Car test drive a new honda crv 2017

Автомобильный тест-драйв новой Хонда СРВ 2017 года

Small-sized crossovers are the most popular cars on the American car market. Popularity can be determined by the fact that they have a lot of advantages - this is both practicality, efficiency and capacity. People pay them great attention, because with their help you can solve many problems.

Honda CR-V

One of these cars is Honda CR-V. In 2016, he was the best-selling car among compact crossovers, and this year the company released an updated version of the car.

What's new in Honda NRW

In the new Honda CR-v, the internal space has increased, now more things and passengers can fit inside. The engine has become even more powerful and economical, under the hood of a car you can watch the latest 1.5 liter four-cylinder unit. Also, off-road driving will be even softer, the engineers have installed a new suspension and now this car has more than enough comfort. Since last year this crossover was the leader in sales, this year it is also predicted to be the leader in this segment.

New Honda SRV 2017

The very first thing that catches the eye of a new Honda SRV is its size. Who follows this product, you may notice that with each restyling of the presented car, its dimensions increase. The wheelbase in the new CR-V has grown by 4 centimeters compared to the previous model. The height of the car, increased by three and a half centimeters, and the length by three centimeters. This addition has pleased many motorists, as in the cabin cars now significantly increased the place.

New Honda CR-V

Dimensions Honda Wed in 2017, very beautifully disguised with sharp lines, highlighting them with fender and optics. In the eyes immediately throws horizontal chrome strip, the focus on it accentuate the LED headlights. Thanks to the decorative plastic insert, which the designers decided to equip powerful taillights, the headlights can now be seen very well outside the chapels. The only surprise caused by the so-called "turn signals", they decided to perform in the form of small strips arranged vertically, now in daylight they are almost invisible.

Headlights Honda SRV

Superior interior and interior

Salon, the designers decided to perform as convenient as possible, so for example, they placed a knob for volume control in addition to the built-in seven-inch monitor. Another new advantage was the addition of Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto to the Honda SRV media system. Saloon car made standard for models EX-L and Touring. A new deliberate decision is a two-tier shelf, located behind the 2nd row of seats, a reconfigurable center console and an electrically fifth door that is height adjustable.

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Honda NRV Interior

Salon Honda NRWSeats Honda SRV

The developers took care of passenger seats and therefore decided to increase legroom by 5 centimeters, now for people sitting behind the back of the driver, a full 102.6 cm is available. Rogue legroom for passengers does not exceed 94 centimeters. The trunk is now also increased. Compared with the previous car model, the luggage compartment with the seats folded, became more by 25.4 cm, in volume it is 2146 liters, in case the rear sofa is assembled, then the volume is 1110 liters. This indicator is on the same level with the main competitors in the compact crossover segment, although the Rogue has another row of seats, which makes this car a seven-seater.


Rack Honda CRV

All the most necessary controls and buttons in the new Honda NRW are accessible and clearly marked, the only exception is the dual sensors located on the digital panel, starting with the EX model. Instead of the usual classic solutions, the developers decided to make FLS and DTOZH in the form of small scales with backlight, which is not very convenient for reading this information.

The engine of the new Honda SRV 2017

In the model last year, the LX grade was equipped with a four-cylinder engine of 2.4 liters, which had a power of 184 horsepower with a torque of 244 Nm. In the new Honda Wed in 2017, Will stand the newest turbocharged 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 190 horsepower, which will later become the base for subsequent configurations. Despite the fact that the torque of the new engine is 1.3 Nm less than that of the Honda CR-V 2016, the ultimate thrust will be available from 2,000 rpm and will end with 5,000. According to estimates, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the new engine, will spend 8.4 liters of fuel for 100 km in the city, 6.9 liters on the highway, and 7.8 liters in mixed mode. If the new SRV has all-wheel drive, then it is worth adding about half a liter to the nominal indicators. These figures not only prevail over last year’s model, but also over major competitors such as: Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Nissan Rouge

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Engine Honda SRV

In normal operation of the car, the new four-cylinder engine seems alive and very active. And basically, this is due to the variator, which provides a smooth and fast start. Squeezing the gas pedal to the floor, you are unlikely to be able to hear any other sounds that can be an annoying factor for a person. What is impossible to say about some of the competitors of the new Honda, where transmissions often produce unpleasant sounds, in the form of buzzing. The variator works as an ordinary ACCP and regulates the operation of the motor in ordinary driving conditions. This can be considered not quite efficient in terms of fuel consumption, but given in terms of the driver’s psychology, this factor allows to avoid a large number of complaints from customers.

What security systems will show us NRW

Almost all Honda CPR 2017 will be equipped with the Honda Sensing package. This package contains such types of security systems as: protection against a possible collision, LDW, ACC, as well as a system that helps when driving along the occupied lane. Contrary to the system, LaneWatch, the designers decided to equip the car with the traditional version of the warning of interference, which is located in the so-called "blind zone". Now, if any interference appears on the starboard side, a flashing indicator will immediately start working on the side view mirror. But as soon as the systems find that the driver is not giving any signs of attention or is tired, an image with a cup of coffee will be displayed on the 7-inch digital panel. This warning reminds you to rest.

The only thing that saddens me a bit is that the systems described above will be included only in the EX package, the price for it starts from $ 27,595. In the configuration LX drivers can be content with only the rear view camera. The price of the Honda CR-V LX is $ 24,945.

All-wheel drive and Real Time AWD option

For the all-wheel drive system, we developed the Real Time AWD option, although for it you need to pay $ 1,300. With this option, up to 40% of the torque is directed to the rear wheels. Thanks to the sensors located on the touch panel, it is possible to track all the processes running in the system. The applied torque to the rear axle, due to all design changes, increased by 57%. Honda decided that people who purchased a new CR-V do not need to tweak the AWD and therefore the whole system works on a full automatic and knows when and which wheel requires additional traction. On a snowy or wet track, the Real Time AWD option can show itself in full force.

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The appearance of the Honda NRW

Comfort and control in the new Honda CR-V

As for the suspension, it is pretty well assembled. The car on various types of coatings is very docile, but it also has the utmost rigidity. Natural as well as well balanced is the steering. Compared to its main competitors, the Honda CR-V has an advantage in terms of handling and driving. For example, during a test drive Ford Escape, experts identified stiffness while driving, but it seemed to them a little sharper when rebuilding on the track. Toyota RAV4, compared with its rivals, seemed the most inanimate and uninformative.

Overview of the new Honda CR-V

At the Ford Escape, they install a turbocharged 1.5-liter unit, which the experts decided to compare with the Honda NRW engine. Certain differences in the work of the car Ford Escape can be attributed to its specific 6-speed automatic transmission. But even against this background, the CR-V engine is more powerful. Toyota RAV4 is equipped with an atmospheric four-cylinder engine, with a volume of 2.5 liters. In order to accelerate this car to the declared power, it is required to spin it strongly. Honda CR-V and Ford Escape dominate the RAV4, because they turned out to be the most high-torque at low revs, and fastest at high revs.

Motor Novoy Honda RCV


The car of this segment is not designed for driving at high speeds. Compact crossovers are mainly designed for couples. And if you evaluate the CR-V by practicality, then this is just the perfect option. If you want to Buy Honda SRVthen it's worth it! This car is distinguished by its efficiency, comfort, practicality. Given all these factors, it is safe to say that the new Honda will last in the leading positions for quite a long time.

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