Which trailer to choose: "kurgan trailers" or "expedition"


Many motorists are faced with the need to carry enough bulky loads that do not fit into the cabin or trunk. The trailer helps in such a situation. In Russia you can buy both domestic trailers and foreign ones. But many people stop their choice on the products of our manufacturers: they are both cheaper and more adapted to Russian realities.

Trailer Kurgan trailers

Trailer Kurgan trailers

But how to choose the most reliable and convenient trailer? We will compare two popular models of different companies: "Business" (produced at the "Krasnokamsk Repair and Mechanical Plant" under the brand name "Expedition") and "Universal Plus" (manufacturer - "Kurgan trailers").

Expedition Trailer

Expedition Trailer

In the first place, such trailers will be of interest to lovers of motorcycles, but they can carry commercial loads, construction materials, crushed stone, and sand. Universal purchase.


"Business" and "Universal" are comparable in size, so buyers, making a choice, often compare them. But the Expedition trailer is a bit more spacious. "Business" 2500 mm in length, 1500 mm in width, 300 mm height of the boards. Dimensions of the Kurgan trailer: 2380 x 1360 x 380.


Manufacturers use completely different materials. So, the sides of the “Business” trailer from the “Expedition” are made of galvanized metal with a thickness of 1.5 mm, and the “Universal Plus” from the “Kurgan trailers” are made of moisture-resistant plywood.

When loading and unloading motorcycles on the tailgate is a significant load. Therefore, it is especially important that it be durable. In September, the Expedition upgraded the Business model to make the trailer more comfortable for ATV lovers. Therefore, the tailgate is reinforced inside with moisture-resistant plywood and the fastening loops have become more powerful.

The frame, the tongue and the pillars of the “Business” are hot dip galvanized. By the way, this is a feature of all models of the "Expedition". The "Kurgan trailers" frame and the drawbar just painted. So, the Expedition trailers will be less susceptible to corrosion and will last longer.

Design features

The “Universal” Dyshlo is V-shaped, the “Business” is A-shaped with fastening for longitudinal beams. Again, "Expedition" overtook the strength.

Trailer mount Kurgan trailers

The frame of the Kurgan trailer is welded, in Krasnokamsky - on bolted joints. It seems that the first option is more reliable, but in fact the bolted connections can withstand dynamic loads.

Trailer mount expedition

Easy loading and unloading

Models of both manufacturers are equipped with a tipper mechanism. What facilitates loading and unloading of the ATV Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. But dumping locks Kurgan trailer easier to use.

Trailer hinges Kurgan trailers

But the “Expedition” has another plus: the locking device is equipped with a safety cable, and the kurgantsa has a chain. Specialists of the German company AL-KO, which manufactures components for trailers, recognized the use of safety cables more reliable than the chain. And when attaching the trailer to the tow bar, throw the rope easily and simply (hands do not get dirty), and the chain still needs to be fixed.

Trailer hinges Expedition

The "Universal Plus" has a comfortable footboard on which you can stand when loading or unloading.


"Business" (produced at the "Krasnokamsk Repair and Mechanical Plant" under the brand name "Expedition"): 47900 (basic equipment), 59700 (with installed additional equipment: roll wheel and awning)

"Universal Plus" (manufacturer - "Kurgan trailers"): 55,600 rubles (the kit includes a roll wheel and an awning).