Koreans published teasers sevensome suv "ssangyong"

Koreans published teasers seven-seater Representatives of the Korean auto brand SsangYong have published the first teasers of a new seven-seater crossover, which is nothing more than an elongated version of the parquet SUV SsangYong Tivoli. The Koreans are going to officially demonstrate the crossover stretched to seven-seater size at the March Motor Show, which will take place in Geneva. This model will not be called there "Tivoli", but SsangYong XLV. It is interesting that the extension of the structure did not affect the distance between the axles at all. The wheelbase of the new product is exactly the same as that of a simple Tivoli and is two meters sixty centimeters. But the back of the body has increased by more than twenty centimeters, as a result, the novelty body length was 4 meters 43 centimeters. The enlarged crossover trunk now holds seven hundred and twenty liters of air. This is 297 liters more than the shorter five-seater “blood brother”. Koreans published teasers seven-seater Koreans have not yet published the detailed characteristics of the novelty. However, it is known that under the hood of the seven-seat "forty-fives" (XLV - forty-five with the language of Latin numbers) will be exactly the same engines that are installed under the hood of the five-seater Tivoli crossover. This is a 1.6-liter gasoline aspirated and the same amount of diesel. Both of them can be paired with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Seven-seater cross will be available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive "performance." Koreans published teasers seven-seater The first hint at the future Ssang Jong Tivoli became a concept car called XLV-Air. His Koreans demonstrated at the Frankfurt Motor Show in early autumn 2015. Koreans will start selling the seven-seater crossover closer to the fall of the current year, but only on the European car market. Koreans do not say anything about Russian sales, but most likely they simply will not. Our market today in terms of profitability is extremely doubtful.

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Quintuple Tivoli

By the way, the appearance in our dealerships usual five-seater SsangYong Tivoli Koreans planned six months ago. And they declared it quite officially. However, until now, this compact crossover has not yet reached our sellers.