The government agrees to introduce fines for summer tires in

Government agrees to introduce fines for summer tires in winter The bill that allows the ruble to punish lazy or greedy drivers for the use of seasonally inappropriate rubber was positively considered by the government of the Russian Federation. It will be supported subject to finalization of the document according to some comments. The question of a ban on driving in the off-season “shoe”, parliamentarians raised two years ago. Then they offered to fine for two thousand rubles those who ride on studded tires in the summer and vice versa, on summer tires in the winter. As a “summer” period, it was proposed to consider three actual summer months — June, July, and August; however, the “winter” period was also determined.

The motives were the following: in the opinion of lawmakers, spikework irreversibly wears the asphalt pavement in the summer, and summer tires can be a ticket to the next world in the conditions of winter ice. Later, a more substantial sum of a fine of ten thousand rubles was voiced, comparable to the cost of a set of winter tires. Like, only this amount of fine can force drivers to execute the law. How much as a result, law makers will stop, is still unknown.

In this draft law, in addition, at the suggestion of the government, it is proposed to add article 12.5 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses Code no. The powers that will have to be dealt with such administrative offenses will also be spelled out here. There are, as always, controversial moments. From January 1 of the current year I started working New technical regulations of the Customs Union. It provides for specific limitations on the tread depth of a car tire. Summer tires should not have a depth of less than - 1.6 mm, and winter - less than 4 mm. In addition, the technical regulations of the vehicle "On the safety of wheeled vehicles»Prohibits the use of summer tires in the winter and studded tires in the summer. This prohibition is also called "Studded Rubber Act».

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In this document, the winter period begins on December 1 and ends on March 1. But the climate in different regions of Russia is significantly different, so the winter period needs to be increased. After all, if, say, in Moscow in April there is no snow, then in Siberia you can still skate on the roads.

To prevent unsuitable tires for the season, the relevant amendments were added to the traffic rules, they specifically describe the parameters of winter, summer and all-season tires. But in the SDA there is no ban on a specific time of operation of a certain type of tires. It turns out that the restrictions established by the technical regulations of the vehicle do not work, since the driver can punish for studded tires in summer, but for riding summer tires in winter - it is impossible, because the main parameter that is taken into account is tread depth matching established standards. Fines for this violation are now only five hundred rubles.