Suzuki vitara crossover will start selling in august 2015

Кроссовер Vitara от Suzuki начнут продавать с августа 2015 Japanese SUZ Suzuki Vitara It is considered the most anticipated crossover of this summer in Russia, as evidenced by surveys of leading Internet publications on automotive topics. The price tags for the Japanese have already been announced, it remains to assess their capabilities, to make an estimate of the economic situation and in the first days of August, if everything grows together, go to an authorized dealership center. Cost of basic equipment Vitara White color (and white color is also “basic” in the Vitar line) starts at 900 thousand rubles. The most sophisticated version Suzuki Vitara in Russia will cost a million four hundred and five thousand rubles. If the white color doesn’t suit the customer, he can personalize the car to his colorist requests. The price of the question is from fifteen to twenty five thousand rubles: for this money, the car will be painted in any color and even in two colors chosen by the client. Suzuki Vitara of all possible will have under the hood only 120-horsepower gasoline version of the 1.6-liter engine. A pair of five-speed manual transmission or a six-band automatic will be fitted to it. Suzuki Vitara depending on the decision of the driver for a particular section of the path can switch from front-wheel drive to full. This technology has been successfully integrated into the vehicle control system. Кроссовер Vitara от Suzuki начнут продавать с августа 2015 The standard SUV has seven airbags, adjustable and heated side mirrors and front seats for the driver and passenger, a multifunctional steering wheel with audio control buttons equipped with a Blue Tooth and USB ports, a constant air conditioner, ABS, EBD, ESP and other systems that provide vehicle stability when driving.

The most advanced Vitara equipped with a panoramic roof with a double sliding hatch, parking sensors on the front and rear bumpers, cruise control and navigation, weather and illumination sensors, LED optics, including daytime running lights, keyless access and engine start at the touch of a button, automatically folding side mirrors, multimedia system with a seven-inch touchscreen, in addition, three-zone climate control and other useful things. Кроссовер Vitara от Suzuki начнут продавать с августа 2015 Who will be compete with Vitara on our car market? Of course, Ford EcoSport, its price tags just fit into Suzuki Vitara Price Corridor, although its standard equipment is still half the price of a kiloruble more expensive than the Japanese. The second competitor is not for long, as the manufacturer removes its cars from the Russian market - the Opel Mokka (it costs from 1,160 to 1,551 kilorubles). The third and last competitor is the Nissan Juke (its basic equipment for forty thousand cheaper than base Vitara).

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