Comparison of kia sid and skoda octavia - which car is


Low cost cars of category C - perhaps the best choice as an economical utility vehicle. Among them you can find comfortable sedans, rational all-rounders and hatchbacks, which occupy a middle position - diversity is often the main requirement of a driver for a particular line. Their relation to the middle class of vehicles allows to achieve an optimal ratio of roominess and compactness. Especially in this regard, noteworthy wagons that have a capacious trunk, while the size is not exceeding the sedan. In addition, passenger models of the average do not consume much fuel compared to crossovers and SUVs, as well as more available for purchase.

Skoda Oktavia vs. Kia Ceed

Skoda Oktavia vs. Kia Ceed Какой автомобиль лучше

Читать далее о сравнении Киа Сид И Шкода Октавия-->Тем не менее, выбирая среди класса C, водитель зачастую останавливается перед несколькими вариантами. Чаще всего ими являются Kia Ceed и Skoda Octavia — лидеры бюджетного сегмента. Эти автомобили стали популярны не так давно — ещё несколько лет назад и та, и другая фирма представляли обычную по меркам рынка продукцию. Качество и функционал машин заметно вырос и теперь Сид и Октавия могут составить конкуренцию таким автомобилям, как Mazda 3 и Ford Focus, при этом не переставая соревноваться между собой.

Description Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia

Appearance Skoda Octavia

This line of Czech cars has been around for over 20 years. The third generation (2013 year of release) includes two body options - liftback (a relative of the sedan) and station wagon. For two decades on the market, Octavia has won one of the best reputations and received the title of a reliable, affordable car with an excellent price-performance ratio. Skoda belongs to the Volkswagen group, which largely explains why these cars are so good. Despite the fact that Octavia is collected in the Czech Republic, at all stages it is subject to strict control, classic for the Germans. This approach allowed the Skoda cars to become the highest quality in the world in terms of the number of factory defects - it is found much less frequently than on any other brand products.

Description Kia Ceed

kia ceed hatchback

Appearance kia ceed hatchback

As for the car of the South Korean manufacturer, the Sid line was released relatively recently - in 2006. Offers two bodies: hatchback and wagon. Thus, it exists 2 times less than Octavia. Despite this, the Kia car also has a high quality and level of comfort, as well as an even better value for money, than a competitor. Korean cars are famous for their originality and freshness of technology, so that the relatively young Kia Sid realized all the best ideas of engineers. The current generation of the car is produced in 2012. Over time, the Cid line has become the most purchased Kia product among cars, displacing even Rio. This suggests that the model turned out really successful and in demand in the market.

Comparison Skoda Octavia and Kia Sid

It often happens that a motorist is faced with a choice between these two cars. In order for the decision to be weighted, it is necessary to compare the cars by all criteria and make an individual verdict taking into account personal requirements and wishes.


Skoda Octavia Dashboard

Skoda Octavia Dashboard

Skoda Octavia in the third generation is available to the buyer in the back liftback and wagon Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Its basic equipment includes:

  • Front and side airbags, as well as curtain airbags;
  • On-board computer;
  • Adjust the steering wheel height and the ability to fold and move the seat;
  • ABS;
  • ESS;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Power windows.

The minimum grade of the car will cost the buyer 872,000 rubles. In the engine range, there are both relatively economical copies with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 110 horsepower, and two-liter engines with a capacity of 180 liters. with. The engines run on gasoline - with the exception of one 150-horsepower, which is powered by diesel fuel. Octavia can have an automatic, manual or manual transmission. The most expensive equipment is estimated at 21.2 million rubles.

Kia Ceed dashboard

Kia Ceed dashboard

Kia Sid, in turn, has in its basic set:

  • Folding seats and the ability to adjust the steering column in 2 directions;
  • Side and front airbags, curtain airbags;
  • ABS;
  • ESS;
  • 6 speakers;
  • Power mirrors and window lifters.

The minimum set of equipment sets the price of the car at 855,000 rubles. Immediately you can see that Sid, though a bit, but cheaper than the Octavia in the basic version. The range of engines - from 1.4 liters and 100 horsepower to 1.6 liters and 204 "horses." They all eat gas. The car has a front-wheel drive and can be equipped with a robotic, mechanical and automatic transmission. The most expensive variation with the marking GT (turbocharged engine under the hood) will cost about 1,220,000 rubles.

Cost of

This parameter is one of the main in comparison. Firstly, drivers demand a really affordable price from an economical middle class car. It should be noted here: because of the financial crisis, prices have increased significantly, therefore, 855 thousand rubles for Sid and 872 thousand for Octavia are affordable price tags by the standards of the market.

Secondly, these cars, like other representatives of the middle class, the functional strongly depends on the cost of a complete set. For an increase, which can make the car almost one and a half times more expensive, the driver will receive a number of functions that are decisive for some. So, Sid initially has a more affordable price and a bit more modest equipment and is better suited for those who do not have a large budget, and Octavia, the best equipment of which costs 900 per thousand more than the most advanced Kia, can offer much more more profitable.

Technical specifications

Skoda octavia rack

Skoda octavia rack

Dimensions of the Skoda Octavia:

  • Length - 4659 mm;
  • Width - 1814 mm;
  • Height - 1461;
  • Clearance - 160 mm;
  • The luggage compartment volume is 590 liters for the liftback and 610 for the station wagon.

It is noteworthy that the wagon and liftback have identical dimensions.

