Duster 2017 model year

To stop at what has been accomplished and not to offer motorists a second generation Duster from the French-Japanese alliance would be very strange. The first models began to be produced in 2010 at the Romanian enterprise. After 4 years, one million copies were sold.

renault duster 2017

A bet on low price and decent quality played. In the wake of success, a completely new model was developed, which was announced in 2016 at the auto show in Brazil. Everyone eagerly awaits the start of Duster sales in 2017, which are scheduled to start in the summer months. What was so special about the proposed French-Japanese engineers and designers?

Whether that duster

The premiere in Sao Paulo showed bold and authentic features of Duster 2. Designers managed to build a brand new car and offer an affordable price to future owners.

Duster 2017

Дизайн Renault Duster 2017 in the new body на высоте. Передняя часть смотрится более элегантно, чем задняя. Обновлена решетка, фары получили современную узкую форму, хотя в них не установлены светодиодные элементы. Корма автомобиля не менее эффектна. Near does not leave the impression that the SUV is assembled from two different cars. A small bulging window in the back and plain taillights give the new Duster brutality. The special shape of the rail is an element that visually unites the front and rear parts.

Very successful design find. Something similar can be observed in the model Toyota FJ Cruise, although the French have proposed a bolder version. In addition to the standard configuration, an additional option is a factory plastic body kit, which is installed on the front and rear arches, side sills.

New platform

Renault Duster 2017 is built on the same CMF (Common Module Family) platform as X-Trail, Qashqai in version C / D (for small cars, the CMF-A variant is used, and for medium-sized CMF-B). The novelty was officially introduced in 2013. It will form the basis of 60 percent, future cars. Design features include high reliability.

Duster 2017 new

Low cost is achieved by manufacturing a large volume of unified elements that can be used to create different versions of new models.

The size of the new Renault Duster 2017 increased by 15 cm in length. This distance will be enough to turn the car into a seven-seater option if necessary. Salon has undergone significant changes. We must pay tribute to the designers - the car's presentability and comfort has increased significantly. It was possible for engineers to increase ground clearance, which means that difficult areas will be overcome a little easier.

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At the heart of the 2017 Duster interior is the filling of the Oroch concept pickup. It could be considered in 2015 at the auto show in Argentina. Digital panel is required. It will consist of two displays: small - chronograph, large - multimedia. At the heart of the seat is a new design, their appearance has also been changed. They have become more ergonomic and comfortable. The steering wheel has also changed, although in shape it resembles a steering wheel from the same Oroch. Instrument lighting has become turquoise.

Новый Рено Duster 2017

A 7-inch touch screen is located on the front panel under the two round deflectors, under which there are climate control controls. Significantly increased the size of the glove box.

On the second row can safely accommodate three adults. The area of ​​the side glazing has become larger, the view has improved (compared to the previous model). The size of the luggage compartment has not changed. In the unfolded position of the second-row seats, the free volume is 408 liters, and in the folded position it remains unchanged - the same 1600 l.

Basic equipment includes metal protection for the engine crankcase, anti-gravel underbody protection, heated windshield, fog lights and LED DRLs, chamber for parking backwards, air conditioning and engine starting from a button. Most of the options are present in all modern configurations and were not provided in the first generation.

Technical features

New duster 2017 предлагается в двух вариантах – полноприводном, переднеприводном. Известно, что покупателю будет предложено 4 модели силовых установок – два бензиновых и два дизельных.

duster 2017

The petrol version is a 1.6-liter engine with 115 horsepower and a 2-liter unit of 144 hp. Diesel - 1.5 liter unit capacity of 109 hp with a torque of 240 Nm. It will be adapted to the special Russian diesel. 130 hp turbo version Duster fans will get a little later. Transmission has not changed, but together with the six-speed mechanics will be offered automatic on the same number of positions.

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In the all-wheel drive version to increase the patency of the developers have provided the opportunity to manually select one of three modes:

2WD - front-wheel drive and universal joint work, but the EM clutch does not engage the rear gear; Auto - during the passage of difficult sections in the automatic mode, the EM coupling is switched on and the rear wheels are connected to the front-wheel drive; Lock - The EM clutch is locked and is transmitted to the rear gearbox further to the rear wheels.

The latter mode is recommended to be installed only when necessary, to prevent overheating of the electromagnetic clutch.

Naturally, when driving with all-wheel drive included, the flow rate will increase. The last thing “eating” fuel will be the diesel version, only 6 liters per 100 km. 2-liter engine - 8 liters, and 115 strong - half a liter less. There will be no problems with power, as the weight of the car is only 1280 kg.

Renault Duster 2017

По норме токсичности внедорожник соответствует EURO 5. Выбрать один из пяти вариантов комплектации – Authentique, Expression, Privilege, Luxe Privilege можно будет этим летом, ведь для обновленного Рено Duster 2017 начало продаж запланировано на это лето. The popular diesel version will only be available in the Expression version.


Renault Duster in 2017 will have to compete for a place in the sun with cars such as the BMW X3 and the latest generation Kia Sportage. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. BMW has a bright memorable appearance, the quality of the assembly and sound insulation also have no complaints. Pleases Bavarian and fuel consumption, especially in the diesel version.

According to the capacity of the trunk with the folded second row the amount of free space is the same as that of the Frenchman, and unfolded - a little more. Cost - the main trump card Renault, in addition, the Frenchman is much softer overcomes bumps and cheaper to maintain.

New duster

Kia Sportage is something else a South Korean miracle. The potential of this model, indeed, is enormous. The line of power units is huge. Having a classic appearance, the car has its own "face", but the Duster looks more fresh and practical. In fact, the South Korean is a deeply revised Tucson with a claim to Japanese quality and German pragmatism. Sportage has a panoramic roof, a large number of electronic assistants. The capacity is almost the same with the BMW X3, which means it surpasses the Duster.

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The undoubted advantage is the third row, which of necessity may be installed in Renault. Practical French, did not personalize the second-row seats, as did competitors.


Friendship with Renault and Nissan clearly benefited both concerns. And competitors should prepare for a real expansion from the French-Japanese Automobile Union. On a large number of engines from Kia Renault will respond with low cost and various models of crossovers.

Renault Duster 2017 in the new body

Все дело в том, что в ближайшем будущем к новости о Renault Duster 2017 добавится информация о выходе нескольких новых моделей внедорожников. Первая ласточка уже была представлена на автошоу в Токио – Go-Cross. Этот внедорожник планируется для эксплуатации в Индии, однако не исключено, что он может появиться и в других географических широтах.

The new Renault Captur (version for the European market, Kaptur for the Russian) is available on two platforms at once - from Duster and Clio. This model is popular, despite the higher cost compared to the updated Renault Duster 2017 release.

By the way, a fresh version of Stepway, which was already presented in Geneva, is about to come off the Dacia conveyor. What about electric cars? They have already been presented to the public. To date, the release of the commercial version of the Kangoo Z.E and the hatchback Renault ZOE. Both belong to the class of electric vehicles and have very attractive technical characteristics.

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