Mercedes-amg gt: a universal sports car

As we all remember, the company Mercedes began its journey to a great future with a racing car. Despite the fact that there are very few people surprised by sports cars now, Mercedes Benz decided to take a chance and decided to repeat their first success by presenting a new Mercedes AMG GT.

Mercedes amg gt appearance

Actually, it is impossible to fully link these two events, because times have changed, and the class of the new car has grown significantly compared with the first-born German company. But, in the debut of the glorious tandem, the company Mercedes-Benz and the studio AMG, in the segment of high-end sports cars see their former legacy. The second attempt to combine their efforts to create a high-speed car with the symbolic name GT led to the appearance of an attractive appearance and powerful “stuffing” of the new brainchild. But will he succeed in dragging a blanket of glory over himself, having removed the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar from the pedestal of honor, who once took the title of the people's favorite? The Mercedes AMG GT still has a lot to achieve in order to get closer to the target at such a young age. Nevertheless, at first glance it seems that this model has all the qualities that will allow it to strengthen itself in the minds of people, not only as a modern machine that combines high technology and German reliability, but also as a new object of universal admiration.

For racing and not only

When you find out about the weight of the new Mercedes Benz AMG GT, you can first think that when creating your car manufacturers saved on material. In fact, it is now possible to achieve a total weight of 1540 kilograms using a large number of aluminum parts, which is observed in the prevailing set of modern cars. Let's not forget that the low weight of the structure, achieved by the intelligent use of lightweight aluminum components, for a sports car is a guarantee of a pronounced sporting dynamics. An additional advantage in dynamics creates a special location of the engine and drive units. Proper weight distribution and, upgraded from last time, 4-liter biturbo V8 engine work together to improve the sporting qualities of the car.

Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014

It is immediately obvious that the companies have surpassed themselves by creating a new engine for the Mercedes AMG GT: the power unit with turbochargers located inside the collapse of the cylinders uses the technology of dry-sump lubrication. In terms of technical characteristics, the 2014 Mercedes AMG GT engine is almost as good as its predecessor, the surviving SLS GT, which has now ceased its history. You can choose from 2 engine options - 462 hp for GT version and 510 hp for GT S.

For a sports car with excellent dynamics and demonstrating first-class results on rally tracks, Mercedes Benz AMG GT has a surprisingly high economy and practicality, demanded in the practice of everyday driving. Thus, we can say that GT from Mercedes is the legislator of new standards in this segment of cars.

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Versatile in every sense, the Mercedes AMG GT, in spite of the only two modest places occupied by the driver and passenger, offers us more than a comfortable interior space, starting in the image of the trunk designed to the last detail and ending with an extensive set of auxiliary systems MBID. Now, no one doubts the suitability of the car for long journeys or just regular use, complaining about the general convenience and full reliability.

New Mercedes Benz amg gt 2015

The genuinely strong character of a racing car in harmony with the sports technology used is a reflection of the authentic spirit of the birth of a legend under the auspices of Mercedes-AMG. Returning to the comparison of the new product with the anticipated SLS AMG, with the similar capabilities of the AMG GT engine, it lacks about a tenth of a second to accelerate to a hundred in the same time that its predecessor needs. Thanks to the new mechanical heart of the car - its unique engine, as well as the excellent Mercedes-Benz AMG 2014 transmission, adjustments are made to the car’s response, making it instant and powerful. In reality, this is the maximum acceleration of up to 310 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 - 4 s, which is a worthy result in the context of the race track.

External features

The most interesting thing to consider the appearance of cars in comparison with the most similar in style representatives of the same class. So, returning to comparing the GT with the SLS AMG, you can notice a noticeable squeeze in dimensions. New from Mercedes got rid of the door-wings and got the back, hinting to an unbiased observer at the similarity with the car Jaguar F-Type and even the Porsche 911. Of course, you can comment on this remark, as a typical copy of the elements of the appearance of competitors, typical of representatives of any markets, there are suspicions that the decision was taken in a balanced way, and here it was rather the desire to adopt the proven methods of increasing aerodynamics. So, the contours of the body of the Mercedes-AMG GT 2014 got their streamlined shape, upon closer inspection, appear in perfect shape.

Mercedes amg gt photo

As already mentioned, as a percentage, most of the body is occupied by aluminum alloy, but of course, there were some parts without magnesium and high-strength steel. It is not difficult to calculate the ratio of power to mass, which is 3.3 kg per horsepower here. The weight distribution along the axes did not reach the ideal of a few percent - 47% on the front end and 53% on the back. In addition to all - low center of gravity.

