How to correctly and correctly choose a car alarm


Nowadays, it is extremely dangerous to leave the car unattended. Previously, a person could safely close the car with a key and go about his business. Some even left the car unlocked, without fear for the safety of their vehicle. But now everything is different. To protect your movable property, you must install special security systems. And in most cases, the usual signaling, which simply makes a sound when unauthorized opening, is indispensable. Modern manufacturers offer increasingly new and sophisticated security systems for cars. And thieves and scammers come up with workarounds for them. Therefore, it is very important for car owners to know how to choose an alarm system for a car that will be able to fully satisfy their needs and guarantee the safety of four-wheeled property.

How to choose a car alarm

Features of the choice of alarm for the car.

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Types of security systems

Alarms or car security systems are divided into several types. This is the first thing you need to begin the process of choosing the right equipment for the machine. First, the car owner should figure out what are the alarms, how they differ from each other and what you should expect from them. This will directly affect the choice of car alarms. All of them are divided into:

  • unilateral;
  • feedback systems;
  • satellite (equipped with GSM module).

We will tell about each type separately.

One sided

If you are thinking about which of the alarms to choose for a car, then it is hardly worth starting from one-sided models. Experienced motorists and experts will certainly discourage you from the idea of ​​acquiring such a system. This results from the fact that unilateral automobile alarm systems (EXPERT) have morally become outdated. They are the least profitable and are not in demand among motorists. Such speakers do not have an alert channel that would allow the car owner to quickly find out about attempts to steal or hack his vehicle. The alert is valid within a radius of no more than 200 meters, since only in such conditions is there a chance to hear the signal. One-way systems use light and sound warning methods. Therefore, in practice, such speakers should be chosen only in 2 situations:

  1. The machine does not represent special value for you, because for its safety, you are not too worried. That is, you install the system only to get the remote control for remote opening and closing of the car.
  2. You have a minimum budget that does not allow you to count on more expensive and reliable security systems.

If you want to protect the car, it is better not to take one-way alarms. They are easily opened and cracked. Real protection is low.

With feedback

The AU, which is equipped with a feedback system, is considered to be more reliable and efficient. This is a two way alarm. Their console is usually equipped with an LCD display on the key fob. It also provides for the use of sound and light methods of warning about the threat to your car. But the main feature is that the system transmits all relevant information to the console screen. That is, you can monitor the car in real time and follow what is happening to it. Such speakers have a range of about 4 kilometers. In addition to the standard equipment, the two-way signaling signals are additionally equipped with sensors that indicate a change in the angle of inclination of the machine, volume, and other features that help protect the vehicle.

When choosing a car alarm system with feedback, pay attention to the coding method used. It can be dynamic or conversational. The dialogue encoding uses a standard algorithm, with the result that experienced and professional hijackers can write this code. Dynamic encoding is more reliable because it regularly changes code. Because of this, the probability of hacking a car with such protection is much lower. Additionally, GSM modules are often installed in feedback systems. They have no limit on the radius of action, and all information is transmitted to the motorist's mobile phone. A barrier to obtaining information can only be a bad signal level from a cellular operator.

An example of signaling with feedback


If you are thinking about what kind of signaling is better to choose for your car, while not limited to the budget and wanting to get maximum protection, then the satellite speaker will be the undisputed favorite. These are the most modern and high-tech security complexes. Its main advantage lies in an unlimited radius of action. It works wherever there is a satellite signal. It is quite difficult to find areas not covered by a satellite. Based on information from the satellite, the car owner will always be able to quickly and accurately determine the place where the car is located, in which direction it moves in case of theft and where to look for it. In this case, satellite speakers are better to choose with the GSM module installed. This will allow receiving a signal from the cellular operator in those places where the satellite is not operating. This mainly applies to underground parking and closed parking.

