The right choice of the best tires for an suv


The universal car for off-road driving is considered to be an SUV. This type of car has its own characteristics and design features in order to cover distances along an uneven, blurred and bumpy road. Maneuverability, grip and cross-country jeep depend, among other things, on what kind of tires for SUVs are installed on it.

It is worth noting that the crossover or SUV was initially popular because of its capacity, and now the presence of such a large car also emphasizes the status of its owner. For city driving invented improved jeeps, significantly different from those that are designed for off-road. Depending on what kind of tires is on the car, you can predict how an SUV will behave in difficult road conditions outside the city or within its boundaries on an asphalt road. To choose the right tires so that the ride is safe and comfortable, you can, if you first get acquainted with some of the rules.

SUV tires

It is very important to choose the right tires for an SUV.

How to choose tires for the SUV type of rubber

Off-road off-road vehicles are different from city jeeps by design, operating conditions are also different, which means that the tires for both types of cars are also different. In this regard, the types of rubber are usually divided into:

  • extreme;
  • road (road);
  • HP (High Performance);
  • universal;
  • mud.

Читать далее о правилах выбора шин для внедорожника-->Категорически не подходят для асфальтированного покрытия экстремальные шины, но при этом они будут идеальным вариантом для внедорожного туризма и соревнований. Резина отличается жестким составом, имеет протектор тракторного типа и диагональную конструкцию.

Off-Road SUV Tires

Extreme tires

The name of road (rubber) rubber speaks for itself. This type of tire for SUVs has a good grip when driving on asphalt roads and on a dirt road. A car on such rubber can reach a sufficiently large speed, and the noise level will be extremely small. Off-road tires with a classic tread pattern are "contraindicated."

SUV tires HT


HP tires are premium and are great for driving a car on a hard road surface, which is significantly different in quality from asphalt due to the use of road mixes and stone materials. This rubber has an asymmetric tread pattern.

HP SUV Tires

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In light off-road conditions, you can drive a car that has universal tires installed that are suitable for cars of any class. Externally, the tread pattern looks like a large cutting of checkers with wide deep grooves. A car on which such tires are installed is capable of covering distances along highways, rough terrain and steppe expanses.

Rubber for AT SUV


Mud шины по сравнению с другими предназначены исключительно для бездорожья. Их особенность заключается в наличии защиты боковин от порезов, а рисунок протектора выполнен в виде широких канавок расположенных диагонально. Благодаря грунтозацепам резина быстро достигает твердого основания, скрытого под слоем грязи и песка, что помогает преодолеть сложную размытую дорогу.

Tires for SUV MT


Features of the choice of tires for SUVs

The car owner must understand one important detail: tires must be chosen, taking as a basis the season and weather conditions. In order to make it easier to navigate when buying, marking is applied to the product. One of them should pay special attention. The designation “M + S” stands for Mud and Snow, and is translated as “dirt” and “snow”, respectively. In the conditions of the Russian climate, this rubber usually refers to the summer type, or, in extreme cases, it is used in the winter in the southern regions of the country.

For the main part of the country and in the northern regions for off-road vehicles for the winter period, special tires are needed, the marking of which is made in the form of an asterisk. The difference between summer and winter tires is not only in the tread pattern, as many drivers believe, but also as a material. If, for example, a school eraser is placed in the cold for several hours, it will harden and lose elasticity. When you try to bend it, it can easily break, but if it lies in the heat and warms up, it will again acquire its elasticity. The same with tires: improperly selected rubber under the influence of temperature can change its properties and do more harm than good.

Often, car owners prefer to use all-season tires for SUVs. The best solution for the installation of such rubber can hardly be called, since they have their own characteristics. Any all-season tire has qualities to a greater extent either summer or winter tires, and it also wears out quickly. This type of rubber is suitable for status cars, which are least moving around the city, or in regions where a small amount of snow falls, there is no freezing and relatively good roads.

Studded tires also need to buy based on the conditions in which the SUV will be operated. When driving on ice, the spikes will provide a stable course, and the stopping distance will be shorter. In the summer, it will be much more difficult to slow down, and at the start slippage is possible. Studded tires are purchased exclusively at the request of the car owner.

Stud tires

Studded tires

It is better to buy tires in specialized stores, and for beginners who are faced with the problem of choosing tires for an SUV for the first time, it is better to consult a specialist before buying. Otherwise, the lack of technical knowledge and the wrong choice can lead to a waste of money.

Sometimes the car owner is forced to search for cheaper tires, and then you can try to choose options from used tires. In this case, you must carefully inspect the product, and if there is such a defect as a hernia, as well as tire wear will be uneven and the rubber itself will be older than 5 years, and even with traces of sealant, then it is definitely not recommended.

Features of the choice of winter tires

Many drivers prefer not to be puzzled by the "pereobuvka" SUV, and in winter they continue to ride on summer tires. On the one hand it is, of course, convenient and even to some extent economical, but summer tires are still softer and do not provide adequate safety while driving in the winter. All-season tires have a much lower quality, even summer and winter and should be used at temperatures not lower than 5 degrees below zero.

All season покрышки для внедорожника

All season

To choose winter tires is not so easy. To do this, you need to take into account some of the nuances, for example, the average winter temperature in the region. Considering climate diversity, it may differ in neighboring regions. Change tires only on one wheel can not change all four tires, and all must have the same tread pattern and the same level of wear.

Each driver chooses tires according to their driving level. If the driver behaves calmly enough on the road, then classical rubber with an asymmetric tread pattern will suit him. The car can be "pereobuvat" only tires of one brand of a particular manufacturer. The use of rubber of different models can lead to a drift.

In general, properly selected winter tires significantly improves driving and patency, braking and turning will be smooth. When buying winter tires you need to pay attention to the tread pattern, which is characterized by unevenness. The grooves should be slit-shaped, the tire carcass should be reinforced and the raw materials should be of the highest quality.


Every car owner who is faced with the need to buy new tires for an SUV must first decide in which area the car will be used. This will be the first step in the selection, which turns out the type of rubber. It is imperative to take into account weather conditions and climatic features, this largely determines the quality of the control of the jeep, the braking process, as well as fuel consumption.

You should always remember that summer tires have a less tread pattern and are much softer than winter tires, which means that the car must be “pereobut” into suitable tires, corresponding to the season. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose winter tires, as in cold time the likelihood of skidding and long braking can be especially dangerous. At its discretion, a motorist can use studded tires: in the winter, with its help, the stopping distance is noticeably reduced, and in the summer, on the contrary, it increases.

It is better to buy tires for SUVs only in specialized stores, and if there are difficulties with the choice, contact specialists. Rubber is purchased on all four wheels, it should be made by one company. Choose worthy options from the range of used tires. Used tire can still benefit the motorist, if she has no obvious defects, no traces of sealant and the period of use is less than five years. Choosing a tire for SUVs wisely will greatly increase the car’s handling, ensure safety and maneuverability.