The proportions are breathtaking, the surfaces are amazing with their relief, the smoothness of the lines attracts the eye to the pretty silhouette of the novelty. German sports car has LED headlights, inserts of running lights which are very advantageous stylized eyebrows that convey the character of the car and its mood. The radiator grille, topped with a large emblem and a bright shiny bar, with its background resembles nothing more than a placer of diamonds.

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Is it possible that Mercedes AMG GT 2015 years will be shod in something more suitable than in 19-inch wheels with ten spokes, at the moment it is not exactly known. At least, while alloy wheels with 255/35 tires on the front wheels and 295/35 on the rear wheels are standard for the GT, it’s too early to talk about any innovations. By the way, the adjacent model GT S rear wheels slightly larger diameter, namely 1 inch, that is, a total of 20 inches. As an additional option for such wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are offered.

Mercedes amg gt car exterior

Buyers of the new Mercedes Benz AMG GT are offered a choice of one of three options for covering the body. Someone may have to like the design in the style of Silver Chrome, someone will choose for themselves the Night design, while others will not be able to resist the combination of Carbon-Fiber. Whatever they ultimately choose, it’s not exactly necessary for all these people to explain that individuality is worth a lot.

It remains only to add that on the roof of the car, the architects installed a retractable spoiler, and the front bumper was visually expanded with air intakes at the edges. The rear lights contain 18 LED lamps each, which are assigned the role of direction indicators.

To summarize The Mercedes AMG GT is much more similar to the SLS AMG than it may seem at the beginning: the same long hood, vertical grille shape, shifted back cabin, general design. Of the changes: the lack of “winged” doors, more modest dimensions, lightweight frame, rear and front suspension with double levers of the transverse type.

Let's look inside the Mercedes AMG GT 2014

Photo salon Mercedes amg gt

The choice of interiors is traditionally not limited to only one option. By default, the inside of the car is trimmed exclusively with high quality materials, which has become commonplace for the German company. At the same time, even if a beautiful salon has enough space, and the feeling of comfort captures from the first seconds of being inside the car, it is difficult to close your eyes and lightly treat some details that you had to think carefully. The ergonomics of the cabin are knocked down by the inconvenient location of the shift knob pulled toward the stern of the car, which is why the driver’s hand will have to take unnatural positions from time to time, bending strongly at the elbow. But when you try to reach the display of the multimedia center, you inadvertently recall the latest version of the Ford Explorer SUV, which, in principle, could still be pulled from the hands of the long placement of control buttons, due to the large size of the machine itself.

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The center of everything here is sports seats with outstanding lateral support. In the eye are: leather upholstery, carbon and metal inserts along the cabin, a 7-inch display of the center console above the air-conditioning unit, a comfortable touchpad right on the dashboard. Above the windshield can be seen the rear spoiler, alarm and seat heating controls.

Mercedes amg gt 2014 photo

To the trunk of the Mercedes AMG GT there are no complaints. The capacity of 350 liters is a decent figure for the coupe, and even more so for a sports car, in which the gearbox is installed in the rear of the Transaxle.

Eight airbags, a three-mode stabilization system, and an automatic braking system in front of an obstacle will take care of the safety of the vehicle crew. Unfortunately, a lot of useful equipment in the basic configuration of the Mercedes-AMG GT is not included. Dokupat separately have a rearview camera, the function of monitoring the "blind" zones and parking sensors.

The manufacturers decided to make a privilege for the Mercedes AMG GT S, having presented the modification with a sports suspension with the electronic damping system AMG Ride Control. Another surprise is the standard package AMG Dynamic Plus, responsible for vibro-comfort and improved dynamic qualities.

Mercedes amg gt 2015 engine

Technical features of the car

Something about the new engine Mercedes AMG GT 2014 years we have already said. It remains to provide a brief list of technical characteristics, features and capabilities of the sports car:

  • Engine torque - 600 Nm for the GT and 650 Nm for the GT S;
  • 7-speed robotic gearbox AMG SpeedShift DCT, dual clutch, 5 modes of operation (Individual, Sport, Sport Plus and Economical, and only for GT S - RACE mode);
  • Fuel consumption - 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers;
  • The rear self-locking mechanical differential in the GT modification and the active differential with electronic control of the GT S;
  • Ventilated disc brakes.

For the Mercedes AMG GT, 2015 will be the year of global distribution, including the year when the model appeared on the territory of the Russian Federation. Most likely in February 2015, the first cars will get to dealers. But it’s too early to judge prices for Russian citizens; It is necessary to focus on European prices, starting with 115,430 euros for the basic package.

Now, it remains only to read new reviews and facts about the sports car, as well as enjoy the official trailer with the presentation of the car: