Torque wrench for car: how to choose and how to use?

Today, a torque wrench is a very common tool that can be found in car repair shops and service stations, and in private garages. However, despite the fact that this item has been used for many years, many motorists do not even know how to use a torque wrench.

What is a torque wrench?


  • What is a torque wrench?
  • How to choose a torque wrench?
    • Selection of operating range
  • How to use a torque wrench?
    • Using snap torque wrenches
    • Using electronic torque wrenches
    • Using arrow torque wrenches
  • Prevention of torque wrenches

What is a torque wrench?

Torque wrenchиспользуется для закручивания резьбовых соединений с определенным моментом затяжки (силы, усилием). Единицей измерения усилия является ньютон на квадратный метр.

Such a tool is necessary due to the fact that in the data on the maintenance of automobiles and other complex devices, data is always provided on how hard it is to tighten certain connections. In the event that the force used is more or less than the recommended values, this can cause serious damage due to a broken thread or insufficiently tightened nuts and screws.

Accordingly, it is extremely important to be able to initially expose the necessary tightening force, it was for this purpose that the torque wrench was created.

As already mentioned, the main advantage of electronic keys is the ability to accurately adjust the force, up to a tenth, and sometimes one hundredth of Newton. This can be done, as with the buttons on the control panel with an LCD display, or by connecting the instrument to a computer using a special cable. A rather useful feature is the ability to save settings to presets, and simply switch them. This allows you to seriously save setup time.

In addition, electronic keys have functions for storing and printing out puff data as well as other information necessary for operation.

Using arrow torque wrenches

Since the switch keys do not have a force limiter, extreme care must be taken when using them. After all, if the forces applied by you are too great, then it is possible not only to break the thread, but also to damage the tool.

Torque wrench

While tightening with the arrow key, the arrow remains stationary, but the scale itself shifts, demonstrating the applied force.

Prevention of torque wrenches

As with any mechanical tool that requires high accuracy, a torque wrench must undergo preventive inspection and calibration from time to time. Ideally, the accuracy of torque wrenches should be checked every ten thousand applications, or once a year.