Rating of used crossovers up to 700 thousand rubles


Potential buyers, who have about 700 thousand rubles, are thinking about buying a car. Someone needs a regular sedan or station wagon, while others want to buy a full-fledged crossover. It is pleasant to understand that there is an impressive range of SUVs on the market of used cars. What is better to buy from this is difficult to decide. Therefore, our candidates will be useful for making a final decision, since we have tried to collect the best SUVs within the specified budget.

Used crossovers for 700 thousand rubles Читать далее о лучших подержанных кроссоверах за 700000 рублей-->

Lead Candidates

When choosing a crossover for 700,000 rubles, the bu option looks a bit more attractive than the new one. For such money, it is possible to find a SUV with a saloon, but mostly it will be representatives of the Chinese or domestic auto industry.

For the same money, you can buy a used car, but from leading manufacturers, with excellent equipment, reliable construction and a number of other advantages. Therefore, with a budget of up to 700 thousand rubles, many people prefer bu crossovers.

Among the candidates for the title of the best SUV with mileage at a price of up to 700,000 rubles were representatives of the following brands:

  • THAT;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Hyundai;
  • UAZ;
  • Ford;
  • Nissan;
  • Honda;
  • Toyota;
  • Skoda;
  • Sang Yong;
  • Suzuki

As you can see, the names are quite loud. Choose from what.

Yes, choosing crossovers up to 700 thousand, you can look at options like VW Touareg, BMW X5, Audi Q7, etc. But for this money you can afford models of the model of the early 2000s, in what condition. Plus, these cars are very expensive to maintain. With the purchase of 700 thousand rubles, you are unlikely to be willing to spend the same amount every year for maintenance, repair and purchase of spare parts.

Because we tried to pick up more than one crossover to 700,000 rubles, but several decent options. These are cars that are quite fresh by year of manufacture, relatively affordable in terms of maintenance costs and at the same time meet all the criteria of a modern crossover with a high level of comfort and sturdy technical characteristics. We go in search of the best SUV.

Now to the question of what kind of crossover to buy for 700,000 rubles. Each buyer will have their own selection criteria, because to name the uniquely best ones is problematic. There are a number of worthy candidates up to 700 thousand rubles. Because your task is to correctly prioritize and find the perfect balance between the requirements and the actual characteristics of the machine.


Opens our list of used cars up to seven hundred thousand rubles with mileage Korean Kia and its model Sportage. SUV exists since 1994. But with such a budget, you can afford a Korean much fresher than the mid-90s.

KIA Sportage

The car is produced with front or four-wheel drive, depending on the configuration and choice of the buyer. The new version you do not pull, because prices start from 1.2 million rubles. But the model 2008-2012 years may best suit you.

This is a fairly large and spacious inside a crossover with a good bundle, with a comfortable interior and a roomy trunk. There are no special complaints about the build quality, technical equipment and economy. The main thing here is to find a SUV in good condition in the secondary market.


Another representative of Kia, which belongs to the segment of mid-size crossovers. A model has been produced since 2002, and the starting price of a new version starts from 1.2 million rubles.

KIA Sorento

For your 700 thousand rubles, you can search for decent options from 2012 and older. That is, the maximum that is worth counting on is a five-year-old car. For Kia, this is not the age, since it is possible to operate her cars for at least 10-15 years.

Sorento has an attractive design, full permanent drive, powerful enough engines. The car will not be a model of economy, but it will not be necessary to go bankrupt at gas stations. The car corresponds to its price.

Santa Fe

A good parktnik from the popular in Russia, the Korean automaker Hyundai. Model Santa Fe exists since 2000. The new version is quite expensive and starts with 1.8 million rubles.

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Buy a very fresh version does not work for 700 thousand. The available range starts in 2012. But the 5-8 year old crossovers from Korea deserve your attention. Representative appearance, solid size, good technical characteristics. The only disadvantage is quite high fuel consumption. But in terms of service and the cost of spare parts before you an attractive and high-quality car.



This is a model from Volkswagen.

You can't call it cheap in terms of maintenance, but the car deserves to be on our list.

This is a compact crossover, the release of which began only in 2008. That is, the maximum you buy a car 8-9 years. The new version costs from 1.3 million rubles, which is not so much, considering the usual price tags for top cars from the automaker.

The car has an attractive appearance, solid technical characteristics, in German organized by the internal space, excellent ergonomics. The car has everything you need for a comfortable, fairly dynamic, economical and safe ride.

Pleasant is the fact that for your 700 thousand rubles you can find excellent Tiguan SUVs in excellent condition 3-4 years old. We recommend looking for a VW in the range from 2010 to 2014. Fresh, in good condition and in a rich set.


Worthy compact crossover from the American automaker Ford. At one time, the model managed to make some noise, having appeared with a huge set of modern stuffing, all kinds of electronic assistants.

Ford Plague

SUV attracts with its appearance, dynamism and efficiency

A great combination of criteria for many potential buyers. Plus, the car is released only since 2008, which allows you to find a very fresh version for your money.

The new model costs twice as much as our budget of 700 thousand rubles. Therefore, it is better to search among the cars of 2008-2013.


Quite an interesting crossover from the company Nissan, which is easy to find on Russian roads. The car is solid in its external data, well equipped from the inside, has decent technical characteristics.



In terms of efficiency, we have not an exemplary SUV, but for its size and power it spends a normal amount of fuel. With the maintenance and search for spare parts, too, there are no particular problems.

If you want to find a decent option X-Trail, fit into the specified amount of money, then look for a car from 2013 and older.


Honda CR-V

The world's bestseller by Honda

This Japanese crossover is marvelously sold worldwide. The SUV has all the necessary qualities to become a worthy option for buying in the used car market. Here you have solid appearance, high build quality, reliability, safety, excellent technical characteristics.

But the problem with Honda is that initially these cars are quite expensive to maintain in Russia. Plus, even in the secondary market prices are not as small as we would like. Therefore, to find a decent car in the framework of 700 thousand rubles will have to choose a car from 2010 and older. And then, rather from 2009.


Beautiful Japanese car from Toyota, which is considered an eternal rival with the CR-V.

Toyota RAV4

Here is a compact SUV with a rich history

This car has gone through several generations since 1994. Each time, engineers and designers managed to surprise.

The new generation costs in the cabin from 1.2 million rubles, so we cannot pull it with our 700 thousand. Optimal in terms of price and condition, as well as a complete set will be RAV4 in the range from 2008 to 2012. Among the available offers there are many cars that can fully satisfy you on the configuration, technical specifications or other criteria on which you rely.


If you do not pursue purely for the status, but just want to have a good crossover with good technical characteristics, interesting appearance and rich bundle, then pay attention to Actyon.

Actyon from SsangYong

This is a SUV from the company SsangYong

Even the new version costs from 900 thousand rubles. Therefore, for the available 700 thousand you can search for a crossover from 2015 and older. At the same time you will get an excellent filling, good condition and quite a powerful engine.

The car does not have a big name, it is difficult to put it on a par with CR-V, RAV4 or other recognized segment leaders. But if you remove the nameplates and just compare cars, the Actyon is not much inferior. Think about whether the brand is so important.


If you are looking for a reliable, comfortable, safe and perfectly assembled car, but do not pay attention to the brands, take a look at the Skoda and its compact crossover Yeti.


The car has an original appearance, which is frankly an amateur

But behind it lies a great build, rich equipment, very economical engines. What can I say, this is a Czech state employee with a German pedigree.

The oldest Yeti in the secondary market date back to 2010. You can buy a model of the year 2015 in full equipment for 700 thousand. Plus, there are many decent and even more complete machines for the 2013-2014 year.

Grand Vitara

High-quality car that fully justifies its money.

Grand Vitara

From the very beginning of the existence of the Grand Vitara model from Suzuki, it managed to win the trust of customers.

The crossover is really well assembled, well equipped and has a rich complete set for modest money. Yes, Suzuki gradually began to go up in price, but this was justified by improving the quality of the materials used, the presence of new electronics and other lotions that rightly increased the cost of the car.

Grand Vitara is a good choice for a practical person. This crossover does not require large maintenance costs, its engines are quite economical, and there are no complaints about the comfort inside.

With 700 thousand rubles in your pocket, look for the used version of 2010-2014.


We decided to include in the list of crossovers a domestic product represented by the UAZ Patriot. This car has existed since 2005. But the new version costs from 800 thousand rubles.


УАЗ Patriot

That is, with the available funds, you can easily find a SUV in the rich equipment of at least 2014. For the money it will not be difficult to find a used version for 2016.

This is a workhorse with all-wheel drive and excellent maneuverability. Before us is not a standard urban crossover, but a full-fledged SUV for use in the conditions of broken roads, off-road and other delights of our realities. Patriot will easily travel where 80% of the cars on the list are stuck halfway through. That's why we included this car in our list.

But the final decision to take you. You can buy a new SUV for the money, collect a little more and buy something more solid or choose one of the presented here.

Be sure to write in the comments, what kind of crossover would you choose for that kind of money and why. Also name your candidates for the title of the best SUV within the specified budget.