Ssang yong aktion again modernized

Ssang Jong Aktion опять модернизируют On the Russian assembly lines, they did not even have time to start assembling a restyled SUV. Ssang Jong Aktion, as from South Korea came the news of another modernization of this model. Whether we slow down, or the Koreans are too quickly set to work filling the garages of motorists with their compact crossovers. But the second restyling in four years is probably a bit too much for any measure. Upgraded a second time Ssang Jong Aktion both outside and inside. Ssang Jong Aktion опять модернизируют Parquet SUV Ssang Jong Aktion under this name is known only in Russia, in the automotive markets of other countries it is called Ssang Yong Korando C. For the first time, the production version of this car left the assembly line exactly seven years ago, in 2010, and after three years the Koreans have already upgraded it. This was the first restyling model. Ssang Jong Aktion опять модернизируют According to the news that SsangYong’s managers have spread via social networks, it becomes clear that second restyling Korando C will begin selling from Korean dealers as early as this January, already we can say from day to day. By what time this modernized Korean SUV will arrive in other countries, nobody knows yet, but considering the speed with which the car just came to Russia after the first restyling - the version of 2013, we will have version 2017 very soon. Our car dealers will have at least six months at least being sold Ssang Jong Aktion lineup of the year 2013. Ssang Jong Aktion опять модернизируют If you look at the model after the last restyling, then Korean designers obviously overdid it; in general, some turned-frilly. If you go around the crossover from behind, there is no such dramatic design interference, it is a touch-up on headlamps and another form of bumper. Ssang Jong Aktion опять модернизируют A new steering wheel, another multimedia device and an instrument console appeared in the cabin of the modernized SUV. The devices are sunk into individual wells chromeplated around Kant, and less significant indicators are transferred to the on-board computer screen. In short, the style of the dashboard, borrowed at one time from Hyundai cars, came to an end. Ssang Jong Aktion опять модернизируют Motor gamma restyled Korando C after restyling has not changed: this is the same 2.2-liter 178-strong turbodiesel, paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-band hydromechanical automatic. There is no all-wheel drive permanently; it can be purchased as an option for a complete set.

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Our car dealers started taking orders for SsangYong Actyon at the very end of 2016, in our market only SUVs with two-liter petrol aspirated and a half hundred horsepower are sold. Buy SsangYong Actyon can, starting with 1 million 169 thousand rubles.