Satellite alarm

A set of features for reliable protection

Regarding the list of functions that must be present in the car alarm, there is a lot of controversy. Some believe that in rich functionality there is no point, because in reality only a standard set of features is responsible for security. Others believe that the more features the better. There is more truth on the side of the second. This is due to the modern equipment of fraudsters, who without problems bypass the standard protective systems. To prevent their criminal activity, you need to look for more serious and reliable measures of protection. And in this situation, the full functionality of the AU is indispensable. The right choice of car alarm implies a competent approach to the functions with which it is equipped. You won't scare anyone with a basic signaling, and you won't scare off potential hijackers or thieves. In the current realities need comprehensive protection. Therefore, experts advise to choose car alarms that include the following functions and characteristics:

    1. Required feedback. So you will promptly receive information about what is happening with your car. This will allow time to respond to an attempt of hacking or theft, to call the police or to frighten off thieves in another way, if you need to act quickly.
    2. Engine blocking system. Even if the car can be opened, the hijacker will not be able to start the engine using this function. Bypassing such protection is not easy without experience and special equipment.
    3. Radius of action. It is recommended that the alarm system can transmit information within a radius of at least 2 kilometers. Usually the machines are set at about this limit.
    4. Only modular type. If to use monoblock systems, with their neutralization problems will not arise. They are mounted only in one point of the car. Having found this unit, the fraudster will just have to open the car and leave, or pick up the property. In modular signaling, everything is distributed all over the car, so there are much more problems with their opening and hacking.
  1. Phased unlocking and opening of side doors. It is better to choose those alarms that first open the driver's door, and then give access to all the others.
  2. Reaction to the discovery. Some security systems only respond when an attacker tries to open the door. But a good and reliable alarm system must necessarily include the inclusion of an alarm when trying to open all the doors, the luggage compartment and the hood.
  3. Autostart This is a feature to increase driver comfort. Such a system starts the engine remotely and warms it up while you are just about to leave the house. A good additional element, but does not take any part in the protection or protection against theft.

The presence of additional functionality select, based on your own preferences. But this list is considered the basis for ensuring reliable and effective protection of your movable four-wheeled property.

Important recommendations

It happens that after buying an alarm and after some time using it, the car owner is disappointed in his choice. In practice, choosing a really suitable speaker is not so easy. With the current variety of proposals, you need to try to correctly prioritize. Therefore, experienced professionals and experienced motorists agree that you need to adhere to several of the most important recommendations:

  • choose speakers depending on the budget;
  • focus on security functionality;
  • Do not forget about comfort.

There are a lot of conflicting information about car alarms. Opinions of car owners differ, because about the same security complex, you can meet a lot of positive and the same number of negative reviews. To help you make the right choice, we will analyze each of the presented tips in more detail.


To begin with, answer yourself the question of how much money you can really spend on providing car protection and protection. Think about why you buy an alarm at all.

  1. The most budget equipment. This is the AU, which will be able to protect the car, standing under the windows of your home. She is able to counteract the local youth, various violent people who, especially for the purpose of entertaining or receiving a portion of adrenaline, will want to hit the car, break the glass and pull out the bag lying in the back seat. Basically, its action is calculated on the fact that the siren has triggered a person. For such a system will have to pay 3 - 5 thousand rubles.
  2. Medium-sized equipment with sufficiently reliable equipment that protects against non-professional criminals. That is, from those who do not have special equipment, can not read codes, and so on. Such a system costs from 7 to 12 thousand rubles.
  3. Effective security and protection in combination with the use of mechanical anti-theft tools, radio beacons, GPS and GSM modules with the possibility of expanding functions. The minimum grade costs 17 thousand rubles. But the plus is that you can gradually increase the number of functions.
  4. Unique and highly efficient car alarms designed to ensure the protection of the most expensive and valuable cars. Have the richest list of functions. Hacking is almost impossible. But their price is from 2% of the cost of the car itself.

In addition to the purchase of the security complex on the car, you have to spend money on its installation. Specialized centers provide guarantees and do much better work than ordinary garages. But the cost of the latter services is noticeably lower.

Security features

When you have defined your allowable budget and are aware of the technical capabilities you need, you need to make a specific approach to the choice of equipment. There are several options focused on protection against fraudsters and intruders of different levels of professionalism:

  • radio coding and one-way communication dynamic coding functions are enough to resist petty crooks and local bullies
  • To counteract burglars of codes, to protect the machine from possible theft and robbery, you should choose speakers with interactive coding and two-way communication.

Focus on the range of radio signals. To provide information to the car owner, the usual sounders are triggered at a distance of 2 kilometers. To control the alarm system remotely, the manufacturer offers systems with a range of up to 800 meters. But if you have a satellite system, or there is a GSM module, the range is no longer relevant. AU will work wherever there is coverage. Also look for speakers to be equipped with the largest possible number of radio channels. They can be up to 512 units. This significantly reduces the likelihood of interference with data transmission and reception. So many radio channels relevant to those who live in large cities and cities.


