Jeep has published a video with the evolution of all company

The American manufacturer Jeep, which is the world's most famous off-roader manufacturer, recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. So, in honor of this, Jeep published a video showing the evolution of the company's vehicles over the entire period of its existence.

Willys MB

It is known that this year Jeep celebrates the anniversary of the release of the army off-road vehicle Willys MB, which has become the prototype for all new models of the auto concern.

The anniversary clip, which lasts 2 minutes, shows the entire range of automakers from Willys MA to the iconic Cherokee, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee of different generations.

Note that the father of the first Willys MB car is considered to be the American engineer Karl Probst. This car was designed in July 1940 by American Bantam, as part of a tender by the US Army. Willys MB became the most popular during the Second World War. It was supplied to the former USSR as part of the Lend-Lease and used as commander vehicles, as well as tractors of 45 mm anti-tank guns. In total, until the end of the war, about 52,000 off-road vehicles were delivered to the USSR.

Earlier, Jeep presented a prototype of the Wrangler in the style of the first Willys of 1941.