Swedes introduced the new volvo s90

Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 The premiere of the new Swedish flagship Volvo S90 sedan took place today in Gothenburg. The car was demonstrated in the online broadcast, and, as they say, "live" it can be seen at the Detroit Auto Show, which will occur in early 2016.

Externally, the new model strongly resembles its direct predecessor - Volvo XC90. The original LED "Hammer of Thor" head optics is difficult to confuse with anything else. The interior of the cabin is also taken mainly from XC90. The developers only put things in order with an abundance of buttons and implemented a tidy in digital. The Swedes are confident that they have achieved exclusively Scandinavian design in this model. Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 In terms of dimensions. Long Volvo S90 "stretched" on 4963 mm, its width is 1890 mm, and height -1443 mm. Volvo S90 weight depends on the specific configuration, varies in the range of eight hundred tons - 2150 kilograms.

The engine range is represented by a 2.0-liter drive-E unit. A gasoline engine with a torque of 400 Nm squeezes out the power of an honest 320 horsepower, and it will accelerate to a hundred in almost six seconds (to be exact, in 5.8 seconds). Eats this unit, if you believe the passport, 7.3 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers of asphalt roads. Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 In addition to gasoline, in the lineup there are two diesel engines for 190 and 235 horses. The first one works only with a mechanical transmission, and the second one - only with an automatic one. With the first diesel engine under the hood Volvo S90 accelerates to a hundred in 8.2 s, with the second in 7.3 s. The appetite of these diesels is 4.1 and 5.1 liters per hundred, respectively.

Will be in Volvo S90 lineup and hybrid. With this bundle, we are already familiar with the Volvo XC90. The total power of the internal combustion engine and electric motor is four hundred horses. When working in the combined mode, the hybrid spends only 1.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 MKPP at Volvo S90 There will be a six-speed, and automatic - eight-range. Only basic version of the Volvo S90equipped with a diesel engine for 190 horses, will be front-wheel drive. The rest of the complete set all-wheel drive.

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Volvo S90 has a driving assistant called Pilot Assist, who can take control of the car on the condition of well-distinguished road markings. The semi-automatic driver can drive a car at speeds of up to 130 km per hour. Moreover, it will go in the lane itself and keep the necessary distance without the driver, who at that time can drink tea, sprawled in a comfortable leather chair. Electronic frills, guaranteed to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in the software stuffing Volvo S90 lots of. But especially interesting is the program that allows you to recognize wild animals that can jump on the road at any time, especially when driving along the routes laid through forests. This system works around the clock and when an animal appears on the way, it will instantly orient and lead the vehicle away from a collision. Шведы представили новый Volvo S90 Volvo S90 will definitely compete with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the BMW "five", and with the Jaguag XF. Swedes predict a great demand for this roomy sedan in the USA and China, where large executive cars are traditionally loved.

Шведы представили новый Volvo S90