No matter how versatile the alarm, none of them provide a 100% guarantee of protection. Because it is always important to remember about the presence of risks of theft, hacking or theft. In this regard, do not forget about your own comfort. There are several systems that help the driver and simplify his life:

  1. Autostart Allows you to remotely start the engine to warm up at idle. You can start the engine without leaving home. At the same time, there are various settings functions, that is, start-up is carried out by timer, by pressing a button, depending on the temperature of the air, the engine or the cabin, as well as as the battery discharges. Autorun system Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  2. System search machine. This is true not only in the case of theft. If you parked in a huge parking lot and you cannot find your car, this function will allow you to quickly find a car.
  3. Telematics. This is a functionality aimed at controlling the AU using a smartphone. You can give different commands and get information about the current state or position of the vehicle. Plus provides the ability to track the car when it is stolen.
  4. Turbo timer When the engine is turned off, it continues to function for a while with the help of a turbo timer. This option is useful for those who have a turbocharged engine under the hood.
  5. System of intellectual inclusion of the security mode.
  6. Separate opening and closing doors.
  7. Automatic shutdown of the power consuming equipment in the car.
  8. Automatic closing of all windows. It helps those who sometimes forget to stop the glass on the doors after stopping. Rescues in parking lots, where rogues often pull personal belongings out of the car through the open windows. Automatic closing of all windows

These are all useful and really important tips. They should not be ignored, because every little thing in the choice of alarm plays a role.

Manufacturer selection

Quite often, car owners approach the choice of car alarms quite simply, focusing solely on manufacturers. If you turn to proven and well-established brands, there is nothing wrong with that. The market has formed its own group of leaders, where each company is ready to offer a wide range of different alarms for every taste and budget. Thinking about how to choose a car alarm, you should look at the products of the following companies. It is they who now lead the majority of ratings and can offer really high-quality, efficient and reliable car alarms:

  1. Starline. The most common company in Russia, which has managed to establish itself from the best side. Its main advantage consumers call excellent value for money. The manufacturer regularly expands its range, offers newer, more modern and improved security systems for cars. Starline
  2. Pandora. The brand that produces car alarms with feedback and a wide range of all kinds of additional equipment. The simplest models cost from 3 thousand rubles, and top-end designs will cost 30-40 thousand. They have a high level of reliability. Good protection for cars of any class and price segment. For each car there is a decent version of the car alarm. Pandora
  3. Sheriff. The products of this company belong to the middle class car alarms. Offers a multi-level protection system, autorun function and a number of additional features. The company regularly improves products, offers new solutions, while maintaining its principle of an adequate price-quality ratio. For luxury luxury cars may not be the best option, but for all other machines Sheriff is ready to offer excellent alarm systems. Sheriff
  4. Shear Khan. A relative newcomer to the Russian market who has proposed an innovative and very effective solution. These signaling systems use built-in cryptographic encryption algorithms. With their help, the safety of the car and its protection against hacking with the help of decoding are significantly increased. But innovation has affected the cost. Car alarms with such equipment cost at least 9 thousand rubles. But the price is fully justified. Systems with crypto-resistant algorithms are recommended to be installed on premium-class machines that need the most reliable protection against possible theft. Shear Khan
  5. Tomahawk Multifunctional security systems for cars, which are characterized by a rich set of options and features. There is a possibility to choose a large number of security modes. These alarms control access to the doors, hood and trunk. In this case, the cost is very attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. The price for a well-equipped car alarm ranges from 4 thousand rubles. Tomahawk

When you have finally made your choice and made such an important purchase, you should not relax. High-quality car alarm will be able to fully demonstrate their capabilities only if it is installed correctly. After all, when buying the most expensive complexes, it is enough not to put it in a car, and this will lead to a complete loss of all functionality. Therefore, the installation should be trusted only to professionals. You should not contact the dubious workshops. Currently, there is a potential risk in the installation and maintenance of car alarms on questionable services. Some craftsmen specially mount the system incorrectly, or leave vulnerabilities in order to facilitate access to the car hijackers, with whom the auto service has an agreement. And this is not fiction, but real practice.