How to find out the color of the car by vin

Rules of the road allow yourself to choose the color for your own car. This diversity forces motorists to pick up cars based on this parameter. However, if it happens to get a scratch or a dent on the body, then painting is not enough in such a situation.

Independently determine the color tone is unlikely to succeed. In this case, it is advisable to firmly know what criteria to rely on. You can find the paint code on the Vin code, which has every modern car.

The need to define

Often, the color code of the iron horse has to be found in the following cases:

  • Enamel will be required for a vehicle caught in an accident;
  • to update the coating the owner of the car wants after the burnout of the main color, possible haze or rubbing of certain parts of the body;
  • The car owner is faced with the task of correcting the design of the vehicle.

how to find out the paint code by the Vin code

The automakers of modern cars endow their products with sometimes balloon enamel "factory" release. Such a trend contributes to a quick labeling calculation. During the acquisition of used cars have to figure out their own paint numbering.

It is important to know that if the color of the paint does not correspond to the marking indicated in the documents for the car, then this is a violation, therefore it is necessary to ensure that the real situation corresponds to the documentary one.

Methods used

Before you know the color of the car by the Vin code, you must consider that the VIN-marking of vehicles is unique and has been used in the world for about three decades. The alphanumeric combination has 17 characters. They are divided into three groups, in which there are 3, 6 and 8 characters respectively.

Deal with the encoding is quite simple:

  • The first three characters encode WMI, which, under the two letters of the Latin alphabet, encodes a region on the planet, and the third character is the producer of the region.
  • The second group is VDS. Thanks to it, a specific vehicle is identified by the manufacturer. The six characters conceal data on the model, modification, body type, mass, and other physical and operational criteria.
  • Block from 10 to 17 positions - VIS. Thanks to him, he manages to encrypt the year of production, as well as the serial number.
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On the aluminum nameplate there is an encrypted number of the car paint in a separate field. There is a detailed numbering decoding in the car catalogs.

You can find the VIN-code marked in the following zones:

  • at the bottom of the luggage compartment;
  • built into the central driver's stand;
  • under the front passenger seat or driver;
  • on the left side below the windshield.

VIN is used not only to determine the color, but also for various other purposes, including vehicle identification.

how to find out the color of the car on the Vin code

A considerable number of services are offered on the Internet that are ready to decipher the value of the VIN code. Most resources provide information for a fee. However, some sites provide partial data free of charge, and the rest can be redeemed at will.

Examples of resources:

  • Avtoistoriya - in the upper part of the page there is a field for entering a VIN-code or state number. After entering the data and clicking on the “Check” button, in a second, partial information about the vehicle appears. The remaining data is available for a fee.
  • The website Avtokodonlayn helps determine the year of production, the mass of cars, power and some other parameters in the public domain, and sells more details. We will have to pay 339 rubles in a convenient way for picking paint using the VIN online code in a convenient way using both a card and electronic currencies (from Kiwi or Poison wallets).

Detect the paint code by manufacturers helps downloaded on our website free file. We hope our article will be as useful as possible for you.