Installing the panel vaz 2114 on the vaz 2109 (carburetor)

The topic of today's article is quite interesting. This is the installation of the VAZ 2114 panel on the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) and other experiments with the Nines dashboard.

We will not talk about such things as the justification of these actions. In the end, every car owner decides how his car will look. But still, we can confidently say that the instrument panel of the VAZ 2114 looks much better than the native panel and the torpedo from the VAZ 2109.

Let's say right away - installing the europanel on the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) is a very troublesome process, and first you need to remove the VAZ 2114 instrument panel.

removing the dashboard VAZ 2114

Firstly, there is a difference in the wiring. And you have to dig into the instructions and pinout. Otherwise, it may not fly.

For the price, the installation of a torpedo VAZ 2114 in a VAZ 2109 (carburetor) can be delayed by five to ten thousand rubles, depending on where you buy it and who will install it. New in cellophane can cost more.

How difficult this process is in general, if you do it yourself, depends on how well you understand auto electrics. Yes, and in electrics, as such. You may have to really rework something in the wiring. It rarely happens that everything becomes and starts from scratch, especially when it comes to tuning the VAZ 2114 or any other basin. Also, with this kind of repair, it is necessary to look into the scheme of the instrument panel VAZ 2114, in order to accidentally prevent another mistake.

Most likely, you will have to redo the wiring and change the mounting block. Some experts recommend installing the wiring from the VAZ 2115.

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Installing the instrument panel VAZ 2114 on the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) makes the interior of your car more modern, "newer". You can replace the steering column and to preserve the feeling of the integrity of the picture.

installation of the panel VAZ 2114 on the VAZ 2109 carburetor

Beautiful and more modern instrument panel VAZ 2114 requires its costs. So you have to spend enough time and effort to put it in order, replace the wiring and connect everything correctly.