Kia Sid Багажник

Kia Sid Багажник

Dimensions Kia Sid:

  • Length - 4505 mm for the station wagon and 4310 mm for the hatchback;
  • Width - 1780 mm for both types of body;
  • Height - 1485 mm for the station wagon and 1470 mm for the hatchback;
  • Ground clearance - 150 mm (with the exception of the GT version - it has 140 mm);
  • The luggage compartment volume is 380 liters for the hatchback and 628 for the station wagon.

Drawing conclusions from the dimensions of the Skoda and Kia, it can be seen that their similar body solutions - station wagons - vary greatly. Both versions of the Octavia have relatively high ground clearance and the same, large dimensions, and the Rio versions are more compact - the hatchback differs from the Skoda by 35 centimeters. Octavia also has a greater potential on dirt roads, which, coupled with the engine of 220 liters. with. gives the car a great potential for terrain.

Road performance

Skoda Octavia engine

Skoda Octavia engine

Skoda Octavia has in the arrangement of 5 engines, of which two with a volume of 2 liters - gasoline and diesel. All motors are completed with the following transmissions:

  • 1.4 - mechanics (6 gears), robot (7 gears);
  • 1.6 - mechanics (5), automatic (6),
  • 1.8 - mechanics (6), robot (7);
  • 2.0 - mechanical and robotic - 6 gears each;
  • 2.0 (diesel) - mechanics and robot - 6 gears each.

The most powerful engine Octavia supports a maximum speed of 243 to 248 km / h - it depends on the type of power and gearbox. Up to 100 km / h, the 220-strong unit accelerates the car in 6.8 seconds. Consumption of gasoline engines ranges from 5.5 to 6.7 liters of fuel per 100 km of track against diesel with its 4.9 liters.

Engine Kia Sid

Engine Kia Sid

Kia Sid offers a choice of one of four engines - 1.4 liters and three 1.6 liters each, among which there is a turbocharged one. They are equipped with mechanical and automatic six-speed gearboxes. The third-generation Syd has the best turbo-acceleration performance - 7.6 seconds to 100 km / h. The maximum speed is 230 km / h.

Consume engines from 6.2 to 7.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. In some cases, the value may go beyond the passport - especially noticeable with the most powerful engine of a car that consumes up to 9.7 liters. This is due to the engines themselves: they do not perform well at low revs, rapidly spending fuel - the driver is forced to either accelerate or rub off on fuel. In addition, with acceleration, Sid also has problems. Engineers made the suspension volatile to make the car more manageable. This led to the fact that Kia has become a bit "tight."

You can see that the best engines of Octavia and Sid are very similar - with the exception of diesel at Skoda. It is recommended to choose drivers who want to save, as it quickly pays off.

As for the transmission, in Octavia, it is moderately sensitive and has good control. Sid is lagging behind in this respect - his transmission is not only less comfortable, but also requires a lot of experience and attention. Anyway, all defects of both cars are imperceptible on the asphalt of good quality.


The Skoda design has sporty and presentable features. At the same time, a car cannot be classified as a sports or business class - it still represents the average. Interior Octavia more like conservative drivers with a well-established view of the world. Strict headlights and grille, coupled with the original curves of the hood and doors add sophistication to the look of the car.

Appearance Киа Сид сильно отличается он конкурента. Ему, как и другим автомобилям этого производителя, характерен более агрессивный и дерзкий внешний вид — такой стиль, скорее всего, понравится молодым водителям. Кузов имеет динамичные черты с необычными фарами и линиями.


Salon Skoda Oktavia

Salon Skoda Oktavia

The most complete equipment Skoda Octavia has the best equipment compared to the Kia:

  • Active and passive safety systems - 6 airbags, including side and curtain airbags. ABS, ESP.
  • Options that increase the comfort of the car - parking sensors, air conditioning and climate control, computer, navigation, audio system, full power (including locks), heated mirrors and seats, customizable seats and steering wheel.
  • Rich appearance - alloy wheels, xenon fog and adaptive headlights.
  • Systems that simplify driving - help when starting uphill, differential lock.

Some of this equipment is optional and is not included in the cost of the most expensive equipment Octavia. All options will increase the price tag of the car by 110 thousand rubles. Definitely, Skoda not only has the best value for money and functionality, but in principle is equipped with those properties that Kia does not have.

Kia Ceed saloon

Kia Ceed saloon

Kia in the configuration with the engine GT has:

  • Like Octavia, 6 airbags and curtains, but their location provides less protection. Also ABS, ESP, power steering passive cruise control and help system for driving uphill.
  • The comfort enhancement systems of the Skoda are lacking only a navigation system.
  • Identical Skoda body features set - advanced headlights.
  • Of the systems for active driving there is only help when starting uphill.

Kia Sid does not have additional equipment packages. It can not be called poorly equipped - this car is more than covering the basic needs of the driver and passengers, but also able to provide them with comfort on long journeys and access to modern functions.


Comparing Octavia and Sid, it becomes clear that these two cars have differences in almost every criterion. The difference is felt both in terms of ride quality and in terms of comfort. Nevertheless, the Skoda claims to be a business class car - the best equipment includes many features that are redundant in times of crisis, because you have to pay a lot for them. At the same time comparing the options of one price category - about 1,200,000 rubles - it becomes clear that the Skoda loses much to the Kia at the same price. Thus, Kia objectively deserves more attention in the mass market, because many drivers prefer to save, and if you choose a functional car, then from the class of "business". Sid is an excellent choice with a limited budget - both a hatchback and a station wagon, it shows itself best in class C.