Rules for choosing antifreeze for a car



Motorists who take care of their vehicle always try to prevent unpleasant situations by servicing and changing consumables on time. With the onset of cold weather, absolutely every driver is trying to get an ice-free liquid that would keep the glass clean even in extreme cold. Car dealers do not forget about the periodic need for car owners to buy liquids with magical properties, which is why they fill the shelves with non-freezers from various manufacturers before the winter season. In fact, it is unreasonable to buy the first available compound, the liquid being purchased must be of high quality. The following article provides tips on which ice cream to choose in order to be satisfied with your choice all winter long.

What kind of nezamerzayku choose

We will tell you about the main selection criteria and popular brands of products.

Selection of optimally safe non-freezing liquid for car

To know how to choose a non-freeze, you need to have some theoretical knowledge. Replacing the special fluids in the summer and autumn-spring water in the winter will not provide proper assistance. Due to its physical properties, the water used in winter conditions may adversely affect the nozzles, which will soon break down. In addition to other troubles cars can "please" the owner of the cracked windshield washer reservoir. All these circumstances simply oblige each motorist to attend auto shops with the onset of the first cold weather in order to purchase high-quality non-freezing water, which besides its basic functions would also be safe for health.

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So, first of all, thinking about what kind of ice cream to choose, the car owner must read the composition of the substance to be purchased in order to find out the ingredients of the contents. The problem is that the market is forcing manufacturers of almost all substances to use extremely cheap low-quality raw materials in their products, which makes it possible to minimize the cost of the finished product. If a motorist does not know how to choose a non-freeze, then he should know through the label about the type of alcohol used. Since all the main ingredients are listed in the composition, the non-freezing substance will contain methyl, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.

How to determine the quality

Generalized infographics

Choosing nezamerzayka for cars, you should be very careful when choosing a liquid with methanol, since this chemically dangerous substance is prohibited by current legislation in Russia. This element has strong toxic properties, even with a minimum content of the substance in the air a person can get serious injuries that contribute to poisoning of the body or a sharp deterioration in vision. At the same time, the methanol contained in the non-freeze for the car is not capable of qualitatively cleaning the windows of accumulated dirt. It adversely affects the gum wipers, affecting their performance. In addition, if you use a substance on methanol on a cold glass, then clean the glass does not succeed.

It is especially important, thinking about which non-freeze to choose, to worry about the safety of all who are in the vehicle during its use. The substance to be purchased should not emit harmful vapors, which is why high-quality non-freezing liquid should have any smell. It would be better if the acquiring composition at the time of purchase checks for the presence of odor - liquids made on the basis of methanol have no odor, as they are used only in the production of the cheapest products for auto glass.

The second type of alcohol used to create nezamerzayki - ethanol. Almost all experts recommend car owners to stop their choice on such substances, since ethanol is considered to be the optimally safe component that is advisable to use in a windshield blend. True, no one uses such liquid because of its too high cost, the producers themselves refuse to purchase it. A mixture of non-freezing liquids for an ethanol-based auto is nothing more than vodka that does not have a smell. Liquid vapor leaving the air enters the air, but does not affect the well-being of the driver and passengers.

The third type of basic substance for non-freezing is isopropyl alcohol; to date, substances based on it are the most common ingredients used to wash car windows in the winter. If the car owner did not decide which non-freeze to choose best, he can stop on this substance, which is part of the liquid in such small doses that it simply can not harm people. Feel the presence of isopropyl alcohol in nezamerzayka can be a characteristic smell - it gives acetone.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the type of alcohol used in the product, the car owner, thinking about how to choose a non-freeze, should take into account several other important criteria, including

  • chemical formula of the contained alcohol;
  • kinematic viscosity (this indicator is related to the throughput of nozzles);
  • surface tension (the level of penetration of the substance into the dirt and the speed of its wetting);
  • crystallization temperature;
  • the presence of various surfactants.

Buying the highest quality non-freezing: checking the best manufacturers

Every car owner, naturally, wants to buy a quality non-freezing liquid that could quickly and efficiently clean windows in the winter. Some motorists want to save on the purchase, buying the most budgetary substances, others, on the contrary, do not stint and buy the most expensive non-freezers. In the material below, the effectiveness of the most popular non-freezing substances for auto glass has been tested.

Premium Hi-Gear

Premium Hi-Gear is considered one of the most expensive non-freezers for cars, its production has been established in Russia, and the quality of this product is monitored by the American company Hi-Gear Product Inc. High-quality composition, as it should, contains isopropyl alcohol.

Hi-Gear Fluid

Sold both in standard form and in the form of a concentrate.

