns out to be a good helper;
  • Also, photos of the car by number can be provided by private entities that provide detective or detective agency services.

In each case, there are advantages and disadvantages; therefore, the choice of the optimal way to solve the problem remains with the final recipient of information.

What is the state number

Before you know the owner by car number, you should know what this designation is. The standard state number includes numbers and letters in a certain sequence. They are applied to metal or plastic panels in established sizes and formats that are mounted in front and behind the vehicle.

You need to know that in certain cases it is allowed to install the number in paper form in the cabin in the lower part of the windshield and behind the glass as well.

The presence of such an alphanumeric identifier is mandatory for all vehicles, which include without exception:

  • passenger transport;
  • trucks;
  • motorcycles and mopeds;
  • quad bikes;
  • trailers;
  • buses.

The main purpose of the use of personalization in this way is the accounting of vehicles. It helps in monitoring the technical condition of the vehicle, determining for involvement in the accident and the identification of offenders, as well as the car's belonging to a certain administrative region.

how to find out the owner by car number

Detailed information on the current status of the vehicle is relevant during the transactions of sale and purchase of cars to find out the real history of the car or motorcycle. To find a car by car number is worth it in order to check it for theft or the possibility of further registration actions. Vigilance allows you to protect your own funds from fraudulent actions of dishonest people.

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Visual perception

A single sample number for all cars of the Russian Federation was introduced in 1993. It includes three alphabetic characters and three numbers. Read everything from left to right:

  • the first letter is a series;
  • the next three digits are assigned by the traffic police and constitute a registration number;
  • The final pair of letters also applies to the series.

In the additional right field there is a mark that identifies the vehicle belonging to a specific region (a two- or three-digit code is indicated), an image of the Russian tricolor is indicated to demonstrate belonging to a country. Difficulties with decoding does not have the majority of users.

The reason why it is necessary to pierce a car number may be the following situations:

  • whether the seizure was imposed on movable property;
  • identification of the real mileage of the vehicle, which is periodically fixed by indirect signs
  • determining the number of previous owners and some of their data;
  • it is important to check whether the car is included in the list of collateral;
  • whether the iron horse was used as a taxi at any time by one of the owners.

To conclude a good deal without a thorough preliminary check is unlikely anyone will succeed. Perform the operation will help one of the proven Internet resources, information in which is updated on a regular basis. Legal cleanliness is also monitored through similar online services. In advanced variants of the request, you can get more data, but for additional facts have to pay.

Appeal to law enforcement agencies

Traditionally, it will be possible to get information legally by contacting the traffic police, as it will be possible to penetrate a car by the state number there not only promptly, but also in compliance with all legal formalities. Law enforcement agencies have access to a database where a particular vehicle owner is listed.

It is only important to provide objective reasons for which the inspector can make a positive decision to issue confidential information. For the disclosure of personal data from the police officer must be weighty arguments. An example would be the charge of an offense, after which the inspector is obliged not only to identify the culprit, but also to launch the procedure of his search and detention.

How to act:

  • Contact the nearest traffic police office in the city. We write a statement, which indicates the reasons why information is needed about the car owner of a particular car by license plate
  • After a certain time, the traffic police officer will provide information about the person, including the address, telephone number and, possibly, passport information.
  • If the request is carried out remotely, for example, by telephone from the accident scene, then it is impossible to leave this zone before the arrival of an authorized inspector.
  • It is advisable to take data about the witnesses of the incident.
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In addition to searching through all the letters and numbers of a number, you can search by individual fragments of a number, knowing only a part of it. In this case, a list of cars that fall under the specified description. It will need to select the necessary transport on other indirect grounds.

You need to know that in the bases of traffic police are detailed information about the owners of cars.

It will also be possible to find out the phone number by car number, if it is a natural or legal person. The information sheet indicates the address and other information about people and enterprises.

Law enforcers themselves are interested in promptly detaining offenders; therefore, if they are identified, they send search queries without delay. If the applicant does not provide a serious rationale for the search, then he may be left without a result. In this case, you will have to look for other methods to resolve the issue.

Remote search

It’s not always possible to quickly find an owner by car number free online, as information about owners needs to be updated. Even after a couple of years there are significant adjustments in the lists of car owners. At the same time, keeping the relevance costs considerable financial costs.

It is preferable to use paid services, because for a small cost of 2-3 hundreds of rubles they can save thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands of rubles. Careful monitoring of all registries can take from several minutes to several tens of minutes. Results usually come to the user's email.

One of the most popular and sought-after resources is the Autocode portal. It is available around the clock without weekends and breaks. The algorithm of working with it is not difficult:

  • state number is entered in the specified resource string;
  • after reviewing the terms of use, the applicant clicks the button, agreeing to the rules;
  • after a short period of time, a letter arrives at the specified details with the results of the query.

The widespread development of mobile gadgets allows you to receive information Pramo on the user's smartphone or phone. To do this, you need to download the appropriate application in the store for your operating system Iphone or Android. Directly in the window of the program indicate the number and wait for an answer.

Messengers spread their chat bots. In Telegram, this is @AntiParkonBot. In 80% of cases, it shows the correct data, but due to infrequent updates it may be wrong.