Equal battle: comparing volkswagen polo and renault logan


Despite the Russians craving for expensive car equipment, budget options continue to enjoy considerable demand, which increases significantly in crisis years. Therefore, it will be very interesting to consider how good is the cheapest Volkswagen Polo sedan, which is assembled at a domestic enterprise. In a couple he should pick up a longtime favorite of taxi drivers and family men Renault Logan - however, for the same amount you can already get a car in the middle set. To check which car will be the perfect assistant in all everyday affairs - Renault Logan or Volkswagen Polo, it is worth finding important differences between them.

Renault Logan и Volkswagen Polo

Interior comfort and equipment

Салон Renault Logan выглядит на удивление проработанным для автомобиля подобной ценовой категории. Приборы в трёх глубоких колодцах словно взяты с более динамичного, чем Logan, транспортного средства, а двухуровневая передняя панель и вовсе выглядит оригинально. Впечатление несколько портит глянцевая центральная консоль — она выглядела бы дорого, если бы не дополнительное окаймление из бюджетного серебристого пластика, использованное дизайнерами Renault. Все необходимые элементы находятся в Renault Logan под рукой водителя, но вот клавиши на центральной консоли перекрываются рычагом механической КПП при включении любой нечётной передачи. Несколько раздражает глаза и яркая подсветка приборов, отрегулировать которую не представляется возможным.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Renault Logan и Volkswagen Polo-->

The appearance of the car Renault Logan

Pleases Renault Logan and front seats with high backs, although some of their content may seem softish. Behind - an incredible expanse by the standards of the compact class, since even tall people will not support their heads with the ceiling and grope the back of the driver Logan. Standard equipment of the tested Privilege configuration includes:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Electrical package with automated adjustments and heated mirrors;
  • On-board computer;
  • Front airbags.

In the car Renault Logan

The owner of the compact sedan Renault can use a good Bluetooth audio system, and for a small surcharge it will be available to a full touch screen for playing multimedia. Of the interesting features of the equipment Renault Logan also worth mentioning the cruise control and fog lights.

But the Volkswagen Polo, despite belonging to a well-known brand, looks archaic inside. The “checkered” deflectors of the blowing system and the high panel seemed to have returned to us from the beginning of the 90s, and the devices grieve with faded backlighting and small digitizing that impedes the perception of information. However, after a few minutes you can forget about the archaic nature of the Polo sedan - its interior is so well developed. The controls do not have to reach, unnaturally bending the arm, and all the keys remain accessible in all positions of the gearshift lever, unlike the Renault Logan. Even the weak illumination of Volkswagen instruments turns out to be an advantage - at night it does not blind and does not distract the driver’s attention from the road.

The appearance of the car Volkswagen Polo Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru

Chairs Volkswagen Polo can be safely called the benchmark of the budget class, since they provide reliable backwater for the lower back, shoulder blades and shoulders. But the back is a bit cramped - for adults in the back of the Polo, it’s better to ride together, because otherwise the average passenger will experience severe discomfort. Basic equipment Volkswagen Polo is very simple - it can only find air conditioning, ABS and electric window lifters. Unlike Logan, it is impossible to find electrified mirrors, trip computer and audio system here. But the Volkswagen steering wheel is always regulated not only by the slope, but also by the departure.

Inside the Volkswagen Polo


French-Romanian sedan Logan is not for nothing called the champion in capacity - the volume of its trunk reaches 510 liters, and if necessary it can be doubled by folding the back of the back sofa. The advantage of Renault can also be called a simple transformation mechanism, which consists of only one loop that opens the lock. The trunk opening of the Renault Logan is wide, and the loading height is small, which ensures him a confident victory in the freight transportation competition.

Car model:Volkswagen PoloRenault Logan
Producing country:Germany (Build - Russia)Romania (Build - Russia)
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15981598
Power, l. c./about min .:85/520082/5000
Maximum speed, km / h:179172
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,911,9
Type of drive:FrontFront
Fuel type:Gasoline A-95Gasoline A-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 8.4 / Out of town 5.1In the city of 9.8 / Out of town 5,8
Length, mm:43904346
Width, mm:16991733
Height, mm:14671517
Clearance, mm:163155
Tire size:175/70 RAF 14185/65 R15
Curb weight, kg:11611106
Full weight, kg:16601545
Fuel tank capacity:5550

Comparing Renault Logan and Volkswagen Polo shows that the creation of German engineers significantly losing in practicality. Volkswagen Sedan has a trunk with a volume of 460 liters, the use of which is greatly complicated due to the large wheel arches and low overhanging loops, deprived of plating. Volkswagen Polo is also lagging behind in terms of ease of transformation - in addition to the loop, the owner will have to look for a special button to lower the backs.

On the move

It seems that the forces are equal - like the Volkswagen Polo, the Renault Logan is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with a low boost. However, from the very first seconds it becomes clear that the outdated Renault power unit is not capable of feats - the car accelerates rather sluggishly and very slowly reacts to the accelerator pedal. Perhaps that is why the number of Logan sold with a diesel engine of similar capacity is growing every day, because it has completely different settings. Long transmissions provide high elasticity and make it possible to change transmission stages less often, but they do not at all help to save fuel, since in the city its consumption reaches 10 liters / 100 km.

But the suspension of the Renault Logan inspires much greater self-confidence - you can break it down only when driving fast along a road full of deep holes. Of course, on smooth asphalt, such softness somewhat spoils the handling of the car, since Renault rolls in corners and slowly responds to the steering wheel turns. However, the chassis of the Logan has another important advantage, represented by its reliability. According to the owners of the compact sedan, up to 100 thousand kilometers they have to allocate money only for minor repairs. That is why Renault Logan is so popular among Moscow taxi drivers - after all, its maintenance does not require large sums of money.

A motor similar in characteristics to the Volkswagen Polo behaves quite differently - the car accelerates rather quickly, although at high revs there is still a lack of power. But the time to reach the figure of 100 km / h is completely analogous to the French competitor, since the acceleration of Volkswagen holds back the damper of the gas pedal and the gearbox, designed for economy. However, in this case, the use of such settings is fully justified - Polo requires only 7–8 liters of fuel during city driving. It is interesting that the tank of the German-Russian car is more than 5 liters, which gives it a range of 800-1000 kilometers outside the settlements.

The chassis of the Volkswagen Polo is almost impossible to be called comfortable - on large irregularities it allows for deaf bumps and sharp breakdowns that cause passenger discomfort. When fully loaded, the situation is aggravated - the Polo's ground clearance is reduced and on particularly large irregularities it can touch the bottom of the road surface. But such rigidity improves the car’s handling on good asphalt. When driving on the highway or in the center of the modern metropolis, the Volkswagen Polo responds very quickly to driver commands and does not allow any banks. It is perceived as a modern car, the last long study, but, alas, not very suitable for the broken roads of the Russian hinterland.

Tough choice

Both cars sell well in Russia thanks to affordable prices, well-known reliability and practicality. However, Renault Logan is usually paid attention to by people who appreciate practicality, capacity and maintainability. Together with these advantages, they also get such disadvantages as mediocre handling, poor dynamics, and cheap trim. If we talk about the Volkswagen Polo, then even in the budget package it will appeal to active young people who will appreciate the excellent handling and belonging to the world famous brand. However, they will pay an excessively stiff suspension for the Russian roads and poor equipment for their choice.