Ways to increase the power of cars

The engine works on a simple system: a mixture of fuel and air is injected into the combustion chamber, explodes and pushes the piston down. If you think logically, then to increase the power of the engine, you need either a larger "explosion" or a larger volume of the combustion chamber. Of course, it is not so simple. Already invented a certain number of ways.

They have different prices, legality and availability. In order to increase the speed of the car, and this is exactly what some car owners are trying to achieve, it is necessary to make more efficient the process of burning fuel, increase the amount of fuel and air used. Therefore, there is no need to buy a new engine, but it is worth trying to improve the quality of the air-fuel mixture and its quantity in the combustion chamber, add certain additives to the fuel. There are several ways to increase power:


  • 1) Special turbine - air is rapidly forced through the air filter above the normal level. In this case, the largest amount of air enters the engine, and with an additional increase in the volume of fuel, this mixture burns completely, which leads to a slight increase in engine power. The turbocharger starts spinning at tremendous speed to deliver more air to the chamber. When the turbocharger is delivered correctly and is suitable for the design of the car engine, then the output of the motor will be 50% higher. Turbine reduces the life of engine parts.
  • 2) Air filter with zero resistance - blocks the entry of pollutants into the engine and increases the flow of air into the combustion chamber. The filter is an alternation of layers of special material and mesh, which contributes to the unimpeded entry of air and, in turn, adds power to the motor. This figure varies within 8%, but it is quite noticeable.
  • 3) The charge air cooling system - the temperature “overboard” also affects the operation of the engine. Since cold air is much denser than warm air, it contains more oxygen and burns more dynamically. The power of this complex will not increase much, but its installation will pull for a change in some designs of the engine.
  • 4) Reprogramming the engine settings - in the presence of an electronic computer in the car, you can “chip” the machine: reconfigure the engine to increase its performance. A chip with a special program gives new parameters for engine functions. For example, move the advance angle to an early stage, or use fuel more efficiently. To do this, you need to find a competent master, so as not to spoil the engine work by improperly chipping.
  • 5) Reduce the weight of the car - a light object can be accelerated faster than a heavy one, so making this decision will be quite effective. Even removed reserve will affect the increase in speed.
  • 6) Install exhaust pipes with a modified diameter - the power will increase by 3-5% due to the optimal movement of gases. 

The choice of any modernization remains for each car owner, taking into account his wishes and financial capabilities.