As practice shows, many car owners who use this product speak positively about its qualities. The label on the product has a crystallization temperature of –25, which corresponds to reality. Remarkable spray area, the substance is well distributed over the surface. Premium Hi-Gear has almost perfect qualities that satisfy all the needs of the car owner, who has not yet decided which one to choose for his car. Premium Hi-Gear is economical to use; copes with various degrees of contamination of glass, washing away even the oil film; after cleaning, there is no glare on the surface. At the same time, premium Hi-Gear has a beneficial effect on wiper and glass windows, protecting them from abrasive wear.

Seeing their popularity of premium Hi-Gear began to be faked by some unscrupulous manufacturers, whose products are many times worse than the original. However, motorists say that the fake version of the nezamerzayki is easily distinguished from the original by the unpleasant strong smell that is felt even with the presence of flavors.

Russian analogue of the German Liqui Moly

For many years in the Russian market, the Russian equivalent of the non-freezing Liqui Moly has been sold, which is an analogue of the German substance. This hybrid shows excellent quality, perfectly cleaning the glass in the cold season. If you visit several thematic forums that raise the question about which ice-cream to choose best, it becomes clear that many experienced car owners use this particular product, characterizing the Russian Liqui Moly as the safest ice-cream. An interesting fact is that the crystallization temperature reaches –32 degrees, while the frost resistance limit stated by the manufacturer is only –25. The Russian hybrid Liqui Moly has excellent spraying performance at almost any temperature; surfactants contained in the finished product wash off any contamination on the windows of the car; and also the product does not litter nozzles.

Winter version by Liqui Moly

On the packaging emphasize the resistance of plastics in this environment

Liqui Moly, thanks to modern technologies and methods of control used, allow the use of non-freezing for washing headlights Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The fact is that the tests carried out on a liquid proved that their use cannot form cracks in optics.

Effect Plus: is it safe?

If the car owner has been wondering for a long time what type of ice cream to choose for his car and, as a result of agony, chooses the Russian non-freezing substance Effect Plus, then, most likely, the very low cost of the product helped him make the choice. As the price comparison showed, the domestic non-freezing Effect Plus is almost half the price of all the above substances. At the moment, the substance does not have any patented technology. According to a study carried out by national experts, its composition contains only isopropyl alcohol and water. Modern Effect Plus meets all the properties described on the label, its crystallization temperature reaches -30 degrees.

An example of means from Effect Plus

Most often, the liquid is found in such bottles

Liquid Effect Plus, like all previous substances, has several positive qualities:

  • no negative effect on brushes;
  • the liquid does not have a strong odor;
  • with the LPC does not interact.

However, the domestic nezamerzayka Effect Plus is not able to wash the car windows in the cold, the car will have to preheat.

Net mile

Ещё одной отечественной незамерзайкой является жидкость Net mile, его производитель известен практически всем россиянам — разработчик антифриза — фирма «Тосол – Синтез». Именно эта компания всегда принимает участие в испытаниях, которые касаются определения наиболее эффективной незамерзающей жидкости. Тем, кто хотя бы однажды приобретал это вещество, отмечают его положительные качества, в частности:

  • safety for the health of drivers and passengers;
  • the absence of methanol;
  • no effect on car paintwork;
  • the absence of glass stains.
Nezamerzayka brand clean mile

Another popular domestic remedy

In addition to experienced car owners, the quality of the domestic product is confirmed by popular experts who characterize the Clean Mile as a very different substance. If the car owner does not know what kind of non-freeze to choose, then, having stopped his decision on the Clean Mile, he will receive a liquid, which includes active elements that help remove any dirt from the windows of the car, along with it the non-freezing is spent quite economically. In this case, the liquid does not have a negative impact on the well-being of the driver and other passengers. On the surface of the glass A clean mile is sprayed at any temperature.

As in the case of the other popular non-freezers, in the Russian market there is often a counterfeit liquid that does not have such good indicators as the original substance. However, the product can be distinguished by smell - its absence indicates that the product does not have a license.

The most budgetary substance brand E95

Despite the fact that this substance is much cheaper, experienced drivers say good quality "omyvachki." True, the brand E95 before the rest of the substances freezes, its crystallization temperature reaches only -15 degrees. Despite the fact that the stated figures reach -30 degrees, at this temperature the substance thickens considerably.

Windshield washer E-95 Gloss

Considered as the most budget option.

Non-freezing substance brand E95 has the appropriate certificates of product protection, however, no test fluid passed.


On public roads there are many reagents that have a bad effect on the car body and on the visibility, which greatly hinders the driver while driving. Contribute to the cleaning of the windshield can only high-quality nezamerzayka that will free the surface from the accumulated dirt. You should not get the most budget options for liquids, as they may contain methanol, which has no odor. In order to avoid negative consequences that may affect the well-being of a person, it is necessary to refuse to purchase such substances. It is best to opt for a high-quality, proven by experts or consumers product that has a perfume.