The seat ibiza lineup has gone through another upgrade.

Модельная линейка SEAT Ibiza пережила очередной апгрейд The Barcelona Auto Show has become a platform where the global automotive community has been presented with updated hatchback and wagon SEAT Ibiza. Outwardly, no special changes were noticed, but from the inside, the developers stuffed the models with a large number of new technological solutions. The latest generation of SEAT Ibiza, "born" seven years ago, tested the first update in 2011, this year's upgrade is the second in a row. The current platform has proven itself, which is why there is no question of drastically changing it yet. Externally, in Ibiza, only the headlights were changed, sixteen and seventeen-inch wheels and the body color palette was added: the red color of mature chili and silver, similar to the color of a moonstone. The salon has undergone much more changes: softer upholstery of the seats, the appearance of the dashboard and on-board computer have undergone significant improvements. The Ibiza lineup now uses a number of new, “ecological” engines. These are three modifications of the three-cylinder liter engine for seventy-five horses in the "atmospheric" version and ninety-five - one hundred and ten horses in the turbocharged engine. The third modification is represented by a 1.4-liter Eco TSI with a torque of 250 Nm and a capacity of one hundred fifty horses. The same engine is installed on the SEAT Leon Cupra.

Модельная линейка SEAT Ibiza пережила очередной апгрейд

In addition to gasoline engines, diesel engines also appeared, developing power of seventy-five, ninety and one hundred and five horsepower. These are very economical engines, they all correspond to the Euro-6 class and are equipped with a “stop-start”. It is worth noting that the new line of Ibiza has the technological solutions of integration with various gadgets and Internet access. Thanks SEAT Easy Connectby which every car is equipped SEAT IbizaIt can be connected to any smartphone to use various specialized applications. Модельная линейка SEAT Ibiza пережила очередной апгрейд The updated line "Ibiza" is equipped with advanced security systems. It is worth special mention driver monitoring functions, including its fatigue, and forced braking in case of an emergency on the road. Updated SEAT Ibiza will begin to sell in European countries since September of this year. In Russia, we are unlikely to wait for them, because due to the crisis in the economy, the Seats have not been sold at all since January 2015.