Mazda 3 in the new body looks very sporty

More recently, in the summer of 2013, the Japanese car manufacturer introduced the new Mazda 3, which began to look like a compact miniature of the Mazda 6. A similar design of these models is clearly visible - this is the KODO style that was only inherent in the Mazda 6. The price of the new Mazda 3 is about 650 thousand. rubles.

New Mazda 3

Overview of the new Mazda 3

New Mazda 3 equipped with additional equipment: Stability, traction control, ABS and EBD (electronic brake force distribution system). It was a standard modification, and for the extra money you can install various systems and equipment. But even in the standard version, the Mazda 3 is equipped with 6 airbags.

The body of the new Mazda 3 comes in two versions: a sedan and a hatchback. Mazda's mass has become less than it was before, but the size has increased slightly, so there will be more space for passengers in the rear seats, and the size of the trunk has also increased. Such metamorphoses became possible due to the use of new technologies during the production of this car. At the same time, the body of the Mazda 3 has become more rigid, it speaks of the makings of sports.

Changes in the exterior

Mazda 3 2014 model year has become more spectacular than the previous model. Initially, this car has always been an interesting and modern design, which combines elegance and swiftness.

New Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback

At the Mazda 3 in the new body put the wheels of aluminum alloy with a diameter of 16 or 18 inches. The design of this car looks especially thanks to the dynamic design of the wings and headlights. The car looks just like a sports car thanks to the smooth lines that go down to the grille. Mazda 3 style makes this car attractive and at the same time improves aerodynamics.

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Another interesting detail of the Mazda 3 is the active shutter, which opens and closes depending on the nature of driving. This item allows you to reduce average fuel consumption.

Salon also changed

The interior of the car also received changes. The driver's seat is equipped accordingly, at a high level. Even the pedals look great and it's nice to press them. All these subtleties increase comfort when driving this car. Safety is also at a high level, the fact is that in the new Mazda 3 the safety stand has been moved by 10 cm, which has increased the driver’s view. In addition, the side mirrors took the place of the racks, which also improves visibility.

New Mazda 3 2014 Salon

Mazda 3 2014 is equipped with a new interface that is responsible for the concentration and safe driving, as well as the driver’s posture is correct. In the cabin of the new Mazda there is a display showing all the necessary information: speed, fuel consumption, temperature in the cabin, behind the cabin and so on.

The seats of this car now have a slightly different shape, thanks to this solution it was possible to increase the cabin space as a whole, especially the distance between the seats was increased. The driver's seat is adapted for long trips, all in order to make driving enjoyable. All chairs are covered with leather, and depending on the wishes of customers, it is possible to add additional elements of decor.


Mazda 3 in the new body can be equipped with two petrol engines to choose from - 2 and 2.5 liters. And for the Japanese market there is a diesel version with a volume of 2.2 liters.

Power 2-liter engine is 155 liters. with. A 2.5-liter engine has a capacity of 184 liters. with. These engines work together with a 6-speed automatic or mechanics.

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new mazda 3 engine

In addition, energy is regenerated during braking, which reduces fuel consumption.

The car is made using lightweight materials, but despite this Mazda 3 has become more durable and safe. To be precise, the design of the machine was 30% tougher than the previous model. In the new Mazda 3, the adjustment of springs, shock absorbers and suspensions has become better, thanks to which road adhesion has improved.

 Multimedia and Information Systems

Photos of the new Mazda 3 2014

New technologies are developing at a tremendous speed, which is why the Mazda 3 has acquired a modern entertainment multimedia system. The developers of Mazda, took into account the fact that there is a demand among car buyers for full-fledged software, even in a car, so they created an advanced operating system.

new mazda 3 2014

The multimedia system is equipped with an audio system with radio, CD and USB players and new web applications.

And now the Mazda 3 video test drive: