How to improve the instrument panel vaz 2110

There is always a moment when a motorist no longer wants to see the factory instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, and something more interesting and modern. Therefore, it simply suggests the replacement of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110. In this case, you need to start the business of searching for the panels, which you can install yourself without using special tools. In the photo, the instrument panel VAZ 2110 more new and beautiful:

dashboard vaz 2110

The only thing you need is attention, pliers and a Phillips screwdriver. And I must say that the price of the instrument panel VAZ 2110 is not always transcendental, which allows for its replacement. In general, the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, the average price of which is around 10-15 thousand rubles, is a necessary thing for each car, so if you wish, you can find a panel for every taste, even modern models with digital speedometers from the manufacturer Gamma, the price for They will certainly be higher, but it will look very cool and modern.

You can buy the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 at demolition sites, bazaars, auto shops, online stores, and you can also search on bulletin boards, on sland, hammer, etc.

Removing the instrument panel VAZ 2110

Naturally, you can’t do without this if you want to make the car more modern and install on it, for example, the VAZ 2110 euro-dashboard. Consider in detail each step of removing the old VAZ 2110 dashboard. disassembling it into individual parts, which will make the process more convenient and faster. In addition, the whole process is the same as in the tuned dozens, since the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 (tuning) is not particularly different from the standard instrument panel of the dozens.

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Before work has begun, you can read the description of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 and, of course, study the layout of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110. To begin, disconnect the battery terminal from the negative terminal, then remove the decorative covers of the steering column, place), right and left paddle switches (do not touch their connector). After that - disconnect the tips of the two wires from the connector under the steering column switches.

Using a slotted screwdriver, remove the control knob of the hydrocorrection headlights, take a 21 mm deep head wrench and unscrew the nut of its mounting, drown its stem in the opening of the VAZ 2110 dashboard panel.

dashboard vaz 2110

Now you can open the cover of the mounting block. In the niche of the relay and fuse block, use a cross-head screwdriver to unscrew the self-tapping screw that secures the left internal instrument panel bracket VAZ 2110. Disconnect the ignition lock harness and unscrew the self-tapping screw of the diagnostic connector bracket.

dashboard vaz 2110 цена

Now you can disconnect the tips of the two wires that come from the brake light switch. Unscrew the two self-tapping screws securing the left lining of the console. Sliding it back, withdraw its front part from engagement with the bracket and remove the cover. Take a 10 mm allen key and unscrew the panel fastening nut to the console bracket. Remove the screw securing the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 and the air duct.

To continue the work on removing the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, disconnect the harness pads under the instrument panel. When you do this, you can unscrew the three self-tapping screws that fasten the right lining of the console, then unscrew the right nut that secures the instrument panel to the console bracket, and separate the cigarette lighter wiring pads.

Disconnect the harness connector from the fog light relay. Unscrew the self-tapping screw of the right internal instrument panel bracket, and then the right and left self-tapping screws of the lower fastening of the instrument panel VAZ 2110. Now you can remove the gasket from the flange of the front left post and remove the plastic holders of the lining, likewise with the right trim.

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Pry off with a thin slotted screwdriver on both sides of the instrument panel, remove the ventilation grilles for blowing the front door glass, and then unscrew the two nuts of the instrument panel upper mounting located under the ventilation grilles.

Take the panel to fifteen to twenty centimeters inside the cabin. After it, disconnect the nine connecting blocks of the wiring harnesses and remove the instrument panel from the passenger compartment through the opening of the left front door. Install the new panel in the reverse order. At the finish give a detailed instruction VAZ 2110 instrument panel for its removal. Now you know how you can quickly and easily remove the instrument panel VAZ 2110.

Bright details on the instrument panel VAZ 2110

In the interval between the removal of the old instrument panel VAZ 2110 and installing a new one, you can think about how you want to decorate it. Or it is possible to repair the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 for the old panel, if you're lucky, you can even sell this renovated panel for a few thousand, that is, if you wish, you can recoup some money.

You can use neon lights or internal LED illumination, making the monochrome factory illumination of the instrument panel VAZ 2110 multi-colored. You can highlight not only the scale and arrows of the instruments, but also the tidy buttons, using all the same LEDs and light filters. True, the main thing here is not to overdo it, so that the colorful designations of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 are not distracting while driving along the night road.

In addition, you can also make an improved noise insulation of the instrument panel VAZ 2110, using special materials. But this will require again the dismantling of the instrument panel VAZ 2110.

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removing the dashboard VAZ 2110

Finally, we would like to bring the pinout of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110. It is necessary not to get confused when installing a new “tidy” and to do everything right the first time. Generally pinout dashboard VAZ 2110 - this is an important and necessary thing. And then the instruction of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110, which shows that the device of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2110 is quite simple and you can easily figure it out:

pinout dashboard vaz 2110

White shoe (X1)Red block (X2)
1Body (weight)1External air temperature sensor
2Tachometer (low voltage input with ECU)2Fuse F19 + 12V power supply
3Tachometer (high voltage input from the coil)3Body (weight)
4Const + 12V from the battery (through the 6th fuse)4Instrument Lighting Switch
5Coolant temperature sensor.5Turn Signal RIGHT
6F1 fuse (overall lighting)6Turn Signal LEFT
7Throttle ("choke")7Brake fluid level
8Check Engine Lamp8To routeing computer
9Fuse F19 + 12V power supply9Speed ​​sensor
10Fuse F19 + 12V power supply10Terminal "T" fuel gauge
11Parking brake, VK terminal11Fuse F3 (high beam)
12Output "D" generator12Alarm switch
13Oil pressure sensor13To terminal "50" of the ignition switch